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  1. pwrcat

    2011 F-350

    I'm hearing a crinkeling sound when turning the steering wheel, any idea what this is?
  2. pwrcat

    7.3 Liter Gas

    any reviews on this new gas engine performance vs the 6.2 liter?
  3. pwrcat

    Mustang GT

    Haven't had a GT since my 1988, want one should I take the leap?
  4. pwrcat

    2020 Expedition?'s

    Wife want's a 2020, we have a 2017, pro's for the new other than they look amazing.....
  5. pwrcat

    7.3 Liter Gas

    Anyone seen one in person, driven one of these badboys yet?
  6. pwrcat

    2020 Super Duty Pick-Up Order Guide

    Ordered and waiting....
  7. pwrcat

    2020 Super Duty Towing

    my F-350 6.2 destroys my Dodge 2500 Hemi
  8. pwrcat

    2020 F-350 specs ???

    Can't wait to lean on the foot pedal of my 7.3
  9. pwrcat

    What's the holdup on 2020 deliveries???

    Hope mine isn't held up....
  10. I've got one ordered, should be delivered SOON 2020 F-350 Super Cab!!