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  1. Have there been any interior volume specs released yet? Specifically hip and shoulder widths? I know they have stated that the frame and track will be 2" wider than the current truck but does that also translate into more interior room? Since they have also said that the wheelbase was stretched 2" by moving the front wheels forward does that have any effect on cab length? I read somewhere that the overall length did not increase so unless the front of the cab got moved forward as well (fenders and hood shortened) you would not expect any change to the cab length. However, I also read or heard in a video that there was more rear seat leg room. Any real confirmation of that?
  2. blksn8k2

    Original GT40 Development Docs

    You're welcome. I'm kind of partial to the MK II body myself. It had a few aero upgrades and is much more aggressive looking. There are still companies making reproductions of both the MK I and MK II. Superformance is probably the most well known but also one of the most expensive.
  3. Speaking of car-like, the '07 through '10 Explorer and Sport Trac had a similar design on the lower "bumper". BTW, all those muddy streaks on the hood were actually done by a black bear. If you look close enough you can even make out a few paw prints here and there. 😲
  4. They don't look nearly as hideous on models where they are body color. Regardless, it's still a huge improvement over the current model which looks too car-like IMO.
  5. blksn8k2

    Doing some updates to my '75

    It took a lot longer than I expected but I finally got the replacement wheel. Pro Comp cancelled the invoice that Alex had made for a new wheel after he left the company but never informed me about any of that. After I contacted them asking what happened they tried again to send just the decal but eventually sent a wheel anyway which I received a few days ago. I removed the decal from the new wheel and glued it onto the other wheel that already had a tire mounted. I fully appreciate getting a free wheel but it made absolutely no sense to swap the tire from one wheel to the other or buy another $300 tire over a 10¢ decal. I've got plenty of other wheels and tires to use as a spare. If I ever decide to mount the spare on the back I will definitely buy another matching tire.
  6. blksn8k2

    Maverick Test Drives

    Just so you know, my F-150 does have the extra FX4 skid plates but none of that has to be removed to change the oil. 😉
  7. blksn8k2

    Maverick Test Drives

    My older brother is still interested in the Maverick. I had done a build and price for him a couple of months ago but there are probably a couple of things I would change now that I have seen a few road tests, etc. I originally spec'd it out as an AWD XLT with the FX4 package mainly because of where he lives and the type of winters we sometimes get. I now realize he doesn't go much of anywhere that some of the items from the FX4 would be of much benefit over the standard AWD so I would probably not recommend that now. Once I watched a youtube video of a guy trying to do his first oil change that kinda unsealed the deal on the FX4. You have to remove several bolts and the front section of the under engine skid plate just to get to the oil filter. However, there is a plastic access panel in the main skid plate to get to the drain plug (which the guy in the video totally missed and then removed the entire skid plate LOL). My brother doesn't change his own oil but I can see whoever he gets to do it either screwing all that up and/or charging him an arm and a leg just to do an oil change. My guess is the skid plates would eventually end up in the trash bin anyway and he would never be the wiser. IMO the tires that come with the FX4 package also aren't a big enough improvement over what comes with the basic AWD package. Once he figures out whether or not he needs better tires he can always upgrade those down the road although he will probably just bitch about how much better his old Baja was in the winter even though he had to get rid of that because of the typical Subaru head gasket failures. I also believe for the FX4 package to be worthwhile it really should include the rear differential from the Bronco Sport Badlands but it doesn't. You also lose Sport mode in favor of Mud & Ruts and Sand modes with the FX4 package but I seriously doubt he would ever use anything but Normal mode anyway. LOL. I had also spec'd a moonroof only because his current Rav4 has one but he said he never uses that anyway so that's out as well. The one big option that I might recommend he add would be the XLT Luxury package. I realize that will more than offset the savings from dropping the other stuff but I think you get some really good upgrades with that package including the power driver seat, heated seats and spray-in bedliner, all of which he would appreciate a lot more than anything he would have gotten from the FX4 package or the moonroof.
  8. blksn8k2

    Update on 6.8L @ Windsor

    My guess is that with all the focus now being on looking green Ford probably doesn't want anything like an announcement of a new gas powered anything to cloud that image. Wouldn't surprise me at all if we never see the 6.8.
  9. Bingo! It's all about power and control. Do I believe in "climate change"? Absolutely. It's been going on since the earth was formed and will continue long after the last human being has breathed their last breath.
  10. blksn8k2

    Doing some updates to my '75

    I added a set of billet aluminum spacers on the rear. I didn't like how much the rear tires were tucked in compared to the front. Now they are much closer to the same. Also, this is going to sound crazy but if you notice in the side profile photo of my Bronco in my last post the rear wheel on the driver side is missing the small 4WP decal from the simulated bead lock on the outer rim. I called 4 Wheel Parts to try and get a replacement decal for that wheel. They had no idea how to do that so they transferred me to a gentleman named Alex at Pro Comp who actually manufactures the wheels for 4WP. Alex checked and could not find a way to get just the decal either so he is sending me a complete replacement wheel! He said I could keep the other one and use it for a spare. Wow! Talk about customer service!
  11. blksn8k2

    Maverick Test Drives

    From TFL Truck:
  12. On the Ranger Raptor powertrain, assuming it does get the 3.0L EB, has the argument ever been resolved over the engine block material? Seems to me there has always been some confusion as to whether or not the 3.0L shares the CGI engine block with the 2.7L Nano or if it was changed to an all aluminum block. I'm of the opinion that it does have a CGI block with an AL girdle between the block and the composite oil pan, same as 2.7. That makes the most sense to me especially considering that both engines are built at the Lima engine plant. Can any Lima employees confirm that?
  13. blksn8k2

    Doing some updates to my '75

    Got them mounted yesterday. No doubt the old setup was more aggressive looking but these should be way easier to live with. I'll probably keep the old ones in case I want to use them for car shows or something.
  14. blksn8k2

    Doing some updates to my '75

    4 Wheel Parts was running a promotion last week so I went with their T-Series wheels with the bronze centers. Should be here in a day or two.
  15. If I were tempted to trade my '18 F-150, which just turned 25k miles, my choice right now would be between the F-150 PowerBoost and the '23 Ranger Raptor. I'm leaning toward the PowerBoost since lately First Energy can't seem to keep the power on any time the wind blows more than about 10mph. The all AL body of the 150 is also a huge consideration here in the Rust Belt.