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  1. Heliliamian

    Full sliding rear window

    A feature easily overlooked but man was it nice to see on the Tundra when I was looking at one.
  2. Heliliamian

    2020 Expedition?'s

    I’m with looking at a used 2018 or 2019. Used 2018 and 19 Limiteds (depending on mileage) are going anywhere from $40-$50k. im getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2019 Limited with 301a and 37k miles. Sure miles are a bit high and it’s outside of the warranty, but its going for $41k. New, as previously stated, is looking at around $68k. Youd have to like a specific package offered on a 2020 that isn’t available on 2019 or 18 models to really go after a new one.
  3. Heliliamian

    Well I guess the Bronco rumors were true...

    Not for me
  4. Heliliamian

    Need advice on buying used Car

    I’ve found benefit in searching wide for the right one. Nowadays dealers and companies are willing to deliver your vehicle to you. not sure you you feel about services like Carvana or Vroom, but something to consider as well. Example, Vroom offers a 7 day test drive and they’ll take it back if you don’t like it.
  5. Heliliamian

    New to Ford (soon)

    Hello! I’m on the hunt for a 4th gen Expedition Max and am close to purchasing. My current van isn’t cut for towing and much more then people moving and grocery hauling anymore so I need some big guns to do the hauling for me but also carry 6 people. im excited to learn more on here!