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  1. guyina4x4

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    I now have 5100 miles on it does not really seem to matter what octane I put in it although it really seems to like Shell gas, I've been using the 87 with 10% and I'm thinking the warmer weather the last 2-3 weeks is the main difference but getting 31-32mpg consistantly. I drive 99% 2 lane highway 80-100 miles per day.
  2. guyina4x4

    Ecosport brake squeal

    my 2018 does it too rear brakes are noisy in reverse, especially after it rains even the slightest bit but it is almost always there wet or dry, warm or cold. just in reverse
  3. guyina4x4

    2020 EcoSport Production Information

    I keep reading/hearing about how slow this car is as an actual owner of one, this little car scoots along just fine, power to weight wise it's about the same or better than my 07 f150 My 02 Escape was about the same weight with 46 less horsepower IN reality this car will win some races but that's not what it's for so hhhmm why even bring it up
  4. guyina4x4

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    I just picked up my 2018 Ecosport S a week ago I don't know what they filled it up with but I got 25mpg on that tank I filled up with 87 10% eth fuel and got 24.9mpg on that tank I filled up Friday night with 89 from Shell not sure if E10 or not, I drove 250 miles saturday and when parked last night the dash meter was at 29.1mpg, I paid 20 cents a gallon more for the 89 I think the 4mpg was well worth 20 cents Yes I realize this is pretty short term results as the vehicle only has 750 miles on it