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  1. We were seeing F150 prototypes when the Bronco mules were still roaming around. It would seem the F150 is farther along and likely to arrive first.
  2. Stampede.Offroad

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Like other things, when you or someone else rubs their hand on it it feels good. That is its main purpose.
  3. The only reason jeep has that limitation is the manual they're using isn't rated for the amount of torque their other engines provide, only the NA 3.6 V6 has low enough torque. Ford seems to have planned ahead and picked a unit capable of handling several good engine options -- one of the benefits of starting almost from scratch.
  4. I hope it has more on the low end, and not just another overdrive gear. More overdrive could work, but it would mean a more extreme gearing in the diff to accomplish the same thing. Just a question of which is cheaper or easier for Ford, assuming that's even what they want to accomplish with it, instead of trying to make their manual a hypermiler.
  5. Stampede.Offroad

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    I would interpret that to mean a less 'busy' dash or console.
  6. The MT88 is rated for 405lbft so it could handle the 2.7 or 3.0 V6 ecoboosts, or the 5.0 V8
  7. It also didn't have removable doors on any of them either. The early roadster simply didn't have doors in the first place.
  8. I'm quite sure they're under there. The fender appears to have foam hiding its contour and there's a 'snake' of foam hiding the whole seam/hinges area hanging from the mirror.
  9. Because there is on nearly all of the vague tarped and shadowy images Ford has given us of the Bronco.
  10. Stampede.Offroad

    Death of the Auto Show?

    With so many media options it just doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. If you have something important to say about a new product, and you're a big time player, you're better off doing it at a private event that is more likely to ensure you get all the attention.
  11. Yeah, I can't buy the Wrangler I'm interested in yet either. I want to test drive the 3.0L diesel before I order one.
  12. I'm not the average consumer, I'm highly motivated, and I'm no brand fanboy. My response to that isn't very flattering.
  13. You'd think they'd start with something a bit more inspiring than an ultra ugly mule failing to do anything off road that an Escape couldn't have done. Most peoples first reaction to that thing is already repulsion.
  14. Stampede.Offroad

    Off-Road Testing the All-New Ford Bronco in the Wild

    I really hope there's more to Bronco than meets the eye in this demonstration. It isn't doing anything an Escape couldn't do, and that failure to articulate and lift a wheel off the ground at 0:30 should be embarrassing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BaKhSloYdY
  15. Stampede.Offroad

    Bronco Announcement Date

    It's a safe bet Bronco will be there, but I highly doubt that's when the reveal will be. Ford has been having it's major model debuts at private events days or weeks before some auto show so they control the entire environment and get all the publicity that day -- and given the showmanship they're putting into Bronco I completely expect the same for this model.