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  1. Going_Going_Gone

    2020 F-250

    Son is shopping for a 350 right now. He's been told six to eight weeks from order acceptance. They didn't say if "acceptance" means an order that is successfully placed, or one Ford has actually entered into the production schedule.
  2. Going_Going_Gone

    2020 Super Duty Production Information

    Assuming that the order bank really does "open" next Wednesday, it's going to be a difficult process for anyone to put an order together w/o the order guides in hand. Any new (timeline) information would be appreciated as I have a son who is chomping at the bit to order one.
  3. Going_Going_Gone

    Gladiator: Ike Gauntlet

    I kept hearing Andre say how well it drove, yet the video showed the vehicle wandering over the white lines on both sides. With big rigs around, that makes for white-knuckle driving for most people.
  4. That is world class irony, a car maker with a long-standing reputation for electrical gremlins going to all-electric.
  5. Going_Going_Gone

    Anyone with an auto transport recommendation?

    I believe it was New Prague Ford...BTW, in further negotiations with Jones Ford, they matched that price.
  6. Going_Going_Gone

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    Well, after four months of waiting , it finally arrived. Vin # label in door jamb is dated 10/18, window sticker is dated 10/26, vehicle arrived at dealer on 11/23 but we were out of town picked it up yesterday y.
  7. Going_Going_Gone

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    When I used it, it didn't show much progress beyond check in the order placed circle...however, at the end of that row of progress indicators, it showed an expected arrival date.
  8. Going_Going_Gone

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    This one: https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking#/
  9. Going_Going_Gone

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    Salesman called today. He said it's due in the day after Thanksgiving, Ford's tracking website says first week in December.
  10. Going_Going_Gone

    2018 vs 2019 Pricing - Platinum Edition

    Sticker URL: http://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?token=yJqA4qDUypIKzvmjyZCseR6dnX0m6jlsy5db8mDD4IuF%2BAKHeN3v3MakLjcVFycohGLzCxDazsdH5uAJBfQPVLv5lRCAGFB648wTo%2B15SJwq1aPUpJ7Yp0IMSQuY1%2FIFW62KUnTK9p9%2BWsGnNt28II9tUyZl6xaQwLDidLsrFe8%3D
  11. Going_Going_Gone

    2018 vs 2019 Pricing - Platinum Edition

    I did an X-Plan search in your area. X-Plan on a (White Platinum paint) 2018 Platinum Max 4X4 with HD Towing and 2nd row buckets is $76,276 (and that's including the $3,250 rebate). That's on a vehicle with a MSRP of $83,185. Vehicle is at Beechmont Ford. You might be able to do better, but with a trade, get ready to play some games.
  12. Isn't the help on this forum great?
  13. Going_Going_Gone

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    According to ice-capades' latest post, production on the 2019s was supposed to begin on Monday. I have had one on order since early August. My assumption has been that initial production always starts out with dealer stock units for a period of time and, once there are no production glitches then they can start including customer orders into the mix. Before I bug my salesman for a VIN# or scheduling date, can some insider educate me on how things are going?
  14. Going_Going_Gone

    2018 F-150 Raptor Photos

    Must be a lot of well-off customers around there, with "money is no object" mentalities.