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  1. Doctorg23

    Windshield backordered since August

    Hi there, It is for a 2018 Navigator and we ordered through the dealer. I understand the issue of limited supply, but you can’t leave your current customers in the lurch with a smashed windshield...maybe a few weeks, but 2 months??
  2. We have a huge crack across our windshield from a large rock on the highway. We've been waiting on a windshield since early August. They keep pushing out the delivery date...now October 18. Anyone have any idea what the deal is? Are they not building these vehicles anymore?
  3. Has anyone regularly used the free car wash service on their Black Label vehicle? We have only used it 3 times in the first year because it usually takes at least 1.5 hrs and today it took 2 hrs. It makes it essentially useless to do. What has others experience been? Thanks!!
  4. Doctorg23

    2018 Navigator Daytime Running Lamp

    We got our Navi back on Thurs evening. It was at the dealer from Mon-Thurs. They initially found the headlight assembly to be defective. However, they informed us that since it is a $4000 part that they were instructed by Lincoln to perform extensive testing on every component that has to do with the headlight. That took four days. Also, they informed me on Wed that they had ordered a headlight but it was on backorder with no time estimate. I called the concierge service and asked if they could provide additional info. They said they would work on it. Somehow, miraculously a headlight appeared the next day?? The dealer attributes it to my concierge call. Anyway, it seems to be in working order. I think Lincoln needs to bite the bullet and admit they got a bad lot of these led headlights. Lets hope this is the last of these gremlins.
  5. Doctorg23

    2018 Navigator Daytime Running Lamp

    We just had our driver side one go out. Ugh! Will see what happens. Fitdadd77 please keep us posted on what happens next week.
  6. Doctorg23

    Lincoln Play for 2018 Navigator

    WinXDVD worked great for almost all our movies. We own all the DVDs we converted.
  7. I gave up. I was able to install the seats with them pushing against the headrest very firmly.
  8. Doctorg23

    Gas pedal vibration

    I noticed it in 2H. I’d have to pay closer attention, but I’d say maybe more of a high frequency buzzing type.
  9. Doctorg23

    Gas pedal vibration

    Anyone able to comment on this?
  10. Doctorg23

    Gas pedal vibration

    Anyone notice the gas pedal vibrates a lot while driving on rougher roads/pavement? It only occurs while in motion. No vibration at rest. Thanks!!
  11. Doctorg23

    Reserve vs Black Label

    Yes, I believe it is all leather. This is our second car with white leather and kids. Leather cleans up pretty easily so we haven't found it to be a problem. Another perk of the BL is that you get a free detail every year as well.
  12. Has anyone been able to successfully remove the 3rd row headrests to properly install a car seat? The manual says the 3rd row seats are "fixed and cannot be removed", but I find that hard to believe in a family car where you want to install car seats. A car seat website said you can put a pin in the little holes on the headrest insertion site to remove them. Not sure I want to test this out though and was hoping someone may have had some experience with this already. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  13. Please keep us posted as to what your dealer finds. Hoping for a quick fix!!
  14. Doctorg23

    HDMI and FireStick

    Only the screen behind the drivers seat has slots for HDMI, USB, and SD card.