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  1. vipersinu2

    USB ports stopped working

    Oddly enough, one port started to work again.
  2. vipersinu2

    USB ports stopped working

    I am having the same problem. No power for the android auto usb ports. Checked the fuses they are good.
  3. vipersinu2

    Usb android auto stopped working

    Fuses 86 87 94 & 95 are good, The wireless charging pad works. Both usb ports dead.
  4. My 2 usb ports inside by the wireless charger for the android auto stoped charging the phone. It worked tonight. We stoped for some fireworks, got back in the truck and the ports are dead. I thought the cable or usb c port was bad on my phone. I changed the cable still not charging. I tried the 2 usb ports on the back of armrest and the phone charged. Maybe the fuse blew.
  5. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    Thank you Black Label About that update info, Good to know! Glad I did mess around with upgrading to that sync 3.3 by myself. The dealership probably would of said I broke it. I am looking to test drive the 510hp Stelvio Quadrifoglio 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds top speed 176 mph That might get me in some trouble. Lol
  6. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    Black Label. That is priceless! Leave it to my truck. Shake my head! Thank you for taking time to see if sync works.
  7. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    I watched YouTube videos from ford. I should say "climate" or "set climate". It doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? https://youtu.be/HmzExmam0HA
  8. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    I am not of fan of this sysc system. I have been giving it a chance, but I have been trying for the last 15 mins to figure this dam thing out. My options are Phone, Navigation, sirius, am, fm, usb, or travel link. No fan speeds or temp controls. Buttons on the steering wheel would be better! I dont like to take my hands off the wheel, that screen is to distracting. I also dont like adjusting the rear fan speeds, also how the rear menu stays on the screen, it should timeout and go to the main screen after a while. to many steps to get into the rear ac and heat settings, When driving. I rather watch the road. I like my old mountaineer better.
  9. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    In my opinion, the voice command is usless. The dam thing always gets confused. Will it set the fan speed?
  10. vipersinu2

    2019 navigator

    I miss changing the fan speeds and climate control from the steering wheel. My mountaineer had that option.
  11. I have it were. I can choose between the lincoln and google launcher on boot. These monitors are freeken crap. Running android 5.0.2, that is from 2014. These are worth 60 bucks for the pair. Not the $2400.00 option. What junk. Shame on ford
  12. Got Google! Are there an developer that can PM me?
  13. Does anyone know what software tools can be downloaded to make changes to the freescale headrest monitors, I believe its arm chip running android, the chip is MCIMX6Q6AVT10AD
  14. I have impression in my mind that ford is buy cheap shit from china, I have so many thing wrong with a $92.000 truck that has 12,000 miles. what a piece of crap. Now my Lincoln emblem is flashing on and off. I hate this truck.
  15. vipersinu2


    I would be more worried it will sound like crap. You will not get that v8 sound!