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  1. So what about the fact that the front suspension was moved forward by almost two inches and the track width was increased by about the same amount on the 2024? Wouldn't those changes require at the very least different mounting points for the front suspension? If the frame itself is not wider in the front then they would have to use longer control arms in order to increase the track width. The Nano V6s have the turbos attached directly to the cylinder heads, I.E. no separate exhaust manifolds. By not having exhaust manifolds I suppose you could save a little width but it would be more than made up for by the size of the turbos hanging way down there. I wish now that I had looked a little closer at the Ranger Raptor at Carlisle to see exactly where those turbos are placed. I suppose they could be above the frame rails which would go along with Fuzzy's point about the fender aprons having been changed. But the point is that a V6 with turbos hanging off the sides is a much wider beast than any inline engine used in the previous gen Ranger. Keep in mind that international markets also have the option of the 3.0L Powerstroke Diesel V6. Here's a photo of the 2.7 setup from the F-150 which is probably different from the Ranger but at least you can see how the turbos are attached.
  2. Got to see and sit in a 2024 Ranger Raptor at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA on Saturday, June 3rd. I was also able to talk to Ford Performance chief engineer Carl Widmann. Anyone who is seriously considering this truck is probably already aware of its performance capabilities. While all of that is great and I hate boring vehicles just as much as anyone, I am just as concerned about its livability. After all, this might be my next daily driver. I was pleasantly surprised by the seating comfort both front and rear. Much better than I expected. Awesome truck overall and it looks fantastic in Magnetic! BTW, I think Carl was a little pissed when I asked him to demonstrate the folding capabilities of the rear seat. He was probably thinking why is this jackass even interested in this thing. I didn't want to ruin it by telling him what my other vehicles were. LOL.
  3. Pretty sure Ford has already said the 2.7 will be available on the XLT and Lariat. I doubt you will ever see a moonroof as the current cab, which seems to be almost a carryover from the previous gen, was probably never designed to accommodate one. Does anyone know if any of the body or frame parts are sourced outside of North America?
  4. I was a bit shocked when I had a message from the local dealer this past Saturday reminding me that the RR is now available for ordering. I had talked to them almost a year ago about the possibility of getting a Raptor. At the time they told me that because I was the first to ask them about it they would give me first shot at getting one of their allocations. After that amount of time I wasn't really expecting the call. I guess the fact that they kept my contact info at all is a good omen... I finally took the time to get back to the salesman today. He told me that so far their dealership has not been told whether or not they will get any Raptors from the first run. He did say, however, that the best they could do at this point would be to go ahead and place an order and see what happens. I told him I would try to stop in sometime next week. He also said that they do not require a deposit on orders and that if I decided not to take the truck it would simply be put on the lot. Not sure if I'm believing this part but he also said that they do not add markups to retail orders but if I decided not to take the truck and it goes on their lot then they would most likely add a markup. If I do decide to place an order it will probably be in Velocity Blue with the only option being the spray-in bed liner. I also gave him a short description of my '18 F-150 and told him that I have no good reason not to keep it since it is really well optioned and just turned 37k miles. The original MSRP on it was $56,450 or just about the same as the base price of a new Ranger Raptor. The more I think about it if I did decide to buy something new I would probably be leaning more toward an F-150 Tremor with the 5.0L. I did a cross-country trip this past weekend through the mountains of North Central PA and my truck averaged 22.0 mpg with the 5.0L and 3.73:1 axle ratio. A Ranger Raptor would never do that and my all aluminum body shows zero signs of corrosion after four PA winters. That alone is a huge deal for me.
  5. I'd be happy with something similar to the '23 Ranger Tremor but with the 2.7L as an option. After seeing what the current options are for the '24 Ranger, if I were to order a new truck today it would probably be an F-150 Tremor with the V8. I really like what I have seen of the Ranger Raptor but I just couldn't justify the expected out-the-door price knowing that I could buy an F-150 Tremor that fits my needs so much better and for probably similar money considering the tacked on ADMs that the Ranger Raptor will surely have. If I want to go places where an F-150 can't I can do that in my '75 Bronco.
  6. $3.59 in my home town which is in PA, the land of road taxes.
  7. Me likey. So the engine tag on the pre-production Raptor from a few weeks back was accurate...we did get the 2.7. Awesome! I'm in no hurry to ditch the F-150 so I'm willing to wait to see if the Tremor comes back. Would be nice if they added a moonroof and rear seat HVAC vents but those are not deal breakers. I seldom use the moonroof on the F-150 and I don't sit in the back seat when I'm driving. I do have my name at the top of the list for the Raptor at a local dealer so I will investigate that option as well. I don't think $58k is outrageous for what you are getting but ADMs will likely be the killer.
  8. I won't be shocked if they don't since they have never used the same engine in both the F-150 and Ranger in the past.
  9. By "turbo V6 factor" are you referring to the Raptor only or does that include the 2.7L V6 in other trims? If it does then I might be more interested. I don't expect the Raptor to be produced until a few months after the lesser models and I do fully expect dealers will be charging markups on the Raptor due to limited availability. Because of those issues I'm leaning more towards either an XLT or Lariat with the Tremor package but only if it's available with the 2.7. I really don't NEED a new truck right now and by the time I do gasoline will be an illegal substance anyway so getting me to trade anytime soon is going to take something at least a little bit special and at a reasonable price, if such a thing exists.
  10. The 2.7L and 3.0L NANO V6s use a CGI block but the rest of the engine's major components are already aluminum including the lower engine "girdle". I doubt there would be much weight savings in replacing the cylinder block. Would it really be worth saving a few pounds on an already proven design while spending a ton of money on engineering. etc.? Because of the fact that the Ranger and Bronco are built on the same assembly line and share the same basic chassis I would expect the Ranger to get the same versions of whatever engines are also available in the Bronco. That may or may not include the 2.7L and that doesn't even mean the Ranger Raptor will get the same tune on it's rumored 3.0L EB as is used in the Bronco Raptor. Since Ford hasn't yet officially said we are getting a '24 Ranger no one other than some of the people who actually work for Ford or its suppliers know the real answers to any of that.
  11. So what happened with the rumored April 17th '24 Ranger reveal date? Any new guesses? Will it now be combined with the supposed May 26th opening of order banks?
  12. Here's the response I received today from a Roush sales rep: At this time we have not got any plans for a 2024 ROUSH Ranger due to several availability and engineering issues that we see with the new design. This could change as time gets closer but as of now, the 2022 ROUSH Ranger will be our last year with that platform. Maybe when these crazy times due to inability to get this parts supply chain fixed, things may change. Not too encouraging at all. 😦 Would be curious to see what the sales figures for the current Roush Ranger were. My guess is they were not high enough to warrant tooling up for new parts for a new model that may be in short supply anyway.
  13. Exactly. Knowing how long it has taken Raptor versions of other models to be released and their limited availability, I had another thought about the 2024 Ranger. I know Roush Performance has their version of the current Ranger and I assume they will also do their own take on the 2024. So I just filled out a dealer contact form on the Roush website. Should be interesting to see what they have planned, if anything, for the 2024 Ranger. My guess is that Roush dealers probably have little or nothing yet on the 2024 but it won't hurt to at least get in contact with one of their dealers. Here's a photo of the current gen Roush Ranger from their website:
  14. The point is that the F-series is the do everything truck in the North American market. Neither the Ranger nor the Maverick will ever be marketed that way unless fuel prices get high enough to sway enough buyers away from full-size trucks.