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  1. You guys are too busy talking about mustangs in the Bronco thread to notice this ... . . .
  2. In what way? They're not much different than Wranglers. . . . . .
  3. A lot of that has to do with blindspot monitoring and the track being wider than the body. The same is likely true of Bronco, 'cuz that light looks like it stands out from the body, just in a less tacky way.
  4. Enjoy it while you can I guess ...
  5. Funny that it's still up here but got hit with takedown there.
  6. There are a lot of people claiming to have seen it that think otherwise. Either behind the scenes or at the dealer presentations.
  7. Had to spend all the money upgrading the suspension so there was nothing left in the budget to get a decent vehicle.
  8. All the more reason the BOF Bronco should be offered with SFA. There's already a platform for people who just want the appearance and a comfy ride ... baby/Sport/Maverick/Adventurer/tellusthedamnnamealready.
  9. Calm down internet tough guy.
  10. https://www.thestarinfrisco.com/ Private venue in Dallas. ??? Don't suppose your friend said when it was booked for? eta: more details, apparently Ford already owns/sponsors some space there. It would make sense as an option. Connected to the World Corporate Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, Ford Center is comprised of a multi-purpose, 12,000 seat, indoor stadium as well as the entire Dallas Cowboys football operations and practice fields. The indoor stadium at Ford Center provides a state-of-the-art facility shared by the Dallas Cowboys, City of Frisco and Frisco ISD. The longstanding partnership that Ford and North Texas Ford Dealers have enjoyed with high school football and the Dallas Cowboys made Ford Center a seamless fit.
  11. Stampede.Offroad

    Ford Plans Bronco Reveal In March

    Just can't help yourself can you. I'm starting to think you're infatuated with me or something.
  12. Stampede.Offroad

    Ford Plans Bronco Reveal In March

    Ford plans Bronco reveal in March; dealers learn details https://www.autonews.com/nada-show/ford-plans-bronco-reveal-march-dealers-learn-details We might not have to wait until midnight of June 21st to find out about Bronco after all.
  13. Thank goodness. Hopefully this one doesn't turn out to be some Rickroll.
  14. Just trying to limit how much retrofitting I'm going to have to do in 3-5 years. An axle swap isn't off the table but it would have been nice if it wasn't necessary in the first place. The alternative might require an engine swap and that isn't very appealing either.