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  1. Thanks Cyberdman for your time in tracking my car during the build. It was delivered on the 25th
  2. Maguarry

    New mustang

    2016 loaded GT/CS
  3. I hope this weekend was better for you Cyberdman. Can I get an update on 1FA6P8CF7G5332444? Thank You.
  4. I hope you had a relaxing weekend Cyberdman. Would you please check the status for me on VIN# 1FA6P8CF7G5332444. Thank you.
  5. I agree, Very nice condition.
  6. Thats odd, my order was placed on March 31st. too, but my build date is May13th. Must have been a lot of orders that came in.
  7. That's great, I know your happy.
  8. Steven White, what dealer did you order your car from?
  9. It Does say 2016. There is a number up in the top left corner. Is that a shipping code?
  10. Are you saying that they are building 2017s now
  11. Today was the first time that I was able to see the window sticker and the date at the top has May 13th but the date at the bottom has May 6th. I ran my VIN number on the Friday 6th around noon time and it was not available. I'm thinking the bottom date is the release schedule date and the top is the build date.
  12. I'm much happier know knowing that the car I ordered will be built next week. I just hope that it doesn't take a month to ship to it destination.
  13. Wouldn't it be most cost effective to have the dealer check the coolant than to transport the vehicle back to FRAP. Pay them to replace it necessary .
  14. Reading some of these post from other on how long it's taken to get Thiers doesn't help none.
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