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  1. jwillum

    Ordering Maverick

    Does anyone have any information on how long it is taking for ordered Mavericks to arrive at the dealer? Thanks! John
  2. jwillum

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Granted, everything I have seen has been pre-production but every picture I have seen seems to show that even the Lariat has a manual dimming rearview mirror. I really hope Ford isn't getting cheap with the little things like that.
  3. jwillum

    Silver box in the cargo area, driver's side?

    What year Escape and/or trim level?
  4. jwillum

    2020 Fusion

    Thank you. I knew it was scheduled to day of 2/3 but my salesman went on vacation and I didn't know if it was actually built or not.
  5. Hello, Looking for status on VIN 3FA6P0SU8LR200740. Thank you!
  6. jwillum

    Panoramic Roof

    Out of curiosity, what does something like that cost to replace? I had a regular sunroof shatter years ago and I recall it being over $1000 but they also had to drop the headliner and clean out the glass. I was driving at the time and all of a sudden it was hailing inside the car. It was covered by my insurance but the guy at the glass shop told me they were more expensive than windshields as no one made after market glass for those and they had to get them from the manufacturer.
  7. jwillum

    Don’t buy a Ford

    I always buy from and have my vehicles serviced at Five Star in Lewisville. They always wash it for me when they are done, even if just getting an oil change, and I have never had an issue getting a loaner when in for service. They have no problem getting me right over to Enterprise and paying for a rental if they don't have any loaners available.
  8. jwillum

    now I wait

    3K deposit, wow?! That is exactly 3K more than my dealer charges me to order a vehicle. I guess I will count my blessings.
  9. jwillum

    Ranger FX2 package

    They work great in my wife's Fusion. Turn them off or way down after a few minutes, even when it's 100+ outside.
  10. jwillum

    Ranger FX2 package

    Disappointed in the changes for 2020. I won't be ready to get one until then and wanted the hot pepper red and was hoping they would wake up and add a cooled seat option. Not everyone lives in Michigan. Down here in Texas I couldn't care less about a heated seat.
  11. jwillum

    Ecosport brake squeal

    Trust me, that happens often enough driving to and from work on the freeway. 🙂 I may try doing it somewhere if I can get an empty stretch of road. It does seem to be getting to be less of an issue now that it is warming up, though.
  12. jwillum

    Ecosport brake squeal

    My daughter and I both have 2017 Ecosports and both have an annoying brake squeal when in reverse but never while going forward. It comes from the front and seems worse when cold or damp. I had mine into the dealer and they removed some glaze from the pads. That fixed it temporarily but it was soon back. Anyone else have this issue and find a solution? I’ve searched for TSBs but didn’t see anything. Maybe my daughter and I have the only ones that do it but I doubt it. Thanks, John
  13. jwillum

    2018 EcoSport Production Information

    Amen, brother! Living here in TX, I don't care too much about heated seats but I love the cooled seats in my wife's Fusion and would gladly pay for that option on any vehicle if it were available.
  14. jwillum

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    Thanks for the reply. I just took delivery yesterday and I know the dealer filled it with 87 but I may try some experimenting later on to see if I can see any difference..
  15. The Ecosport owner's manual states that the vehicle is designed to run on 87 octane fuel but that "For best overall vehicle and engine performance, premium fuel with an octane rating of 91 or higher is recommended." I can see that with the 1.0 turbo but is Ford now recommending higher octane for the normally aspirated 2.0? The Focus manual just recommends 87 Octane and I assumed the engines were the same.