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  1. mettech

    2018 Mustang Order Guide

  2. mettech

    WSJ Front Page Story on Hackett

    Ford is now rated, "ONE STEP above junk stock". I thought Ford was ahead of everyone in the Reorganization.
  3. mettech

    2019 Mustang Bullitt

    I have watched several videos on YouTube Fast Lane Cars has one of the best. I'm looking forward to seeing it in Chicago next month..
  4. I think Thunderbird would fit that requirement. Mach 1 should be a package.
  5. mettech

    Tesla considering a pickup truck offering.

    Well, he's going to send his new sports car to orbit around Mars soon. If he can do that......
  6. mettech

    how to increase HP on an ecoboost vehicle

    Be aware of the RS 2.3 issues.
  7. I still hope Couger name could be used somewhere.
  8. all it really needed was a new trans and updated interior.
  9. mettech

    FCA October 2017 Sales - Down 4%

    I still think the Charger is a sharp looking car.
  10. mettech

    Autofold Side view mirrors

    We have the option checked for Auto Engine Shutoff.. It doesn't work.
  11. mettech

    F250 VS F350 Drivability Differences

    60MPH should be the same..
  12. Let's hope Ford leapfrog instead of catch up.
  13. The gap is with electric power. New ICE only will be dead in 5 years.