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  1. jwillum

    Ranger Price Increase?

    Ford just today added the 2022 Ranger to their website. I have a 2022 Lariat Supercrew 4x2 that is built and in transit to the dealer. The window sticker that was generated on 12/23 shows a base price of $35,550. However, the website is showing a base price of $35,765. I was building one online to match mine and I couldn't figure out at first where I was off $215 since the options and delivery matched the sticker I have. Has Ford already increased the price on something that has been in production a little over a month?
  2. jwillum

    2022 Ranger Lariat

    Bump for an update on VIN 1FTER4EH1NLD00363. I do believe it has shipped. Thank you!
  3. jwillum

    2022 Ranger Lariat

    Thanks, will do!
  4. jwillum

    Ordered November 8...still no VIN?

    And, yes, the Ranger is still built at Wayne.
  5. jwillum

    2022 Ranger Lariat

    Hello, Looking to see if anything new on VIN 1FTER4EH1NLD00363. It was still showing as in production on Saturday and now the online tracker is back to telling me that my order # and VIN are invalid. Thank you!
  6. jwillum

    Waiting on powerboost. Ordered 9/21

    As of this morning, the tracker is now working for my order. I don't know if it's a New Year thing and they fixed something or what happened but you may want to give it a try again.
  7. jwillum

    2022 Ranger Lariat

    Happy New Year! Looking for any updates on VIN 1FTER4EH1NLD00363. Thank you!
  8. jwillum

    Waiting on powerboost. Ordered 9/21

    I haven't had any luck with the build tracker in weeks/months. I put in my order # and VIN and it tells me that they aren't valid. My Ranger is scheduled to be built next week and the tracker has been absolutely worthless.
  9. I don't know how they got away with overcharging on fees. I have bought several vehicles through A plan and now Z plan over the years and have had a couple of instances where a dealer charged over the allowed rate for doc fees and neither of us caught it. In both cases, Ford Credit kicked the deal back to the dealer and told them to fix it and resubmit it.
  10. jwillum

    2022 Ranger Lariat

    Thank you, cyberdman. I will check back early next year.
  11. Checking for any information on VIN 1FTER4EH1NLD00363. I have an email that it is scheduled for the week of 1/3 but the vehicle tracker website is now telling me that the order number/VIN is not valid. Thank you!
  12. jwillum

    X Plan Pin

    The window sticker will not show X-plan pricing, just retail. The X-plan (or A/Z/D) price will only be on the invoice. If you told them it was X-plan at the time of order, there may be something at the end of the options list that specifies that it is an X-plan order. I know there is when I order Z plan. As far as the money involved, the dealership is still making money on the sale. My dad was an accountant for Ford and worked on vehicle pricing and he told me once about how it all works but I don't remember what all he said.
  13. jwillum

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    Yes, I went off of the order guide you had posted to help decide on what I wanted. Thank you for that!
  14. jwillum

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    Maybe May was a bit early but it is now the end of October and ford.com still doesn't let you build out a 22 (for most models). I ordered a 22 Ranger and it is scheduled for the week of 1/3. You cannot go into a dealer and order a 21 but that is all that the website shows.