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  1. LincolnLawyer

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    I was originally looking at the Expedition Platinum, but at $78k it was hard to justify. I ended up getting my $91k MSRP Navigator L Reserve for $79k so it made sense.
  2. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    I have the console and like it. I have a family of 4 with two teenagers, so the third row doesn’t get used very often. No on any of my consoles yet, but I could see where it could happen if you’re careless.
  3. LincolnLawyer

    2019 Lincoln Navigator engine issue

    I have noticed on my 2018 Navigator that both running boards deploy if any of the 4 doors are opened while the engine is off. When the engine is on, only the running board on the side that a door is opened will deploy. Hope this helps.
  4. LincolnLawyer

    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    I see where the 2020 Aviator is available with retractable rear window sun shades. I have these on my 2016 XC90 and was surprised that my 2018 Navigator doesn’t have them. I was hoping the 2020 Navigator would add them so I could retrofit, but I guess not. Kind of a disappointment in an otherwise nice vehicle.
  5. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Still no Sync updates for me, either in the car with WiFi or from the Lincoln owner’s website. I’ve been stuck on version 3.0, build 17302 since 10/03/18.
  6. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Rattle Coming From Front at Low Speeds

    I can appreciate that, but I do like being personally involved with my vehicle’s maintenance and repairs to the extent possible. I guess it’s in my dna.
  7. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Rattle Coming From Front at Low Speeds

    Edit: Nevermind, IP = Instrument Panel.
  8. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Rattle Coming From Front at Low Speeds

    Thanks. Maybe this should be obvious, but what is the IP? Yes, I will be taking it to the dealer, but I was hoping to wait until the first service is due. Just trying to narrow it down in the meantime.
  9. I have a 2018 (9/18 build) Reserve L that has about 2,500 miles. I just started hearing a rattle coming from the front of the vehicle at low speeds on less than perfect roads. Seems to go away while cruising at highway speeds. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly where this rattle is coming from - could be from within the dash, engine compartment or underneath. I would say it’s a medium-pitched rattle that is also somewhat sensitive, i.e. one brief bump will cause 2, 3, 4 rattle cycles if that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I love everything about the Navigator, but this rattle is starting to affect my sanity.
  10. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Any luck with the update?
  11. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Thanks so much. Please report back what happens.
  12. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Thanks. Have you tried to update it at all?
  13. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    My 2018 Reserve with a build date of 09/18 is running Sync Version 3.0, Build 17302. Does anyone have a more recent version than this?
  14. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    What version are you running currently?
  15. LincolnLawyer

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    I currently have Sync version 3.0 from the factory, but I see where the latest version is 3.3. I’ve been trying to perform an update via WiFi with no success. The date of the last update was 10-3-18, which I believe is the build date. I’ve tried logging onto owner.lincoln.com to attempt a USB update, but it says that there are no updates available. Has anyone been able to update Sync beyond version 3.0?