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    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    18 consecutive, reliable, quality, and affordable Ford Family of Fine Cars & Trucks...…….Looking to purchase my 19th straight soon --- A Ford EDGE ST in Sonic Blue (First Blue Ford Motor Co. vehicle yet!)My latest FORD E-450 Chateau Motorhome at Talladega last Fall......
  2. Great to see America's Ford Motor Company bring back the famous and FAST Mustang MACH 1 in early 2021 ! Thoughts....
  3. Racinghcr

    2019 Edge Titanium -- A Good Deal?

    We love our Ford EDGE Titanium ! Right size, great fuel economy, and performance! This EDGE is a quality and reliable SUV ! I've seen on the FORD Dealer site several Brand New (In stock) 2019 Ford Edge Titaniums for in the in the $34-39 K range ! These NEW EDGE Titaniums have no miles on them and FULL Ford Warranty ----- You can DEALfor these 2019 Left-overs , And they are worth the few extra dollars over an unknown used vehicle--- I say explore a New 2019 Edge Titanium that now one has abused or violated --specially if you Plan keeping it several years ! good luck---Think NEW--- You'll never regret driving a brand NEW EDGE ! !