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  1. Niccee. Anyone have any ideas on when more details will be released? Article mentioned it'll be different than traditional equations.
  2. Will x and z plan etc work on the mach e?
  3. Look what I found on my local dealer's website. Hybrid mpg ;) 43 city 37 highway ford.pdf
  4. I would be all over an ST model. I'm probably going to go corsair or escape depending on test drive and deals. Explorer is nice but don't think I can justify the extra size/price. Wife and my father in law already have edges (thanks to me lol)
  5. I was looking at the Mazda cx5 too, but I don't like that you don't have a touch screen when driving - you have to use a knob :/
  6. Does anyone know when crash test ratings might come out for the escape? Or the MPG for the hybrid? Thanks!
  7. Update looks like corsair reviews drop October 1st
  8. I read on an Instagram post that the embargo on reviews for the corsair lifts next week.
  9. What are the main differences between the two? Are they major in terms of performance/handling etc?
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check out both
  11. Thanks! Any idea when corsair will be out? Do you mean much nicer in terms of materials? Most options seemed similar with the exception of adaptive suspension and different seats etc
  12. I was looking at the corsair. Do they only come with tan or blue interiors? Or am I crazy lol
  13. Yeah I'd just say it's a missed opportunity. I'm not sure why they went with the method they did. Maybe cost savings? Would be much more impressive projected onto windshield. My buddy used to have an old grand prix that had that. It was pretty cool
  14. Didn't realize there was a difference in warranty. Is it a big difference in time? Any predictions on escape street price? Haha
  15. I looked at it a little, but I think it got expensive pretty fast once you added a couple packages. I saw it at the NY Auto show and it was nice. I'll take a another look though. I'm trying to stay under $40k. I wouldn't normally look at Mazda but they're basically giving you every option they have for the same price as the escape ($37k) so a lot of this will depend on what kind of deal I can get on the escape (which since it's new might be tough).