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  1. Paulpoke

    2021 Expedition changes

    I dug through all the forums, talked to everyone I could think of, and slapped the google on anything related to a 2021 Expedition, after all that we decided to purchase a 2020 Platinum Max and couldn't be happier about the decision. Thanks to all those that helped. The picture is of the trip home from the dealer and a quick stop to a great BBQ stand on old Route 66 in Oklahoma! 1BFBF901-6139-4960-8AF9-70F35AB20E73.heic
  2. Paulpoke

    2021 Expedition changes

    Love the new 2021 F150. I'm hopeful some of the upgrades migrate to the '21 Expedition!
  3. Paulpoke

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Will any of the 2021 F150 changes migrate to the 2021 Expedition?
  4. safely home and tucked away in the garage!
  5. Paulpoke

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...

    Just a quick photo, very impressive truck.
  6. Paulpoke

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...

    mine hit the dealer this morning! I'll pick it up tomorrow Ordered March 7th (my B'day!) Built - 03/26 Delivered by convoy car carrier (no rail dust!) from Dearborn to Oklahoma. Arrived to the dealer 4/7 Exactly four weeks! photo's to follow Eco-lariat 4x4 supercrew with most options - Tuxedo black, nav, moon roof, buckets, ARE tonneau, bedrug, AMP powersteps. Sticker was 47,380 and purchase price is just a lil' over 41,000.
  7. The Lariat hit the dealer this morning so no update for me. I'll pick it up tomorrow afternoon and will post some photo's for you hopefully later on Friday. Cyberdman, thanks again for what you do for us. It is truly appreciated. Paul
  8. Paulpoke

    Ecoboost delivery woes....

    I think it is the double secret probation that caused the trucks to be recalled back. My dealer also says that he has stock trucks that were built, shipped, called back, re-released and are still sitting on the ramp while my truck was ordered 3/7, built 3/26, and should be at the dealer late Wednesday or early Thursday and I should pick it up on Friday afternoon. That's almost 4 weeks to the day! I know it doesn't help, but my dealer is also incredibly frustrated!
  9. Paulpoke

    Cyberdman Da Man!

    I couldn't agree more! I'd never have your patience. I read all the post just to see where everyone's new ride is and the excitement as it gets closer to home. You'll have my photos just as soon as it gets here. Thanks again, Cyberdan!
  10. Wow... bumping back to page 1 (again) An update please, I think it may actually be in transit, but you are all knowing! Dealer: F52686 Order: #6796 Cust/FIt Name: MCN*** VIN: 1FTFW1ET0BFB32466
  11. Paulpoke

    Delivery from Plant to Dealership

    F150 Lariat Supercrew, 4x4, ecoboost, tuxedo black, 5.5 bed, and most all options. Ordered - 3/7 Slotted per dealer (what ever that means) - 3/10 Built - 3/26 Awaiting Shipment - 0/28 Origin Received - (Jack Cooper Transport Co Inc ) Ramp 59, Dearborn Truck. I'm not sure when it left but on 3/31 I found out it wasn't on the ramp and is being shipped by Jack Cooper Transport Co. via convoy (no rail) from Dearborn to Oklahoma. I was told the ETA was 4/9 but since it is a direct convoy to expect it Wednesday-ish. :bandance:
  12. Mine's on a convoy per customer service. I asked if the convoy was just taking the new truck to the railyard and she said no that mine was travelling via convoy from Dearborn (ramp 59) to the dealer with no rail involved. I've asked for verification and should know more Monday!
  13. Paulpoke

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...

    I just found out my truck has left the blackhole of ramp 59 in Dearborn. It has been assigned and is currently on a transport (Jack Cooper Transport, Inc.) for the full ride to Oklahoma! Hotdog, no rail dust for meeeeee. ETA is 4/9 but since there is no rail involved I was told it would/should arrive sooner. :bandance: Let's hope the transport driver has better skills than George Jones on a lawn tractor... :tequila:
  14. I'm curious about this also!