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  1. AdfilUpperca

    Sync 3 in E350

    Yeah, That's what I'm going to do. Thanks.
  2. AdfilUpperca

    Sync 3 in E350

    Thanks, It sounds like I am going aftermarket then. I can get wireless double din carplay and android auto installed for less than $1000. With rear camera also. It still wouldn't be as good as you don't get the lines in the camera to move with the steering wheel, stuff like that.
  3. AdfilUpperca

    Vans performance records

    I have a 2011 E350 passenger van and get ~13 in the city and ~17 on the highway. Once loaded down with people and cargo they even start riding nice. it is kinda rough when empty.
  4. AdfilUpperca

    Sync 3 in E350

    Hi, I have a 2011 E350 wagon I use fro family trips and stuff. I really like the Sync 3 in my F150. Any way to get that of something near it in my van? Thanks.
  5. AdfilUpperca

    460 or Triton v10?

    The 2 valve V10s are incredibly reliable. We have them in the service trucks where I work. I can't recall any engine problems.
  6. AdfilUpperca

    F150 w/generator,,,,

    Cooling and powering computers in the bed for testing and vehicle dynamics recording. Also probably recording for noise, harshness, etc. Or it could just be for a campout later
  7. AdfilUpperca

    Don’t buy a Ford

    All my F150s have been great. Dealers on the other hand.... The one nearest my house is usually awful. The one 30 miles away and near my work is great.