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  1. BUMP... Status/ETA update VIN: 1FTFW1R63BFB75932 Appreciate the help.
  2. BUMP... VIN: 1FTFW1R63BFB75932 Thanks for your time.
  3. Bluedog

    2011 F150 Platinum PAINT COLOR concerns

    My understanding is that Ford may be offering an alternate black to the tuxedo black (if and once it's not available) for F150's. As I understand, it's already showing up as an option on the order blanks. You could ask your dealer to take a look.
  4. BUMP... Order No: M001 Dealer: F41401 Thanks and appreciate your time
  5. Order No: M001 (placed Feb. 8th) Dealer: F41401 Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm in the same boat, but with an order closer to two months. In past due to dealer allocation. The dealer still expects it to be build (black), but probable a few weeks later than if I changed the color.
  7. Link to a short article that came up today. Most important note last paragragh regarding existing orders. http://www.industryweek.com/articles/ford_to_idle_belgian_assembly_plant_next_week_24256.aspx
  8. Attached is a link to a similar article in the Wall Street Journal. I'll post any additional information I find. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703696704576222990521120106.html
  9. Bluedog

    Bed Liner

    Thanks - No tailgate step. I have a bedrug on my current truck. I like it, but the bedtred appears more durable.
  10. Bluedog

    When is VIN available after order is placed?

    Ordered a Raptor in early February and still awaiting a VIN. Appearently an allocation issue. At least the order's been confirmed by the factory.
  11. Bluedog

    Bed Liner

    I'm thinking of going with Bedtred - Anyone have any experience with this bedliner?
  12. Bluedog

    Realistic Price

    Internet picing is not all it's cracked up to be. My experience is to determine the best price you could reasonably expect, and then go to the dealers (internet or in person). Let them negotiate from your price. They'll also realize you're an educated buyer (always good).
  13. Bluedog

    Building time

    My understanding is the production line from start to finish is measured in hours. In the case of an F150 (my ordered truck) 18 hours.
  14. Details on the cause of the shortage: "Problem is that Xirallic is produced at only one factory in the world — the Onahama plant near the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan. Phyllis Carter. Onahama is located about 130 miles northeast of Tokyo and about 35 miles south of the stricken Fukashjima reactor. The Japanese government has told residents within about 20 miles of the reactor to evacuate. Merck KGaA, sole producer of a paint pigment for automakers such as Ford Motor Co. (F), cannot operate its Japanese factory because it is too close to the nuclear reactor crippled by the earthquake and tsunami. Merck’s Onahama factory, which produces the metallic paint pigment Xirallic, will take four to eight weeks to restart once company engineers can gain access to the facility, Gangolf Schrimpf, a company spokesman, said.".... Until they get that Nuke plant stable, availability of this pigment is going to be an issue.
  15. Bluedog

    Buick GNX

    Has there been any talk of bringing the Grand National back?