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  1. Anyone's grill light stop working all it does is flicker until it gives up and doesn't come on anymore? If there's an easy fix I'd rather not send it to the dealer to push in a plug or something.
  2. bcparker2

    2020 Build Your Own - Come On Already!

    I think they customized the grill, the rims and the badging match what is shown the build website as of today, but the grill I saw was blacked out.
  3. bcparker2

    2020 Build Your Own - Come On Already!

    The black rims on the monochrome package are sick. I saw one when I took mine in for an oil change. I personally wasn't a fan of the blacked out grill though.
  4. bcparker2

    Need More Power?

    The warranty is a big factor, I completely understand that, as to the gains I have a buddy with a '17 mustang GT and I can keep up with him up to about 75/80 I win the traction battle with AWD but he eventually wins power to weight. I think the best thing about the tunes is it keeps the drive modes so in conserve it's basically like the stock normal when tuned up.
  5. bcparker2

    Need More Power?

    Thanks akirby I'm part of a bunch of forums and they all have different rules about solicitations and mentioning non partnered vendors etc so I just go by the strictest rules I remember. The company 5 star tuning out of South Carolina.
  6. bcparker2

    Need More Power?

    All right you 2018 and up Navigator owners. If 450 crank horsepower isn't enough for you there is a reputable tuning company near the east cost that offers tunes for our SUVs. I'm not going to name the company because I'm not sure about forum rules and I'd rather not read them so if you PM me I'll let you know specifically what company it is. Anyway I was their guinea pig and have put about 10k miles on the truck with their tunes. They are a vast improvement on stock. One thing to note this will VOID your powertrain warranty. Anyway just putting that out there I can try and answer any questions posted below on my experience on highway driving, city driving, I can't give accurate accounts of fuel economy because I didn't tune it for that I wanted a sub 5 second 0-60 time in a bus.
  7. bcparker2

    2019 Lincoln Navigator mirror

    My mirrors and steering wheel resetting to lowest position it happens when profiles change between mine and my wife's. I'm the daily driver so it's only an issue every 3 or 4 weeks but it is consistent. Hope the get a fix soon.
  8. Hyundai and Kia are making strides to try and break into the psuedo-luxury segment that Lincoln is trying to break out of. My wife and I test drove a Hyundai palisade and honestly the quality seemed the same as the aviator that was in our local dealer showroom. Sure the power isn't there and the ride is a little more unrefined but most people buy up so the improvement over their current daily will be noticeable.
  9. bcparker2

    Build quality worries

    Oh I sat in one at my local dealer and the glasses holder wouldn't close there were multiple misaligned body panels. Not as bad as what you've shown above but just not what I'm looking for in a $70k vehicle.
  10. bcparker2

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    Yep got bench for people capacity although the console was out of the question because I was giving up a truck and I still need to haul drywall,plywood etc.
  11. bcparker2

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    I had no choice my family is big on road trips, and with 5 of us I need cargo room, but I like the proportions of the L so it wasn't too much of a sacrifice some of the colors lend itself to the L. I don't like the cream or black or blue in L but the burgundy and red look great in my opinion. I opted for burgundy.
  12. bcparker2

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    I get those numbers with my 4x4 L
  13. bcparker2

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    Auto level headlights are cool I like watching them "ratchet" down the rear end of the driver in front of me. The loaners are nice though you have to reserve them weeks in advance at my local dealerships I can't plan part failures so they sometimes stick me in an mkx if that happens which sucks. The ride is really what sets them apart for me sure the leather is supposed to be better and you can get 30 way massaging seats in the nav but the cabin noise and smoothness of the ride is infinitely better in the nav than the expy.
  14. bcparker2

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    Nice try JD Power... Seriously though after 18 months and 25,000 miles there aren't any big things that would stop me from buying another. There are issues with the electronics regarding the seat memory, radio, side mirrors, ECM, TCM, etc. They have been minor inconveniences to me personally. I tow my family's boat approx 4,000 lbs and it's no problem. I've pulled a travel trailer that weighed 7,000 lbs, I wouldn't recommend much more than that as the braking and swaying gets uncomfortable for me. Having 3 kids being able to separate them is awesome. I'm constantly reminded how quiet the interior is when I ride in friends and families vehicles and get back into the navigator. I wouldn't recommend the rear entertainment system to anyone. After playing with one at the dealer I opted not to get it because if I couldn't figure it out my kids weren't going to be able to. For the money 3 decent tablets for the kids and some headphones goes a long way added bonus you can keep them on educational content. I live in the suburbs and when I'm forced to go downtown I take the wife's car as it is smaller. In Houston parking big vehicles isn't typically a problem due to the abundance of large trucks, parking lots and garages are usually sized to accommodate. I got the L and it's not that bad bulk grocery shopping and being able to put everyone's suitcase in the back on long trips sold it for me. I think that answered most of your questions. Though I have zero experience of minivans, I rode in one 10 years ago that belonged to my aunt so cannot give an AB comparison. The only thing I do often is wonder why I didn't just get an expedition platinum. I would have saved 15k and likely not lost much. That's my .02 also if I was to buy one now you might as well wait for the 2020 as it is supposed to be getting all of the tech goodies from the aviator like lane centering and some better automated driving.
  15. Anyone have the orange wrench indicating a powertrain/awd/4wd failure? Known causes? Estimated time to fix? Of course I'm 500 miles from home when this happens but at least it's only me stuck and not my entire family.