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  1. boredinbirmingham

    Build or wait?

    The real determining factor will be what type of seating you want for the second row, if you want bench you should probably order. Unless something has changed the large majority of the Reserves are captain chairs. That’s just my 2¢. We ordered ours and it took the hassle out of the search. Some people love the thrill of the hunt, some don’t.
  2. boredinbirmingham

    Chassis Creak or Rattle

    I have not experienced this yet on my 2018 reserve 23k miles.
  3. boredinbirmingham

    Need More Power?

    I’ve read good things about the 5star tunes but don’t really care to do it. Even though it’s easy to revert back to stock tune the whole warranty thing just isn’t worth it to me. It would be nice to get a little better throttle response, though. what sort of gaines did you get?
  4. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Lincoln Navigator mirror

    It should be SSM 47835... I can’t find anything on that on googles... anyway, he stated it involved reprogramming EDM and PDM modules.
  5. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Lincoln Navigator mirror

    Clearly that’s the wrong one.... I’ll have to find the correct one... SO SORRY!
  6. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Lincoln Navigator mirror

    I read something about this on another forum and the fix is TSB# SSM 47385. Having mine addressed at next service which is coming up soon. I’ll report back on how it goes.
  7. I don’t have a Black Label but I have a Reserve with the cappuccino interior and have two kids in car seats. I haven’t had any issues keeping the lighter color clean in mine. We are a active outdoors family and as long as I stay on top of any filth issues it’s been easy. I am the type that prefers clean car interior so I’m used to doing a little bit of cleaning as needed and I don’t wait weeks to do a major cleaning event. I use the meguiars gold class leather wipes and they do the trick. I’m of the mindset that going to the dark car interior only hides how filthy it actually is so I’d feather have the light color and see the issue and address it rather than not know it’s there, and I just prefer the open space feeling of the lighter color.
  8. boredinbirmingham

    2020 Navi-More Equipment, Lower Price

    It looks like the Aviator has bags in its suspension. I really wish my Navigator had adjustable ride height and something to help when towing heavy. Other than that I can’t imagine an improvement in ride quality from the current ccd setup but I’d sure be willing to see what they can do.
  9. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Lincoln Navigator engine issue

    This makes the most sense, I’ll see how mine does. thanks!
  10. boredinbirmingham

    2018 with 21 way seats experiencing a squeaky seat.

    I will show this to my service guy when I get my next service, thanks!
  11. boredinbirmingham

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    The pick up for service is a life saver, my kids would not deal with waiting at the dealership, no way. The service at my dealer is awesome and they seem to be much better at customer service at the Lincoln dealer than the Ford from what I’ve read from the Expedition owners. I had a tough time with putting car seats and all the kid related stuff into the brand new 90K vehicle, especially since it is the most expensive vehicle we’ve ever owned. I just make a point to stay on top of the mess and it hasn’t been an issue. I have the kids trained to grab any trash and they love the fact that they can help out, now if I could get my wife on board with that it would be nice. It’s my daily driver and it’s been 20 months and 20k miles and I still look forward to driving it.
  12. boredinbirmingham

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    The heated steering wheel buttons haven’t been an issue, there are two locations to turn it on and I’m ok with that. the parking hasn’t been a problem unless someone parks next to you and they get too close. I usually park on a corner spot or far enough away as to avoid close parkers. Where I live the parking spaces are decent size so it’s ok. Having driven in LA before those spots are tiny and there this vehicle would get dinged for sure. The minivan sliding doors are hard to beat but that’s the only thing the minivan has over the Navigator IMHO and going from the minivan to anything without sliding doors will be a learning curve for a short while. My kids are 3.5 and 2.5 yrs old and typical for kids that age. I make a point to stay on top of the mess as I obsess over the cleanliness of my vehicle. We have a Dyson cordless that’s mounted in the garage so quick crumb cleanups are a breeze and I usually spend about 1-3 minutes every day or so keeping on top of the mats and car seats. I also got the cappuccino interior and it’s been relatively easy to keep clean. Honestly, it looks as good as it did when new. Exterior color is the Ingot Silver, it does a great job of hiding dirt. The kids love the giant sunroof by the way and have no problem climbing into the back at their current age. We keep a double bob stroller and Osprey kid carrying back packs in the back and more recently a potty training potty. We have the regular length wheelbase and I think it’s just fine, my wife says get the L lol.
  13. boredinbirmingham

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    We ordered our reserve before they hid the dealers and we knew it was somewhat foolhardy at the time but looking back we are so happy we took the chance. We have two boys still in car seats and the occasional 3rd row passenger but we opted for the regular length over the L and it’s worked well for us. If we were taking road trips with 6 I think the L would be a requirement to keep from putting a cargo box on the roof, we tend to pack heavy with the youngsters so your mileage may vary. Around round it drives just fine, for the size it’s quite nimble and the turning radius is ridiculously tight, it’s better than the Subaru I traded in. We skipped on the rear seat entertainment and glad we did as it sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. We absolutely love the home pick up/ drop off for service, so much so we had it added to the extended warranty and maintenance plan we got. We plan on keeping this vehicle for 10 years (hopefully) so the extra money over the Expedition wasn’t an issue. On road trips it’s been absolutely worth the money, it’s amazingly comfortable and super quiet. I recently made an 8 hour drive and only stopped when I was about out If has, afterward I didn’t feel any of the typical back and leg pain as I would from my previous car. We use our 4 wheel drive as well as we camp, fish, and overland and other than the weird looks from people not expecting to see a Navigator out in the woods it does great. 100% would buy again.
  14. boredinbirmingham

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    We decided on the Navigator Reserve and ordered before they were in showrooms. We ordered the bench and have been extremely pleased with it since our kids are 2 and 3, my wife can jump back there if needs be. My wife hated the look of the Expy interior, she thought it looked like a truck and it does. The HUD was so worth it as was the 30 way seats. Our dealer is amazing and we have made same day appointments without issue and gotten the loaner driven to us. The loaner drop of feature was a big selling point for us since I’m a stay at home dad, sitting at the dealer is a no go. If I get stuck with a smaller suv I make it work and it’s no biggie. We do a lot of camping and just ordered a overland trailer so I’m going to have to get some different wheels for anything remotely technical off road but that’s really my only complaint. It’s been nice to sit in the ventilated seats after camping for several days. We did X plan as well. Just call the dealer before hand. After seeing the expy in person now we know we made the right choice.