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  1. TexasAggie02

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    I’m in San Antonio - great city. Engine Issue - seems to happen with the V8 F-150 engine and some minor reports on the Raptor forums. I don’t think it’s wide spread - but still something I wasn’t expecting and a little disappointed about it all. Other than that - the only thing that is frustrating is the kids finger prints and all the piano black everywhere. But not much you can do about that. The pros far outweigh the cons to me. Super comfortable, kids love it, really enjoy the HUD and overall power of the engine (when it works). We did install high quality window tinting around the doors and windshield (the clear film) which has helped keep it cool. It is a big vehicle, but my F150 is bigger and it’s about the same size as our previous Expedition EL.
  2. TexasAggie02

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    Husker - I’ll take a guess and say you live near San Antonio. I have a ‘19 Reserve L and like it - except for a potentially huge engine issue - it has been at the dealer for 21 days with a likely engine replacement (oil burning engine - down to nearly no oil at 5,000 miles). Lincoln is having my dealer break down the entire engine and document every component for a TSB or at least some maintenance steps - dealer says it’s because they are one of the largest volume dealers in the country and this is the second Nav in their shop for this problem. Otherwise - love the vehicle and chose it over an Expedition. We have the console 2nd row and have three kids (9,7,3).
  3. TexasAggie02

    Garmin Dash Cam Hardwire Install

    Yep that’s what I ended up doing as well. Used a snake to get it behind the curtain air bag to the headliner. Then down the A Pilar with the molding removed.
  4. I searched over and over to see if anyone had info on installing a dash cam on the 18-19 Navigator and couldn’t find anything except some taps for radar detectors to the rear view mirror. It’s really about the same as the 15-19 F-150 (I have a ‘18 F-150 that I did last year). However, I couldn’t figure out how to remove the A Pillar trim piece on these vs the F-150 it’s easy. I took a video and thought I’d share in case anyone does something similar and it can save a few steps. Garmin Dash Cam Install Happy to answer any questions and apologies for my bad video techniques.
  5. TexasAggie02

    Ordered New Navigator - Delivered with 65 miles?

    Thanks both of you. Couldn’t tell if it was made up or not. I would have waited more to get it cleaned but already waited 4 more hours and had to go pick up the kids so we couldn’t afford anymore delays. It’s a great truck - wife loves it. Just wish the delivery experience was better after a month of additional delays.
  6. I special ordered a '19 Navigator Reserve on 11/1 and finally picked it up on 2/1. After the salesman cleaned the wrong vehicle and then having to "find" my Nav again on the lot and then have it cleaned, I was surprised when I got in that it had 65 miles on the odometer already. The finance person thought it was a mistake when they were processing the paperwork. I asked the salesman about it and he said "oh it must have gone through some extra QC checks - 1 in 50 Navigators go through that". Even though they detailed it, I was also surprised at generally how dirty the inside still was (smudges, etc...). Is that a true statement or covering up for something else (i.e. owner of the dealership driving it for a few days)? Maybe I'm just being paranoid and should just enjoy the truck, but my spidey sense says it was a good story that may not be true.
  7. TexasAggie02

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    North Park Lincoln. I ordered a ‘19 Reserve on 11/1 - should be here in 2-3 weeks. Long wait but hopefully worth it. They didn’t blink at X Plan and accepted it right away. Happy to put you in touch with my salesman. We are on the younger age for Lincoln - 38 for my wife and I.
  8. TexasAggie02

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    My local dealer in San Antonio is honoring X-Plan on ‘19s.