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  1. Focus06

    2015 Stang upgrade

    Yeah that's pretty bad....
  2. http://www.army-technology.com/projects/valanx-jltv-light-tactical-vehicle/ http://www.dodbuzz.com/2012/03/27/jltv-shakeup-reinserts-ford-into-truck-competition/ http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/this-is-the-army-and-usmcs-humvee-replacement-1726513645 This will really put the 6.7 to the test!
  3. Focus06

    Continental Coupe

    The quality of his chop may be better, but I like the design of mine a little more.
  4. Not the best rendering in the world, but it'll do. 2016 continental coupe. Coupe offered with 3.0 and 3.5EB The "Continental R" will be offered with a 5.2
  5. It could use a litttle touching up but overall i think its pretty nice. I just hope they don't use those tail lights on it. Lincoln should be the only car with full width taillights. Ford shouldn't have anything like it on their cars.
  6. Focus06

    Lincoln Coupe

    Its a thumbnail, click on it and it will expand. The orginal image I used was the Image CarAndDriver released for the new ford mustang.
  7. Focus06

    Lincoln Coupe

    Based it on the mustang that Car and Driver recently released. I'm hoping Lincoln comes out with an NSX fighter. base model can be 2.5T (or whatever four cylinder is going in th emustang) with a hybrid drivetrain. Top model could be an ecoboost version of 3.7 or ecoboost v8. I made the roof black as I would like to see a panoramic roof on it as standard, with a solar panel roof as an option. Was just playing around with the idea of it really.
  8. Focus06

    2014 MKT Coupe

    If you want to play that game: The Honda Crosstour....is officially dubbed the "Honda Accord Crosstour"....does it look anything like the Accord? No. Same ride height? No. Same Dimensions? No. I was simply naming it the MKT-coupe because it is a long 3 door hatch while the mkt is a long five door hatch. There are no other hatchbacks/stationwagons in lincoln's lineup so I thought it should be stuck under the MKT moniker.
  9. Focus06

    2014 MKT Coupe

    I know what an MKT is. This is a long two door hatchback. What is wrong with the "MKT Coupe" moniker being used here?
  10. Focus06

    2014 MKT Coupe

    Found an Alfa Romeo Rendering while surfing...played with it a little. I think a MKT Coupe with a Hybrid Ecoboost 3.6 drive train would be absolutely stellar. let me know whatcha think
  11. Focus06

    Focus Coupe

    What are the chances of another Zx3 or a focus coupe to contend with the newly released Elantra Coupe?
  12. It seems Dodge is eating up more and more competition in the pickup truck market. I imagine Chevy is about to up there game as well. Ex: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/04/05/2013-ram-1500-unveiled-with-eight-speed-auto-start-stop-air-su/ I do a lot of work out in the country. It has always been Fords out there, but lately I am seeing more and more Dodge Trucks. Dodge isn't out selling Ford...and hopefully they won't ever come close. Does anyone know what we can expect from Ford to shut down competition from Chevy and Dodge?
  13. Its the Explorer SHO. Proof: http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Explorer-SHO2.jpg
  14. I don't know about you guys, but I have always loved the Ford Airstream Concept. I believe it would be an excellent idea for Ford to get into this market. Sorry the lines are rough. It gets my idea across though. I think it looks pretty good. I used the Ecosport concept for the update cues.