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  1. I usually try to order our new vehicles to get exactly what we want; but the wife had an X-Plan PIN and received a PCO near the end of 2020, so we walked a Lincoln dealer's lot on a day they were closed That did it--she wanted one and didn't want to wait eight weeks or more. She had to have a Reserve in Pristine White with the Roast interior and there were none available. We ended up locking in a deal on a 2021 I spotted in the search dealer inventory section of the X-Plan site the day it appeared as an ordered vehicle. That was in January. Now, there are even fewer vehicles from which to choose, and I'm not sure that X-Plan would be honored on scarce units either. Crazy times!
  2. Going_Going_Gone

    Aviator Running Boards

    Like most Ford fixed steps/running boards, it looks to me that they are very tight to the rocker panel requiring dexterity to safely use them for entry and exit. Even using the running board to enter/exit, you'd probably want to use a grab handle too. The handle above the door is semi-awkward to use. If I were asked, I would have placed the grab handle on the A-pillar. Using a front seat passenger for illustration; it is far easier to grasp a grab bar on the A-pillar with your right hand and lift up your butt over the seat edge than it is to reach above the center of the door opening where, regardless of which hand you use, your arm has to twist oddly. More or less the same on exit...unless you just slide off the seat edge
  3. Going_Going_Gone

    Ford Vehicle Ordering & Scheduling Process

    Regarding the lengthy waiting period for our son's ordered F-150... Ordered: Feb. 10 VIN Assigned: April 13 Build: week of June 7th
  4. Going_Going_Gone

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Thank you ice-capades. I'll pass your response on to him.
  5. Going_Going_Gone

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    As a number of knowledgeable people seem to be following this thread, I'll pose this question here. Has F-150 production been so badly affected by Covid, the Texas freeze, chip shortages, and/or every other supply chain glitch that Ford is not accepting ordered vehicles for production. One of our sons placed an order in mid-February for a '21 F-150 Platinum 4X4 loaded to the max. Every time he inquires about it, his salesman keeps telling him that they're still waiting on Ford to "accept" his order. Could the cause be that certain options are scarce or unavailable, are dealers having allocations rationed, or?
  6. Going_Going_Gone

    2022 Lincoln Aviator Production Information

    Even after production starts, new model-year vehicles generally are not shipped until a pre-determined time frame passes during which completed vehicles leaving the line are deemed to be "satisfactory." Then, with vehicles being built pending chips etc,, who knows what the waiting period would/could be. Your advantage is that you are price-locked in the event that the '22s incur a price increase and you will not take a year's depreciation until after the first full year of ownership. Hopefully Lincoln won't continue to downgrade Aviator content again in '22. And, priority 10 is the best a dealer can assign to a vehicle. Ordering a vehicle is very different in the days of chip shortages. One of my sons placed an order for a 2021 F-150 Platinum pickup in February, and that vehicle order has yet to be picked up by the factory for production. It could be a supply or dealer allotment issue, but going on two months is a real stretch.
  7. Going_Going_Gone

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    As a youthful Oldsmobile fan, my two favorite colors from yesteryear are Mayfair Maize, a pale yellow from 1969, and Bittersweet from 1971. My first NEW car was a 1971 Olds Cutlass hardtop in Bittersweet with Sienna interior. I would have ordered it in yellow, but Olds didn't offer anything that I liked--until the following year. Then 15- years of a variety of white vehicles followed by 21-years of red Ford trucks; but now both our vehicles are white: White Platinum Tricot and Pristine White. Probably the best colors for Arizona as they don't show the dust much or get blistering hot.
  8. Going_Going_Gone

    Explorer King Ranch

    We considered waiting on the King Ranch Explorer for the interior color (not black, not sandstone), but were disappointed to see that they maintained the same exterior look as the other Explorers. It is too bad that Ford doesn't try to give the pricier Explorer models a cleaner/more upscale look like the Lincoln Aviator. With the King Ranch Explorer off the list, we ended up buying a 2021 Aviator Reserve II with the Roast interior before it even hit the dealer's lot.
  9. Going_Going_Gone

