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  1. I considered doing a leveling kit on my '18 F-150 but thought better of it. At the time I was also considering switching the wheels and tires to a set of Raptor take-offs. The 34.4" diameter BFG's from the Raptor will not fit the front of a standard F-150 without lifting the front suspension a minimum of 2". Although it would have looked cool it would not be practical for the type of use my truck sees. Highway ride, handling, performance and fuel economy would have all suffered not to mention what I would consider an unsafe condition when towing. Here is my leveling kit:
  2. I have tried to view the second page of one older thread and one forum page with no success. As soon as I pick page 2 of either one I get a "LOADING" prompt but nothing ever happens beyond that point. What's up with that?
  3. blksn8k2

    Bet on SHR

    SHR qualifies 1-2-3-4 at Vegas with Bowyer on the pole. Harvick had the pole and won the race last week at Indy. Hopefully they can maintain their dominance throughout the playoffs. Heck, even Cole Custer upheld the SHR standard by winning the pole for this weekend's Xfinity race.
  4. On the electric car subject, I was hoping to read more about the supporting infrastructure but saw little if anything. I suppose that was not the focus of this article but it is an incredibly important aspect of the whole "electrification" process. Being in a flyover part of the country I have difficulty seeing the practicality of BEV's. Many trips are going to exceed 300 miles per day and recharging batteries seems to be a stretch. The technology will have to improve dramatically before BEV's can become the dominant platform, at least in my neighborhood. For the time being, hybrids make so much more sense.
  5. blksn8k2

    4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?

    The 2018/19 Coyote in the F-150 certainly makes impressive power but there are times when the damn thing sounds more like a freaking diesel. Usually when cold but not always. Not very confidence inspiring and not very impressive to anyone within hearing distance which is about thirty feet. How any manufacturer can call something like that "acceptable" or "normal" in this day and age is beyond belief. https://www.f150forum.com/f118/2018-5-0l-engine-rattle-noise-deceleration-acceleration-tsb-18-2354-a-432813/index138/
  6. blksn8k2

    Next Gen Xfinity Mustang

  7. Rumors on the Camaro have it either continuing on the current platform until their next RWD platform is available which might not happen until 2025 at the earliest or they will scrap that plan altogether and re-engineer the Camaro to go all electric sometime after the current platform is discontinued, supposedly in 2023. The fact that Al Oppenheiser was reassigned from lead engineer on Camaro to their electric vehicle development program seems to be feeding that rumor...
  8. blksn8k2

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Sounds similar to the cylinder block differences between the Mustang and Focus RS 2.3L EB's. Just curious, which style block does the Ranger use, cross drilled or machined reliefs?
  9. blksn8k2

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I guess I don't see the point in hot rodding the 7.3 unless you just want something different. My guess is you will see the usual cold air kits, exhaust and performance tunes for the Super Duty but not much beyond that. If you want a big-inch push rod Ford you can still buy 385 series blocks that can be bored and stroked to unreal displacements and there are already plenty of aftermarket parts available for them all the way up to Jon Kaase Boss 9 Hemi heads. A 351W block can also be built to exceed 7.3L and there are plenty of serious hot rod parts for those as well.
  10. That cutaway view certainly illustrates the fact that on modern unibody vehicles with modern crash standards the "no separate frame" description is clearly blurred. 😉
  11. blksn8k2

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    My 2018 F-150 5.0L 4x4 S-crew with 3.73 axle ratios seems to average 17-18 mpg no matter where I drive and I live in the rollings hills of west central PA with very little freeway access. Even I-80, which I travel on maybe once a month, is nowhere near flat. With just under 7k miles on the odometer the instrument panel readout has been stuck on 18.0 ave mpg for several days. I consider that excellent compared to my previous '07 Sport Trac V8 4x4. I also easily get over 600 miles per 36 gal fuel tank in everyday driving.
  12. blksn8k2

    Thoughts on Active Exhaust

    Probably a little but I doubt it is any more restrictive than the factory system which had a 2.5"ID resonator as well as a 2.5"ID pipe between that and the muffler. Even with one of the tailpipes on this system closed I still have a 3"ID resonator before the muffler and one 2.5"ID tailpipe. When I push the button on the remote any restriction caused by the shut-off valve is gone and it gets much louder. I can also set the position of the valve anywhere between fully opened and fully closed. I also assume the Magnaflow muffler is less restrictive than the stock piece. I know for sure that it is a helluva lot lighter. I assume you lose a little power on the Mustang GT system as well in whatever they call their quiet mode. The whole point of these systems is that you are not stuck with one sound. 😉 Here's a short video so you can hear the difference. Disregard the fogging camera lens (LOL). It's not that much quieter outside the cab, especially at idle, but inside is much more tolerable than without the valve. Unfortunately, I don't have any videos yet of the interior sound level with the latest setup. Not sure how much difference you could tell anyway. What I do know is that it is now much easier to carry on a normal conversation with the valve closed.
  13. blksn8k2

    Thoughts on Active Exhaust

    I created my own version of an active exhaust on my 2018 F-150 with the 5.0L V8. The stock exhaust is probably very efficient but it is also very quiet. Too quiet for my taste. After all, one of the reasons I went with the V8 and not a V6 EcoBoost was because of the V8 sound. Not long after I purchased the truck I replaced the factory exhaust with a Magnaflow stainless cat-back system. I had the same brand on my V8 Sport Trac and was extremely pleased with it on that vehicle. It had just the right tone and no ill effects. Not too loud and not too quiet. Just right. And, that system was on that vehicle for well over 150k trouble free miles. The Magnaflow system as purchased for the F-150 consisted of a 3"ID straight pipe between the flange behind the cats and the oval shaped muffler with dual 2.5"ID tailpipes that exit in front of the passenger side rear tire. Very similar to the 2nd gen Lightning. I also think it looks much better than the single factory tailpipe. However, that system was also way too loud IMO. So, I started by adding an aftermarket resonator. I kept replacing each resonator with a larger one but after three different resonators never really got the noise under control. The resonators I tried were located in front of the muffler in the same location as the factory resonator. Unfortunately, none of those seemed to make much difference. The best I could get was to go back to the factory resonator but even that was still too loud. The real issue was an annoying interior drone at about 2000 rpm. The other problem was that the factory resonator has a more restrictive 2.5" ID while all of the aftermarket pieces had a 3"ID. After watching several videos of vehicles with active exhaust, including the Mustang GT, I decided to try something similar, but slightly different, on my truck. What I did was to add an electric shut-off valve in one of the tailpipes. I can now regulate the sound level with a remote control. I can close the valve completely or have it partially or fully opened. With it fully closed all of the exhaust exits out the other 2.5"ID tailpipe and that works because this system uses a single muffler with dual outlets. I also went back to the largest of the aftermarket resonators which is a Magnaflow 3"ID x 6"OD x 14" long can with steel mesh packing, thus reducing the restriction that was added when I tried the 2.5"ID factory resonator. Problem solved. With valve closed there is no more interior drone and my neighbors are happy but with it open I can regulate just how much of that sweet V8 sound I want. 😲
  14. Don't all of the T6 variants and the Colorado use six lug wheels? This thing only has five....
  15. And if the EV market and supporting infrastructure never takes off or takes longer than expected to become viable Ford will have less invested if it sources at least some of that product from VW. There is already a more established market for the trucks and vans Ford will be building for VW.