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  1. sosmercford

    Transit AWD/4WD in US ?

    Many thanks for your reply !
  2. sosmercford

    Transit AWD/4WD in US ?

    What are the "aftermarket rails" ? Is that something that enables seats to be added to a "cargo van" ? That would be of real interest to me as I would like to configure an extended length cargo van with seating for 4-5 as well as full windows and dual sliding doors. I am trying to configure a layout for 3 14ft. standup paddleboards inside as well as room for 4 passengers and their gear. Would prefer AWD but if aftermarket 4 X 4 is the only option then so be it. (or maybe look to Mercedes...but really don't want to go there yet).
  3. sosmercford

    Transit AWD/4WD in US ?

    Yea, I would like to see more seating options as well. I'd like to see the full size extended length Wagon available with the option to select removeable seats in any number from 15 down to 2...and make them easily removeable so one can easily change the configuration based on your needs at the time. MIght also make sense to offer a cargo van version with seat anchors so that seats could be added as needed or desired. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to do.
  4. sosmercford

    Dual Sliding Doors

    Is it possible to get dual sliding doors on a medium roof long wheelbase Transit Wagon?
  5. sosmercford

    Transit AWD/4WD in US ?

    When will Ford bring AWD or 4WD Transit to the USA? They could be losing market share to Mercedes. As I understand, the Ford Transit has been available in Europe with a variety of drivetrain configurations that are NOT available here in the States. Come on Ford, I love the Transit, but I need AWD for safer winter driving.
  6. sosmercford

    America's New Best Selling Van- Transit

    Was surfing around on youtube and found this.......bring it to the States please !
  7. sosmercford

    America's New Best Selling Van- Transit

    I would love to see Ford do either an AWD Transit or a 4X4. I can't imagine driving a long wheelbase, highroof Transit over White Pass during a winter storm or down through the Columbia Gorge during a wind and ice storm. It will be interesting to see how the Mercedes 4x4 Sprinter sales compare to the standard Sprinter.
  8. sosmercford

    Transit Wagon Seating Options.....

    Can anyone here confirm whether or not the 2016 Transit Wagon has easily removeable seating? I need to be able to carry several 14ft. standup paddleboards INSIDE and would like to be able to remove seats as needed to make room. None of the dealers in my area have Transit Wagons for me to examine and nobody seems to be really able to answer with any authority as to just how easy it might or might not be to re-configure the passenger (wagon) version of the full size Transit. I know that I need the long wheelbase and extended length body, but I also know that I DON't need all of the seats. (but I might like to retain some of them for the occasion when I might also be hauling a couple of passengers.)
  9. sosmercford

    2016 Transit 350

    I have been thinking about the Transit and was wondering if you can get the extended length window van with a LOW roof? And wondering if the seats can be easily removed? I ask because I need alot of open length inside so that I can transport several 14ft. long kayaks and standup paddleboards. I was hoping NOT to have to go to a HIGH roof. (by the way, my current F150 King Ranch Supercrew was built in KC and it has been awesome!)
  10. sosmercford

    Transit Wagon Interior

    I too would be interested to know if the seats can be easily removed? Or, if the Transit Wagon could be ordered without seats? I need enough room INSIDE for 2 14ft. Standup Paddleboards as well as a 14ft. kayak. I want the window van for the visibility and increased comfort and sound deadoning of the "finished" interior.....but only have need for driver and passenger seat. But it would also be nice to be able to add and subtract additional seating as required. I have looked at a "van" but have not yet found a dealer in the area that had a "wagon" to look at in the extended length. I would also like to know if others think this rig will ever be available with AWD or maybe 4WD like the Mercedes Sprinter now has as an option.