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  1. bcparker2

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    This is good info. I have a bench seat second row but it'd be cool on our longer road trips to have a pass through. I will likely have less issues because it's just a seat but I look forward to trying it.
  2. bcparker2

    Torque app 0-60 times

    5startuning they have an e50 tune. I mix depending on what comes out of the e85 pump that day. I've had as high as e90 and as low as e60 so as long as I measure and compensate I don't have problems.
  3. Well I finally was able to record my vehicle when making this sound. It's very hard to predict when it happens and generally my family is in the car and they hate the windows being down but I was cruising this evening and heard this sound and I was determined to recreate it. So before it goes to the shop when the next oil change is due. Does anybody have any clue what it could be. Happens under very light throttle between 45-55 another reason it is hard to capture. Also it does last longer I got scared I wasn't recording and I fat fingered stop before I knew it the sound was gone and I spent 45 minutes trying to recreate to no avail. 20200711_212641_1.mp4
  4. bcparker2

    2019 Navigator Harmonic noise

    One of them is probably back there blowing a kazoo ever so softly back there but I also agree with you the loading of the suspension causing a rub somewhere.
  5. bcparker2

    2019 Navigator Harmonic noise

    Well that sounds unfortunate, does it sound like it's oscillating or is it more of a drone? Have you tried manually down shifting with the paddles to see if it is still there. Judging by the very specific set of circumstances it is going to be damn near impossible for the dealer to diagnose unless you bring your family and take the service guy for a ride. Good luck.
  6. bcparker2

    lincoln emblem flashing

    Mine also did this and it was replaced.
  7. bcparker2


    To my ears I've not heard one on a raptor that sounded good but there are many out there so I'm sure there is something for everyone out there.
  8. bcparker2


    If you want power and you don't care about the factory powertrain warranty you can give 5star tuning a call they offer powertrain warranties with their tunes. I've been running them for about 18k miles with no issues.
  9. bcparker2

    New Navigator Arrived

    You get the blue or the white interior?
  10. bcparker2

    2019 navigator Sunroof rattle

    Hey that's the noise mine makes twins. Definitely get that fixed.
  11. bcparker2

    Chassis Creak or Rattle

    I need to take mine in to get the sunroof looked at again they replaced a bracket and gear about a year ago, but now it seems something is vibrating up there that shouldn't be.
  12. bcparker2

    Torque app 0-60 times

    Few questions because I love hot rodding my navigator. Are you in excite mode traction control off brake boosting to 2500 ish rpm and then going? Also to note the 5.9 is non L sea level with rollout so you have to know if your device takes that onto consideration. Best I was able to get on my device not tuned was 6.1 here in Houston during the fall with cool air 93 octane but I have an L and generally have family gear to the tune of 200 lbs always in the back. With my e50 tune I have got a 4.6 during the winter with an empty truck.
  13. bcparker2

    2018 Navigator Oil Change

    I just changed it a week ago remind me in 5k miles.
  14. bcparker2

    2018 Navigator Oil Change

    Just some data my mar 2018 build nav has metal drain plug since new.
  15. bcparker2

    cam phaser rattel

    Can confirm that's normal it's due to the waste gates on the turbo they are loose when cold which is why it takes about a minute to stop. That gives it a chance for the metal to expand and seat properly.