    Aviator Pricing

    I'd been searching for over two months for an Aviator for my wife. She had an X-Plan PIN and specific demands for color and equipment. We were almost ready to order when I found one on the dealer's website as an "inbound" vehicle and began email negotiations with the sales manager that sold us her last Lincoln. Starting at X-Plan, we still tried to negotiate a lower price. He said the lowest he would go was X-Plan (plus a $1K factory incentive) for two reasons: first, Aviators are their best-selling vehicle and new units are either sold right after arriving or even before as with our purchase; and second, given the chip situation, they probably weren't going to get as many more as they could sell. The day we went in to pick it up, he told us that he already had two parties interested in buying it if we didn't. It is a sweet vehicle; and, unlike my Expedition, the hands-free lift gate actually works like its supposed to! Happy wife...
  10. Going_Going_Gone

    replacing mirror cap on 2020 navigator

    If it is like previous mirrors, you have to "pop" the glass loose from the power adjustment motor to have access to the attachment screws etc. Now if you had zero-deductible glass coverage and the mirror itself was damaged, it could be an insurance claim.
  11. Going_Going_Gone

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    I guess we're in a Ford rut... My Fords have been: Wifes: 5 Children's Ford vehicles: 1985 Bronco 1999 Taurus 1988 Mustang Convertible 2006 F-150 Screw 4X4 2018 F-150 Screw 4X4 1993 Taurus SHO 2011 Lincoln MKX 1997 Thunderbird 2006 F-150 Screw 4X4 2018 F-250 Lariat diesel crew 4X4 1996 Thunderbird (separated by 2 1998 Explorer 2009 Ranger 2019 Raptor Crew 1998 F-150 4X4 Scab Nissan Maximas 2001 Mustang GT 2010 Lincoln MKX 2020 F-350 Platinum diesel crew 4X4 2003 F-250 4X4 diesel crew and a Mazda CX-9) 2001 Ranger 4X4 Scab 2011 F-150 Lariat Screw 4X4 2020 F-150 Lariat Screw 4X4 2010 F-150 4X4 Screw 2001 Eddie Bauer Expedition 2011 F-150 Platinum 4X4 2020 Explorer ST ...and... 2019 Expedition Limited 2005 F-150 Lariat Screw 4X4 2013 Edge Sport 2005 Volvo and 2006 Mazda CX-9 (when owned by Ford)
  12. Going_Going_Gone

    Mid-Year Pricing Actions

    Thanks for the clarification. We learned our lesson about meager early model-year incentives when we ordered our Expedition the week the order banks opened...but sometimes you buy the exact vehicle you want at the time you need it and you take whatever discounts there are. We have specific wants, but we don't need a new vehicle yet, now so time is on our side. Lastly, the valuable information provided by members such as yourself, enables us to know more about the product than a typical salesperson usually does.
  13. Going_Going_Gone

    Mid-Year Pricing Actions

    Was looking..last week; when, to clear out the 2020s Lincoln offered $4,000 in rebates and 0% for 48 months financing which got my interest up, but nothing meeting our needs was available. I will be interested to see if the YTD sales figures justify a price increase, or whether it will take more cash-back to ramp up sales. Might be back looking when they have their next special event. Nicest thing about not actually needing to buy, is the ability to wait them out...or buy something else.
  14. Going_Going_Gone

    Is 2.0 engine adequate in Nautilus?

    My opinion (and I get it about "opinions") is that the Nautilus should have something bigger like maybe the 2.3 as the base engine, if for nothing else than to differentiate it from the Edge, performance-wise. The (former) MKX came with the 3.7na engine while the Edge came with the 3.5 na, not that there was a huge difference in performance but it gave you something additional when stepping up to the Lincoln. The 2.0 is probably better matched to the Escape/Corsair and considering that the 2.3 is an upgrade in the Corsair, it has the flexibility of being offered in different platforms. Now getting back to AWD, when you wear out or incur damage to less than a complete set of tires, you are more-or-less coerced into buying a set of four as the Ford/Lincoln dealers and most of the bigger tire chains (Discount etc.) will insist upon it. We were considering a Nautilus, but ruled it out as a potential future orphan and because we neither want nor need AWD, but would appreciate more performance than the 2.0 w/o the AWD requirement.
  15. Going_Going_Gone

    Heater duct door switching problem

    Google "Ford Taurus Blend Door Repair" Lotsa good info available.