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  1. Going_Going_Gone

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Learned the hard way, but the painted 22" rims, they can be repaired and repainted a whole lot easier than the polished ones. The tire, not so easy. Both look better when clean
  2. Going_Going_Gone

    Mandatory Employee Vax Reporting

  3. Going_Going_Gone

    FordPass Connect/Lincoln Way Upgrade

    Since an upgrade is in the works...does anyone know if we ever could or will soon be able to have two different iPhones connected to LincolnWay for the same vehicle...kinda like how Sync accepts two phones? When we bought our current Lincoln, the LincolnWay system was "down," and the salesman wasn't able to connect either phone. Since then my wife has connected hers with the assistance of Lincoln concierge. I have not tried since because I don't know if I can add the app to my phone without cancelling out hers. It's not a big deal as I hardly drive her car, just curious.
  4. Going_Going_Gone

    Lincoln quality control who is in charge ?

    Thinking back, we had a lot of problems with our 2011 MKX w/MyLincolnTouch...almost all of them were related to electronics, not all failed under warranty, and it went through batteries like no one's business . So far, our 2021 Aviator has had only one issue with Sync where sometimes there would be a black screen and the GPS would show current location on the Home Screen, but could not be programmed. When it was delivered back to us, the paperwork shows "corrected" with a reset. Basically I wait for the wife to complain about things, you know, like they're all MY fault. So far, she has not mentioned the problems I've been reading about on the Internet (knock on wood). Meanwhile, our 2019 Expedition has been flawless (also knock on wood).
  5. Going_Going_Gone

    Navigation feature just "disappeared"

    As it turned out, the problem with the navigation was corrected. Paperwork showed a "Master Reset of the Sync System" was performed. Why this was not attempted on the first (three-hour) service appointment, who knows; but at any rate, it seems to be working as intended again. The "black screen" situation could not be replicated and did not leave any codes behind.
  6. Going_Going_Gone

    Who waxes their cars?

    I can't wax my vehicles like I used to in the past, so I gave away my random-orbit buffer to my youngest son. Age and arthritis have more or less forced me into relying on the car wash for cleaning and paint protection. However, a month or so ago, I got real motivated and hand washed, clay barred, and applied Meguiar's Ceramic Wax to the Aviator and the Expedition. Probably not going to do that again but, so far so good.
  7. Going_Going_Gone

    Navigation feature just "disappeared"

    That's encouraging.
  8. Going_Going_Gone

    Navigation feature just "disappeared"

    For what it's worth to anyone with issues like ours--Scheduled a service visit to address complaints. Specifically, no map on the Home Screen, blank screen, screen defaulting to eight rectangles with touch selections that don't respond and no ability to restore Home Screen, and finally the Home Screen returns with a circled gps with diagonal line through it in lower left quadrant of screen. Two hours at dealer and they tried loading a Sync update which they said would cure the blank screen issues but we had to leave to get grandson to Dr. appointment and the screen was frozen with the eight rectangles. We will be taking it back because the GPS hardware is stowed in the driver's side rear fender area and no time to tear into while we waited. We'll wait until they have a loaner available and have them pick up at home and take their time figuring out the issue(s).IMG_5660.HEIC
  9. Going_Going_Gone

    Navigation feature just "disappeared"

    bbf2530, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. My "shot in the dark" subheading was me hoping that someone else had experienced that same issue, took theirs in for service. and could relate what the actual fix was. Apparently this is just one of those odd electronic gremlins. We do intend on making a service appointment to have this looked into--hopefully without the dreaded "unable to duplicate" on the service order. Problem is that there are three Lincoln dealers in the Phoenix metro area, none of them are near us, the closest one doesn't like to do warranty work on vehicles they didn't sell, and ours is the farthest away. We'll most likely schedule a pick-up appointment with our dealer and, by the time it can be scheduled, the vehicle will be due for its next service appointment and we can kill two birds. Generally we just go to the Ford dealer for routine service and wait.
  10. Going_Going_Gone

    Navigation feature just "disappeared"

    Well, thanks for looking anyways. As was the case when the Nav. "disappeared," just as suddenly it "reappeared" and has been working for two days now. Our Aviator may not be as trouble-free as we had hoped...but hopefully better than those having constant issues.
  11. Our nearly new 2021 Aviator lost the navigation function. Just before it ceased to appear on the screen, it would give wrong location and wrong directions--then NOTHING. I'd try posting on the Lincoln Owners website, but I never registered there because it seems to be populated by people who don't have the overall knowledge base of the members on this website. And, on edit, it does not do a forced reboot by pressing the "power" and "seek up" buttons simultaneously.
  12. Going_Going_Gone

    Extended Warranty / Maintenance Plans - Worth it?

    Never felt the need to buy one until lately. There is just too much problematic "stuff" on these newer vehicles supplied by the lowest bidders. If you plan on keeping yours beyond the initial warranty period, one moonroof or turbo claim issue can repay your cost. FWIW, we bought our ESP (on the Aviator) through Ziegler and it showed up right away on the Lincoln app. The ESP (on my Expedition) was bought through Flood and has never linked up to our Ford Pass app. I'm sure Ford has records; but just in case, I carry copy of the paperwork in glovebox.
  13. Going_Going_Gone

    2022 Aviator 202A Equipment Group?

    Ours has the 210-A package. It is no longer offered in '22.
  14. Going_Going_Gone

    2022 Aviator 202A Equipment Group?

    Specced out a '22 vehicle as close as could be done on the build and price to our '21Aviator II monochrome and it came out over $2.000 more. The '22 with all the packages needed to make an equipment match did include phone-as-key, heads-up display and wireless phone charger which probably accounts for the increase.
  15. Going_Going_Gone

    Trade Values at Lincoln Dealers

    We traded a very clean, accident free 2011 MKX with 125K miles on a new Aviator (X-Plan). Brought in a print offer to buy from Carmax, and Lincoln dealer matched it--no hassle. Didn't bother going on KBB or Edmunds as they haven't been realistic for years.