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  1. That would be too good to be true.
  2. Ford increased the width between the rear wheel wheels on the next gen. All they have said is that you can now fit an "international size" pallet between the wells, not sure if that also means the space is at least 4' wide? Probably not since an international pallet is listed as 40"W x 48"L. I don't know if they widened the rear section of the frame under the bed but I don't think so. They have said that they moved the rear shocks outboard of the frame rails a la F-150 which was the main reason why they could move the wheel wells farther apart. They also increased the track width by about 2" which would have added space between the wheels and the frame, again making more room for the shocks. That also leads me to believe they did not change the width at the back half of the frame because doing so would mean less room for the outboard shocks. I have an Aluma 8'x12' utility trailer so the truck's bed width is not as big of an issue for me.
  3. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    I think I found the answer about the current gen Ranger Raptor wheel bolt pattern. According to this website it is the same as all other Rangers at 6x139.5 mm (6x5.5 in). Of course that doesn't mean the next gen will be the same but I doubt it will change since it doesn't appear to use the same axles as the Bronco Raptor. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/ranger/2020/
  4. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    I talked to one of the Ford engineers at the Carlisle All Ford Nats on Saturday. They had a Bronco Raptor on display and I asked if he knew what the power ratings would be on the Ranger Raptor and if they would be the same as the Bronco Raptor. He said he had no knowledge of that and stated that all of the Ranger Raptor development work was being done in Australia. I suppose I already knew some of that but was hoping the North American team would have some idea of what those numbers were. My guess is they probably do but can't share them just yet. I also read on another forum that the Bronco Raptor does not share the same wheel bolt pattern as other Broncos and Rangers which is 6x139.7. It supposedly uses the same pattern as the F-150 which is actually smaller at 6x135. I hope that's true and that it carries over to the Ranger Raptor since I have a set of 2019 F-150 Raptor wheels on my '18 F-150. I also have an extra set of 285/70-R17 BFG All-Terrain TA KO2s (Jeep Rubicon takeoffs) which just so happen to be the exact same tire as used on the next gen Ranger Raptor for other markets. I've been hesitant to mount those tires on the Raptor wheels but if I knew that the Ranger Raptor will come with the F-150 bolt pattern I would probably do that knowing I could also use them on a RR in the future. Can anyone confirm the bolt pattern on the current RR? jpd?
  5. The one thing no one has mentioned is that Ford has so far chosen to build all T6 Ranger cab/bed configurations on a single length frame. Doing a true crewcab with a 6 foot bed would obviously require a longer frame.
  6. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    For this market a 2.7 Tremor would sell like hotcakes. I guess I will be surprised if the 2.7 is even an option.
  7. blksn8k2

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    Stopped at the local Ford dealer today and asked what they knew about the Ranger Raptor. As expected, not much, but I did get my name at the top of the list for when they do have any ordering info since they claimed I was the first to ask about it. This part sounded like more hot air but they also said they expect they will only get an allocation of one Ranger Raptor for the first model year which would of course include markups.
  8. Isn't the DR built to specific race class rules? And it probably has a custom tube frame which would make fitting whatever engine you want a whole lot easier. Having said that, if the stock Bronco/Ranger T6 frame has been modified (widened) to fit a V6 with turbos hanging off the cylinder heads (no separate exhaust manifolds on the Nano) then fitting a Coyote becomes much easier.
  9. blksn8k2

    Lagano Victory at Darlington Tainted?

    Unfortunately for Joey, he does have a history of getting into these kinds of feuds with other drivers, Hamlin and Kenseth come to mind. And didn't Kyle Busch throw a punch at him a couple of years ago? NASCAR fans remember that stuff. I think a lot of that in the past had to do with Lagano being fed up with what he perceived as other drivers thinking he was a pushover. I'm sure some of that was true, especially early on in his career at JGR and I think that's just something new drivers have to deal with. Unfortunately, Joey can no longer be considered a "new" driver.
  10. Not sure what to think about this one. On the one hand, I would rather he tried to pass Byron cleanly but on the other I have seen much worse from Dale Sr and more recently Kyle Busch. Dale Sr was idolized for driving like that. There was a reason he was called The Intimidator. Joey said it was payback for Byron crowding him into the wall earlier although I think it had just as much, if not more, to do with getting that win and an almost guaranteed spot in the playoffs.
  11. blksn8k2

    Davey 28 @ 'Dega

    Two die cast T-Birds from back in the day.
  12. If Musk bought Twitter with the intent of ending the censorship it has been plagued with, that's a good thing.
  13. blksn8k2

    The new 6.8 V8 thread

    This might be comparing apples and oranges to some extent but aren't we forgetting that the 3.5L EB that's been the standard engine in the Raptor for several years now also relies on highly compressed air passing through very tight tolerances between the turbo housing and vanes while spinning at ridiculous RPMs? Then there are the turbo bearings to consider. Ford's air filtration system obviously handles lots of dust on the current Raptor and I have not heard of any big problems with turbo life due to dust intake. Just sayin'.
  14. blksn8k2

    Stellantis inline 6

    I would imagine a lot of Ram buyers will embrace the inline 6 since they have been using a similar configuration with the Cummins diesel for years. Based on the specs it looks like this will be a state-of-art design. It even uses PTWA spray bore cylinder liner technology. The part about each turbo feeding three cylinders sounds a little fishy though. I was expecting just the opposite with the exhaust from three cylinders powering each turbo. I didn't see any mention of cylinder deactivation but I suppose that could be aided by separating or dividing the incoming air. Interesting. I also wonder how much of this design came from Stellantis' Euro partners? If the French had anything to do with it I would be suspicious of its reliability. LOL
  15. blksn8k2

    Stellantis inline 6

    The only in-line six I ever owned was a 4.9L (300 ci) in a full size Bronco that I bought new in 1980. It came with the NP-435 4-speed manual trans which had a creeper 1st gear and no overdrive. It also had a 3.50:1 axle ratio. That miserable thing had a one-barrel carb and was absolutely awful on the highway in that type of vehicle. It was fine off-road but a slug otherwise. It maxed out at about 4500 rpm so if you got behind a slow moving vehicle on any of the two lane roads in this area you had better hope for a REALLY long straightaway before pulling out to pass because the only thing you could do was lug it out in high gear. Downshifting to 3rd gear only slowed it down. It was my primary vehicle at the time and I absolutely hated that thing. The gear drive for the camshaft made more noise than the exhaust. It had a whopping 16k miles on it when I yanked that boat anchor out and replaced it with a 351C with a 4-barrel, cam, long tube headers and dual exhaust. Problem solved and I kept that Bronco for about fifteen years. The best thing I could say about that generation of the 300 was that it had the same bellhousing bolt pattern as the small block V8s including the 351C. I'm sure later versions with FI were much better but early '80s technology did that engine no favors.