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  1. drpaul

    Ipad mount

    Thanks guys. Some of those will certainly work.
  2. I just bought a 2019 black label and it had 67 miles on it. BUT, it was a vehicle on the dealer lot so I suspect it was test driven. A special order should not be test driven, and that sounds like what happened. You should at a minimum have them redo the detailing..
  3. drpaul

    Ipad mount

    I finally bought a Navigator (yacht club in chrystal blue) . It had everything but the entertainment package. So, I need a way to mount an ipad to the back of the front seats for my kids. All of the mounts i've seen do not fit the unusual shape of the seats. Anyone have a lead or an idea? Much appreciated.
  4. The leather smells are apparently just patented scents. The leather is heavily processed. I can't find anything specifically on the Lincoln leather though. So, its hard to know if the BL leather is worth the extra 6k price tag. I'm not digging the blue, white, or burgandy anyway. I'm baffled why they don't have more selection available.
  5. Thats another decision between the base and the L....... I've been reading about car leathers too in trying to decide if I like the BL leather vs the Reserve. The interior of the cars absolutely smells differently. . Turns out the leather "smell" isn't from the leather. Rather, it is actually a kind of car perfume that lingers for awhile but eventually fades. I had no idea. So, now i'm thinking to just go with Reserve and save about 8-10k.
  6. Thank you for posting. I'm going through the same thing trying to put together a Navigator. I have wasted countless hours on the Lincoln web site building with this color or that interior. The BL interior choices are too limited, and I fear not exactly timeless. I much prefer the MB GLS color offerings but not really the rest of the car. <sigh> . First world problems. lol