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  1. I wanna know how they snuck 3 Broncos into the back woods of Georgia. The off road communities here are so prolific and fanatic that it must have been some CIA level secret spy type stuff to keep the prying eyes and cameras away.
  2. boredinbirmingham

    New 2020 Navigator

    I’m 43 now and just learning what the saying “youth is wasted on the young” truly means.
  3. boredinbirmingham

    New 2020 Navigator

    Mine got the Gtechniq crystal serum ultra. I did paint correction and the ceramic along with tint and some wrap around the running boards, door sills and front and rear lower bumper areas all for $3k. He coated everything including the wheels. It makes washing the vehicle a breeze. I would not want to clean those turbine wheels without it haha
  4. boredinbirmingham

    New 2020 Navigator

    This vehicle shines on road trips. I can’t believe how comfortable it still can be after 5 hours straight. Enjoy!
  5. boredinbirmingham

    New 2020 Navigator

    This is the correct response.
  6. boredinbirmingham

    Water Spots After Washing

    Could it be your water source? I wash my own from time to time and haven’t had this issue at all, I just dry with a Chemical Guys drying towel. The only time I specifically do the windows is when I need to clean the inside... there is some video floating around that has a good process, it involves a magic eraser but I only use it on the windshield as my other glass has tint.
  7. boredinbirmingham

    2018 Navigator Oil Change

    This is the exact opposite situation I’ve found myself in. I’ve done all the work on all my cars, and lots of work on other people’s cars both for favors and for a living, and since getting our Navigator I’ve yet to turn a single wrench on it. I installed the radar detector and ran a line for a Anderson plug for our overland trailer but that’s it. I don’t think I opened the hood in the first year of ownership. We got the maintenance plan and they can come get it until it’s 8 or 9 years old. Good for you for wanting to learn, it’s a greet skill to have and a fun hobby.
  8. boredinbirmingham

    Nautilus first world problem

    I think it looks sharp, the black letters look the best. This is coming from a guy who usually removes all the badging and I’m still on the fence on removing my deck lid letters.
  9. Yeah I hope this isn’t a sign of what to expect with the real Bronco.
  10. Yeah I hope this isn’t a sign of what to expect with the real Bronco.
  11. For real though! It took me about a month of fiddling and making small adjustments but once I got it dialed in... oh man! It’s nice!!
  12. boredinbirmingham

    4th gen front tow hooks

    Thanks for sharing that image, I was thinking it was the panel above that...
  13. boredinbirmingham

    4th gen front tow hooks

    Mine doesn’t have that illustration... mines a 2018 so that probably explains the difference in manuals.
  14. boredinbirmingham

    4th gen front tow hooks

    Very true, the manual is extremely vague and doesn’t even point out where they are. If I had to guess it’s probably because most owners would never use them. I’d wager that mine will be the only one to ever have a canoe on top of it lol