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  1. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

    Awesome looking at hanging our charger from the ceiling. not able to locate many for this application any thoughts and or comments on this one? EVoCharge EVOREEL Cable Management - J1772 Inlet Adapter Configuration (30 Amp, Electric Vehicle Charge Cable Management((22 ft. EV Charge Cable, 20 ft. Interconnect Length Amazon Again Appreciate it CoolScoop
  2. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

  3. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

    Nice set up...we have a Blue Diamond GT and should be receiving in 3 weeks or so. Can you share the max amp rating requirement for the 240 volt circuit? Appreciate the help here.....
  4. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

  5. wjwolf

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I have another one that I have ordered and was hoping you could assist when this one will be completed too Appreciate the help again.... 5LMYJ8XY3LGL29855
  6. wjwolf

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I received my vin number VIN : 5LM5J7XC5LGL26327 dated 2/24/20 Based on this production schedule should I assume build week is 4/27 and allow 3 weeks to ship out....? Appreciate all the help you provide here...
  7. wjwolf

    2020 Aviator GT

    We have a Aviator GT on order and have been looking through numerous places to confirm the electrical amp ratings for the 240 volt outlet to prewire for an overhead reel for the level 2 charger, any links or information would certainty be appreciated....
  8. wjwolf

    GT Tax Credit

    Can anyone comment as to thoughts on the changes to TBD and when we could expect to have the real tax credit value? Does the new evaluations come from the federal government or an independent agency, thought as mentioned is predetermined calculations?
  9. The Blue Diamond appears to be darker then the Infinite Blue Metallic too bad that they are switching out of this color I think Blue Diamond looks very nice on the Aviator GT setup.
  10. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

    I just spoke to the dealer they have the DORA W638 order placed on 1/9 believes it could be another 2 weeks prior to receiving a vin#. Sounds like they are backed up a bit, stated that we could possibly see our amazing machine by mid April (not holding my breath) Certainly appreciate your comments here. I have an order for the Diamond Blue with Sandstone interior fully loaded with bench seat for grandkids.....Looking forward to seeing the final tax incentive figure anything north of 6k will be a blessing to us....Thanks Again
  11. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

  12. wjwolf

    Aviator GT Order

    Very nice order GT 2 weeks ago in Tampa Fl. Not getting info from the dealer on lead and ship times can someone help here....Appreciate it