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    2013 GT 500 vs. 2012 ZL1

    I drove a 2012 camaro SS which I rented in Salt Lake while attending the Boss Track attack at MMP. I was not impressed. A paddle shifted auto with 195 miles on it when I picked it up. No, it did not have the ZL-1 motor. What it did have was a over sized shell and terrible visibility. In short, it was a pig. Backing out of a diaginal parking spot with a vehicle to the right was a gamble at best. No side window in the C pillar left a huge blind spot. Backup camera did not cover the blind spot. Acceleration we poor with a less than desirable HP to weight ration. Highway driving impression swas OK. It drove like a sedan, not a sports car. Can the ZL-1 cut a better corner than a Mustang?? Could be. With the 90+ horse power advantage the GT500 has alomg with lower GVW. GM needs to be careful where they test the ZL-1 against the Mustang. The Mustang will definately pull the ZL-1 off the corners. The .03 G difference will evaporate. I really though I would be renting something which could compare to the Boss or GT mustang. Did not happen.
  2. It does sound like wheel hop. My Boss is terrible when it is cold. Pirelli’s bounce hard until the outside temp is above 70. Several owners have posted about this problem. Few mention shocks as the cause. Tires which are two years old and a bit harder now could also contribute to the problem. Most wheel hop occurs when the tires are loaded, when upper hard acceleration which causes the Lower control Arms to deflect or flex. When the deflection is at max and or the wheels loose traction because of the shortened length of the LCA, the tires loose traction and the wheel unload only to repeat sometimes several time a second. The effect is felt as wheel hop. The end effect is the hop as well as reduced traction and acceleration. The cure can vary. Some have fixed the issue by installing a more rigid LCA. Other have installed, LCAs, Upper control arm, LCA mount relocation brackets, new drive shaft etc. In my case I waited for the weather to warm up. Hop is now gone, At least until the weather cools off. New NITTOs, I hope, will also have a positive effect on wheel hop.

    Boss Track Key

    Track Key is the heat. Throttle response and the sound. Worth every penny

    2012 Boss 302

    I went with Hagerty. I have the BOSS and a 1969 Vette with agreed value policy. Limit to 3500 miles a year. Just a tick over a grand a year for both. I work overdeas and will never put 3500 miles on a car in a year. Perfect fit for me. If you need coverage for normal daily driving, you will need to look else where.

    Track Boss 302

    I believe Q1. Boss number 458.

    Track Boss 302

    Took Delivery last Saturday Amazing car. Also delivered on Schedule. Thanks for all the help.

    Track Boss 302

    Any Updates?? 1ZVBP8CU0C5216100

    Track Boss 302

    Thanks On schedule. Amazing.

    Track Boss 302

    Thanks On schedule. Amazing.

    Track Boss 302

    Any Updates?? 1ZVBP8CU0C5216100

    Track Boss 302

    Thanks Sorry about the typo on the first VIN. Patiently waiting...well sort of.

    Track Boss 302

    Sorry about that. Please Try 1ZVBP8CU0C5216100. Thank