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  1. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    Are you saying MAP builds Rangers for Mexico or that Map built the one raced at Baja or both? 😉😁 Just kidding on that second part. Read on.... As proof here's a quote from the Ford Performance website: “The truck was built by Kelly Racing in Australia, arrived on a plane in California and we headed straight to Johnson Valley for testing with final prep support from our good friends at Huseman Engineering. All the guys who drove it were impressed with it but being right-hand drive we all needed a little reprogramming for what it’s like to be driving on the other side of the truck and not smoke the opposite side against the rocks."
  2. And if you look at the timeline (past 20 years) that pretty much aligns with the Big Al's self proclaimed invention of the internet. Everyone with access has the ability to be misinformed by unscrupulous "writers" who either have an agenda to push and/or just want more clicks.
  3. blksn8k2

    Ford to enter F1 with Red Bull?

    How long before F1 goes EV? I'm only asking because I don't pay any attention to it anymore. Too political...
  4. blksn8k2

    Ford's Disaster: The Pinto

    I bought the car used. I won't tell you how low the price was because it would make both of us sick. They were just another used car back then and muscle cars had gone out of favor by then. The only part I still have from that car is the oil cooler. Stupid thing is probably worth a couple grand. And, yes, I saw the Mecum broadcast. Mine was Black Jade, same color as the one that sold for $475K. BTW, according to Mecum's website the final price for Lot# T149 after adding in all the fees was $522,500. Pretty sure the black car crossed the block for $425K. I was looking through some old paperwork a few days ago and came across a Pennsylvania registration card dated June 25 1973 for the one I had. The 5th character of the VIN is the letter "Z" which denotes the 429 4V Boss engine.
  5. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    Had to try don't you know. 😉
  6. Billy Griffin won in GSX in Race 1 and 2 this weekend at Daytona. He started the new GT4 spec Mustang on the pole both days but fell back to third on the first lap in both races before retaking the lead. https://racer.com/2023/01/22/goldburg-griffin-get-imsa-vp-challenge-sweeps-at-daytona/ BTW, Jim Farley finished 12th in Saturday's race in another GT4 Mustang.
  7. While watching this test of the Aussie version of the Raptor, besides the awesome performance capabilities, I was surprised to see that the rear seat base not only folds up but you also have the option to fold the seat back down. Would be nice if the seat or at least the seat back were split but it's not a show stopper either. Not sure if the rear seat design is a Raptor only feature or if it will be available on all models. Does the current model have a similar rear seat design?
  8. blksn8k2

    Ford's Disaster: The Pinto

    My one and only Pinto was a '72 Squire wagon, wood grain and all. I bought that when the first oil crisis hit and gas shot up to over $1/gal. My other car at the time was a Black Jade '69 Boss 429 with a 4.56:1 rear axle. Not exactly an economy car. Once fuel prices stabilized I yanked the 4 cyl, 4-speed drive train out of the Pinto and replaced that with a 289 2V and C4 auto along with the rear axle from a '65 Mustang. The fuel mileage really wasn't much worse than with the 4 banger. That eventually got replaced by a 290 hp 351W 4V and toploader 4-speed out of a '69 Torino GT. That definitely hurt the fuel mileage but the fun factor was out of sight! 😁
  9. I assume you meant '70. By '71 Ford had moved on to the Boss 351....
  10. Lack of any major styling changes doesn't seem to hinder Wrangler sales. If anything, that signature look is one of the things that has made it so popular.
  11. blksn8k2

    Punkin Patch Plow

    Now I'm ready. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....
  12. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    Didn't realize Ford built anything in Columbia or Vietnam. So is MAP actually building 2024 prototypes yet?
  13. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    So who else currently builds LH drive versions?
  14. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    https://www.fordmuscle.com/news/ford-performance-sends-ranger-raptor-into-baja-1000-battle/ I'm assuming this was a left-hand drive version which begs the question which plant would this have come from? South Africa or does Thailand build both RH and LH?
  15. blksn8k2

    Cup Champ

    Congrats to Joey Lagano and Team Penske on their 2022 NASCAR Cup championship!