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  1. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    The 1-10 showing me which gear I am in displays correctly on the left side of the 8" screen in the dash cluster. I'm talking about the "P R N D M" next to the shifter: https://www.web2carz.com/images/mmy/201805/2018-ford-f-150-platinum_shifter_1527266241_700x467.jpg Does "floor shift" mean the one I posted above? It's in the center console stack. I guess that's the floor as opposed to the drive column. I just don't think of it being on the floor. Floor shift in my mind looks like this: https://farm5.static.flickr.com/4017/4354193951_d32f9c4a9d.jpg Thanks! So far so good!
  2. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Had my local Ford dealership do a full inspection on the truck. There was one open recall for the engine block heater. They do not have the parts to fix that issue currently. That's fine though since I live in Tennessee. The only issue they found was a very slight leak in the front transfer case. They said it wasn't seeping or dripping, but there was a very slight leak there. They are going to replace the transfer case at no charge since it is under the bumper to bumper warranty still. I have only found two other very minor things. The backlight that illuminates the "P R N D M" next to the shifter is out. And the light under the passenger seat that illuminates the rear floorboard on that side is also out. They are going to correct those issues when I take it back for the transfer case. So all in all, I feel good about the truck. Thanks so much to everyone for the help.
  3. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Went and test drove the truck this afternoon. Worked out what I feel like was a good and fair deal on it. Took it home. The deal is contingent on the results of the local Ford dealership’s inspection and Oasis report. I’m dropping it off over there tomorrow morning. We’ll see what they say. Thanks to everyone for the insight. Hoping everything comes back good to go. The truck is VERY nice!
  4. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Of course. I don’t expect anything for free.
  5. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Thank you both for the replies. The dealer selling the truck is not a Ford dealer. I'm going to go look at the truck tomorrow so I'll see if the dealer will let me drive it over to the local Ford dealership for an inspection. Would I be able to have the local Ford dealership get me the Oasis report for it if I brought the truck to them for inspection?
  6. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Hadn't thought about having the dealership look at it. Wonder what the dealer that is selling it will say if I ask to have that done? As for warranty, it's only got 12k miles on it so it's still under original factory warranty.
  7. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    I haven't found another one with the exact set of features and low miles within 500 miles of me. Been looking for 3 months. Can't decide if I should keep on waiting. The price is good as well. Not too good to be true where it makes me think there is definitely something wrong here. But it's firmly in the "good deal" range.
  8. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Yeah, I was wondering if the images were just blocked on my work computer. I'm new to this forum so I wasn't certain if that was the issue or if it was user error. Sounds like you can see them so thanks for replying and confirming that! As for the history... 05/02/2018 - First owner reported, registered as a commercial vehicle 11/06/2018 - New owner reported 11/29/2018 - New owner reported 04/05/2019 - New owner reported 05/22/2019 - New owner reported I just haven't ever seen a vehicle change ownership that many times in such a short period of time. I wasn't sure if there was some common explanation that exists for this type of frequent retitling.
  9. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Not sure if these images are working or not... I can see them on my phone but not on my computer. The image can be seen here: https://i.postimg.cc/qMzZQfDJ/7-C5-A233-B-0789-47-D6-90-C0-3809-D8-D7-D653.jpg
  10. SodiumMonkey

    Would this CarFax History concern you?

    Sorry about the broken image in the first post.
  11. Looking at buying this 2018 F-150. It was originally for the Canadian market. Not sure what is going on with the number of owners here: I’m not sure why to make of this honestly. Would this concern you? Would you still purchase the truck?
  12. SodiumMonkey

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Getting some mixed info from CarFax and some of the free lookup VIN lookup services. Curious to see what the window sticker shows: 1FTEW1EG7JFC89506 Thank you!
  13. I think it's a good play as a current income stock and as a long-term value stock.
  14. SodiumMonkey

    2020 Corvette revealed

    What about any notion of marketing towards the exclusivity of a product? Think about a company like Rolex. They produce around 1 million watches a year. They could produce and sell a ton more, but they choose not to. So buying a "used" Rolex is often more expensive than buying the same model brand new.
  15. SodiumMonkey

    Looks like GM is following Ford and FCA's lead...

    Crazy to see how small the list is now. I guess the Tesla Model X is considered an SUV? I'd call it closer to a 5-door hatchback or wagon.