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  1. I could see Ford staying away from offering both IFS and SFA as factory options simply because of the amount of engineering required to make both versions. For example, wouldn't both systems have to be designed and tested to meet frontal crash safety standards? If they are okay with IFS on the Ranger Raptor then it should be acceptable on the Bronco as well. Doing otherwise would be like offering a solid rear axle option on the Mustang just to appease the drag racing crowd. It's not as simple as it was back in the day when they sold separate Mustang models with both and racers could slap a GT rear axle assembly under a Cobra.
  2. And BTW, I have no problem with there being both 2-door and 4-door versions of the new Bronco. If I were in the market for one I would probably go for the 4-door just because it would be more practical. If having a 4-door version is what it took to bring this vehicle to market then so be it. I obviously don't need another 2-door anyway. 😜
  3. I'm a little late to the party but are you referring to these? All 1st gen Broncos with the exception of the '66 Roadster had external door hinges just like my '75.
  4. The F-150, or at least the 5.0L in my particular F-150, uses dual electric cooling fans.
  5. blksn8k2

    Musical Chairs at Team Penske

    Perhaps you misunderstood my statement. I said "All three drivers and their respective spotters will switch teams within the organization." What I meant by that was that the spotters are moving and staying with the same drivers. I guess we'll see how all this works out but I don't think Roush had much success with similar moves.
  6. Somewhat major changes at Penske for 2020. All three drivers and their respective spotters will switch teams within the organization. Lagano will get Keselowski's old team, Keselowski gets Blaney's and Blaney gets Lagano's. https://www.teampenske.com/news/index.cfm/c/696/54099/Team_and_Crew_Chief_Changes_Announced_for_2020_
  7. blksn8k2

    Mustang GT Engine Cover

    The question was asked on F150forum.com if the engine cover from a 2018 or newer Mustang GT 5.0L would fit on the same engine in a 2018 or newer F-150. Since no one else seemed to know the answer I decided to give it a shot. While I was at it I also decided to replace the ugly-assed factory air intake tube with a Spectre polished CAI. Not only does it look better IMO but it also provided more space for the Mustang engine cover. I also had to replace two of the factory PCV lines with more flexible hoses due to interference with the engine cover. I just happened to have a couple of new Goodyear High Miler blue hoses left-over from another project that were the right size. Here is the result:
  8. blksn8k2

    7.3 Liter Gas

    Interesting that 5 Star made the comment about tire size not affecting dyno numbers. I suppose that's true but it sure as heck makes a difference in the real world. If the only thing you change is tire diameter and by a significantly larger amount your vehicle will react as though you installed a numerically lower axle ratio gear set. It will feel as though it lost power which it technically did because you drastically changed the effective final drive ratio. The only way to get some of the power back would be to install a numerically higher axle ratio gear set. It's all about torque multiplication. Changing the gear ratio will help but there will still be more rolling resistance, aero drag, etc.
  9. blksn8k2

    Hailie Deegan Switches to Ford

    DiBenedetto is one tough dude. I used to go to Bristol every year for the spring race. Takes a lot of endurance to be there at the end. He reminds me of a Rusty Wallace type driver.
  10. blksn8k2

    Iron Block Coyote

    According to these guys Ford is calling this the "Werewolf" engine block. https://www.fordmuscle.com/features/pri-coverage/pri-2019-ford-performance-releases-the-werewolf-iron-coyote-block/
  11. blksn8k2

    Hailie Deegan Switches to Ford

    Notice that I didn't say female only. I have already seen at least one youtube "expert" that said there were other young male drivers with more talent that deserve a shot more than she does. I've seen her race in the K&N series and she is no slouch. I just hope they put her with the right teams. Another rumor floating around is that Harvick had something to do with getting Ford involved. IMO this is one of the best moves Ford Performance has made in a while. Another good move was Matt DiBenedetto signing with the Wood Brothers.
  12. blksn8k2

    Iron Block Coyote

    I don't think this is intended for trucks. 🤣 Although I wouldn't object to Ford using an iron block Coyote in the F-150. Couldn't be much noisier than the AL version.
  13. blksn8k2

    Iron Block Coyote

    As the Ford rep said in the video, this is mostly for drag racers who want to push the horsepower envelope with twin turbos, etc. It would be overkill for us normal folk. But I could also see this becoming part of the Cobra Jet package. The other interesting possibility is if and when NASCAR switches to the rumored overhead cam engine. NASCAR spec engine anyone? Wouldn't THAT be a kick in GM's pants?
  14. blksn8k2

    Hailie Deegan Switches to Ford

    The critics have and will continue to say that there are other young drivers with more talent that deserve a chance too but the fact is that none of them have the potential to bring in new fans that she will have.
  15. I haven't seen any mention of this but doesn't it seem a little coincidental that this announcement was made shortly after the passage of the USMCA in the House of Representatives?