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  1. I've poked around a bit -- it seems like the first 200,000 plugin/hybrids are eligible for the full $7500 incentive. But is Lincoln counted separate from Ford?
  2. Michael Kerr

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    so i hauled myself and spouse to the chicago auto show today to check this out. I was seriously ready to make a deposit and order or whatever. It's a lot smaller than the gator. A LOT smaller. They still had it on "prototype lockdown" -- no sitting inside or opening hatches or doors. Okay, i get that. but it's still smaller than i expected. Rear hatch opening was roughly 33 inches. no specifics on size of battery. I went to look at the explorer, because I could at least sit in it and measure stuff. I don't know why, but the 2020 explorer feels bigger. Not enough, but somewhat. Anyway, for my needs, i guess i'm looking at an expedition or navigator. I was really excited, and feel kinda let down. I'll get over it.
  3. Michael Kerr

    Wheelchair ramps?

    My wife and I have both messed up our rotator cuffs moving my 16-y-o son's wheelchair in and out of the back of our sienna. We (particularly my wife) would really like a solution where we could roll the wheelchair (empty! -- no passenger) into the rear of a new Nav. I would say "Nav or Aviator" but I cant figure out exactly how tall the rear entry space is in the aviator. Need 50 inches. However, the 2018 nav would work fine -- i just need to find a ramp solution. manual or electric foldout, aftermarket, fine. Id rather avoid full-on conversions with the suspension kneeling and all that -- we are just interested in an easier way to load his empty chair. Suggestions?
  4. Hmm. well i think im in the right thread. Here's my issue. I have a 16-y-o son who uses a wheelchair, but doesnt actually need to sit in it while driving. he can transition. BUT it's getting harder for us to get the actual chair (without him) into the back of the vehicle. So i thought a powered or manual rear ramp was the way to go. Dont really need (at least not yet) something that can hold 500+ pounds -- more like 80lbs. and as I said he can transition from the chair to a 2nd row seat easily enough. i'm having trouble finding a solution on this. Dont really need a lowered floor or a kneeling suspension, certainly not accessible controls, just a ramp to get the empty chair into the vehicle without my wife or parents having to lift it manually. In the meantime, i am obsessed about the aviator, and my wife wants a navigator. neither of us want a van. (*any van). Black label is my thought. suggestions?
  5. OK. so i'm hearing "yes". which is important, because there is a big delta on the grad-touring vs non-plugin
  6. Michael Kerr

    X-Plan Pins For Everyone! *sticky this*

    how do you get the x-plan pin from stock ownership? what's the process?