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  1. valve

    2022 Ford Fusion

    I could get into this if it was offered in a high performance plug-in hybrid version. I'm not too crazy about driving an SUV and prefer cars. If they could offer this style with something along the lines of the Aviator GT engine configuration (high performance engine with plug-in), it could be a hit. Good efficiency for plodding around town or commuting and great performance when wanted.
  2. Maybe we should wait for confirmation of this rumor before we start "slagging" the company?
  3. Not sure about the US but in Canada the dealer doesn't have to participate in the program. Always need to ask first (not that i've ever been turned down).
  4. valve

    Safety features

    You're comparing a Ford SuperDuty to a Subaru Forester? These vehicles would have vastly different buyers with vastly different priorities. Can you provide an example of what your specific concern is?
  5. I think the way to do this is add it as a software feature to the key fob. Depending upon which key fob is detected in the drivers seat, the seat would automatically adjust the the preferences that are tied to that keyfob. I thought some manufacturers were already doing this with PAAK (Phone as a key). Yes, the key fobs are already too big.
  6. valve

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    The Covid-19 coronovirus is more infectious than the seasonal influenza. Keep in mind that the seasonal influenza infection rate hasn't gone to zero, it's just been greatly reduced. This was seen in Australia ~6 months ago, the natural start of their seasonal influenza season.
  7. valve

    Tesla stock

    Lots of FOMO with this one.
  8. valve

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    The same actions that are taken to curb the spread of Covid-19 also curb the spread of the flu. Both are mostly spread through airborne transmission where Covid-19 more so. No consipacies, only those that fail to understand science
  9. valve

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    It's a common recall across multiple models and is a supplier issue.
  10. valve

    2022 Ford Fusion

    I was thinking the same thing but I think I see a muffler under the rear of the vehicle.
  11. valve

    2020 Escape Production Information

    Ford Authority reported the same thing.
  12. valve

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    Wasn't the Flex built in Canada?
  13. valve

    Door locking while hood is open

    I did have a look around on Google and it seems that this is common feature on Ford vehicles - Auto relock.
  14. valve

    Door locking while hood is open

    Oh well, just a thought
  15. valve

    Door locking while hood is open

    After unlocking the door with the keypad, did you open any of the doors? I know that my car (2004 Mazda6) will re-lock the doors if the key fob is used to unlock the doors but no doors are opened within a specified period of time.