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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Going_Going_Gone

    Dash cam app built into sync 4

    Since we're brainstorming things that we won't be likely to ever see from Ford/Lincoln, I would wish for a fused wiring plugin under the rear-view mirror mounting cover. Second "wish" would be the option to have dash cam wires run from above the rear window to under the same cover.
  2. Going_Going_Gone

    Superduty Ok to buy?

    More than likely it's probably mostly built and waiting for "parts," like cameras, key fobs, chips, etc. Hopefully you will get most of the bells and whistles you ordered on yours before Ford started removing them from certain packages. When you get a VIN, you might be able to set up your FordPass app and use the tracking feature to locate it.
  3. Going_Going_Gone

    22 Expedition Roof

    Regular or Max??
  4. Going_Going_Gone

    Intermittent Whistling noise

    Off the wall comment, does the whistle change in tone as you accelerate or decelerate...or does the airflow switch from dash vents to defrost vents w/o you doing anything? If so, it may be a vacuum leak to the blend door or thereabouts.
  5. Going_Going_Gone

    Build Error from Plant. How can this be? Really?

    Looking on the positive side, you got your vehicle delivered with 99% of everything you ordered whereas many who ordered six to eight months back were put in the position of having certain options deleted or delayed production of their vehicle for an indeterminate time until those parts, usually chips, became available.. Granted having to take your vehicle in to have a caliper swapped out is aggravating, but at least you had the vehicle in your possession while waiting for the correct part. Not so much in recent years, but I've seen many goof-ups on vehicles in dealer lots including a Chevy truck with a GMC steering wheel center, and an Oldsmobile (I know I'm dating myself here) with a Cutlass S emblem on one side of the roof and a Cutlass Supreme emblem on the other. I'm pretty sure that none of these were permanent or affected the vehicle's use and a red caliper won't stop any faster/shorter than a gray one, just look "cooler."
  6. Going_Going_Gone

    22 Platinum Delivered

    Sharp looking vehicle.
  7. Going_Going_Gone

    Orange Peel Paint

    What color? Our '21 in Pristine White has a very smooth finish. The amazing thing to me is how all of the plastic painted parts (bumper covers, gas filler door) are perfect matches to the body paint unlike our White Platinum Tricoat MKX
  8. Going_Going_Gone

    Steel Shelving

    Nice garage and everything within. For anybody reading this who may be in the market...my sons and I all have steel shelving from Costco in our garages. The nice thing about those shelves is that the posts can accept shelves on either side rather than having two posts for each shelf setup. This allowed us to buy two boxed sets (total of four posts and eight ea. 8' shelves) and attach them together in one continuous piece, three shelves wide. Arranging three shelves in each of two sections is the perfect height for the yellow and black storage tubs you can buy everywhere stacked two-high, and placing the remaining two shelves in the third section allowed space to store my generator and pressure washer under a shelf in the middle of the posts, my chop saw and other bulky "stuff" on top of the middle shelf, and the last shelf is set level with the top shelves in the adjacent two sections. We have found the best time to buy them was in January when all of the organizing "stuff" goes on sale. I imagine that the cost of them has skyrocketed lately, like every other steel product, so count yourself lucky to already have yours.
  9. Going_Going_Gone

    Chevy Blazer Refresh

    I'm seeing some potential blind spots in this design. BLIS should compensate for the C-pillar bulk, but the A-pillar is still pretty large for a smaller vehicle.
  10. Going_Going_Gone

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    My wife's Aviator has those seats. Being smaller in stature, she was able to set them exactly as she wanted, as I have not heard her complain--about the seats or the entry height as she prefers to sit up higher, and she's never been shy about making her feelings known. It does seem to me that both of our vehicles (Aviator and Expedition) could stand a little more cushioning in the seats which I would guess have to be that way to accommodate the cooling feature. If it's a tradeoff to have cooled seats in AZ, it's something I can live with.
  11. Going_Going_Gone

    2020-2021 Rear Bumper Trim

    I suppose it goes with the other stain less trim you've installed around the windows and the filer cap, but it's not for me It would scratch easier than the clear coat on the bumper cover and would be harder to repair. We have PPF on the top of our rear bumper cover and on all four door sills.
  12. Going_Going_Gone

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Learned the hard way, but the painted 22" rims, they can be repaired and repainted a whole lot easier than the polished ones. The tire, not so easy. Both look better when clean
  13. Going_Going_Gone

    FordPass Connect/Lincoln Way Upgrade

    Since an upgrade is in the works...does anyone know if we ever could or will soon be able to have two different iPhones connected to LincolnWay for the same vehicle...kinda like how Sync accepts two phones? When we bought our current Lincoln, the LincolnWay system was "down," and the salesman wasn't able to connect either phone. Since then my wife has connected hers with the assistance of Lincoln concierge. I have not tried since because I don't know if I can add the app to my phone without cancelling out hers. It's not a big deal as I hardly drive her car, just curious.
  14. Going_Going_Gone

    Lincoln quality control who is in charge ?

    Thinking back, we had a lot of problems with our 2011 MKX w/MyLincolnTouch...almost all of them were related to electronics, not all failed under warranty, and it went through batteries like no one's business . So far, our 2021 Aviator has had only one issue with Sync where sometimes there would be a black screen and the GPS would show current location on the Home Screen, but could not be programmed. When it was delivered back to us, the paperwork shows "corrected" with a reset. Basically I wait for the wife to complain about things, you know, like they're all MY fault. So far, she has not mentioned the problems I've been reading about on the Internet (knock on wood). Meanwhile, our 2019 Expedition has been flawless (also knock on wood).