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  1. Yea I love the woosh sound, gets me everytime ! and how it looks too... coming up the ramp the GT is one of the most epic designs actually being put into production
  2. The 2017 GT's engine notes have been popping up on the web and this is just another taste of it (skip to like 1.03 for the engine sounds) Still dont know how I feel about the 3.5 ecoboost engine, I know it will be good but will it have character? I will say sounds great
  3. Even though you can't make out to much of it, I think its gonna be a BA truck, I've always been split between fast cars and big trucks lol
  4. wow thanks lol and thats probably as easy as just jamming it back in right? no tools needed
  5. budy of mine has a 2015 ecoboost mustang, and he went from 1st to 2nd at higher rev's (but normal, not like speed shifting without using the clutch or anything, little wheel chirp which is also normal) then after wards the engine felt like it was almost more then half on power and a loud turbo woosh would come from the air vents under acceleration anyone know what could have happened ? there was no bangs or pops and the car other wise feel completely normal
  6. graynb

    Showin some ecoboost love

    what exactly do you mean ? I never said it had 100+ more over the regular ecoboost, plus i know it definitely wouldn't beat it in a drag or anything like that
  7. graynb

    Showin some ecoboost love

    this is a Roush ecoboost video I did and it got me wondering, so ive been asking around... Roush Ecoboost or mustang V8? the reason I had to ask was because in roush stage 1 spec which is manly a body kit and exhaust, it comes in right below a V8 mustang without a PP (the roush has the PP) So now this makes them kinda of good comparison, for the same money you can have better looks, a fully load stang and better handling with the PP, or just have the tire smoking V8 with less options I'd like to say im an enthiest but if i had to live with the car I'd take the boosted stang with all the goodies.. You guys?
  8. caught this leaving the Richmond auto show..Must say I think this is going to have some serious real world performance on the track... and I'm glad its a stick only car!
  9. graynb

    Quick look at a man and his Bronco

    yea they run like tanks for the most part and I always thought the tire on the inside was a waste of space, but it does make it look a bit more vintage now a days especially wrapped in the leather case, glad car companies stopped that tho
  10. graynb

    Quick look at a man and his Bronco

    Yea if it only had 3 original miles on it, it would be perfect for auction lol but yea he seemed like a tough guy, truck kinda matched him lol
  11. A few days ago at work a guy stopped by with a 1990 Bronco that he had bought from my dealership with only 3 original miles on it. He was the sole owner of the 25 year old vehicle and I thought I'd ask him about his story with the truck for anyone who may be interested.
  12. Hey Guys I work at a dealer and did a video on what the Performance Pack adds to the Mustang and what are the difference's between the GT pack and Ecobost pack... check it out
  13. I saw this cool video and it made me think is the explorer sport actually a sporty SUV, I test drove one and it did feel really composed, any thoughts anybody ? I am a fan of the 365 hp ecoboost !