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  1. I must confess yes it is. Ordered it new, the scandal hit a few months later, VW kept paying me money, allowed them to pay me to neuter it, used money back to tune it. We didn't buy it for the "clean" part. 50mpg is good on my 90 mile daily commute.
  2. Update: We picked up the truck 12/23. It came to the dealer on 12/20. Really happy with it!!!
  3. Thank you for checking! I finally got the VIN and the correct order code updated below. Dealer code: F16223 Order code: R901 VIN: 1FTER4FH4LLA10730 Dealer Name: Tom Masano Ford Dealer Rep.: j-spen12 Vehicle: 2020 Ranger Supercrew Lariat 501A Lightning Blue
  4. No, still interesting nonetheless! What is made at that plant? Enjoy the time off.
  5. Nutty 5.0

    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    I don’t disagree but they’ve shocked us before. Here’s for hoping. 🤞
  6. Nutty 5.0

    2012 GT500 with SVT Performance Pack

    The prices are coming down on at least the 07-12’a now that the 2020 is trickling out. They’re awesome cars that have proven reliability pushing the power levels. What color combo and year?
  7. I understand blending is the date all the parts come together to be built so believe that will be your build date. Hopefully others on here can confirm or correct me.
  8. Dealer code: F16223 Order code: 1234 Dealer Name: Tom Masano Ford Dealer Rep.: j-spen12 Vehicle: 2020 Ranger Supercrew Lariat 501A Lightning Blue Thank you very much for this kind service! And Merry Christmas!
  9. This is the fun car. We picked it up in 2017 with 3300 miles on it. We’re only at 6500 due to weather and busy schedules. Minor mods: VMP Gen 2R, intake, and fuel upgrades to support. I prefer the stock look and wheels so nothing outside has been changed. Aftermarket rear lower controls arms and panhard are the only suspension changes.
  10. Nutty 5.0

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    Nissan seems to keep falling behind. But I worry for the workers too. But not revamping the models? The Frontier has been in the same platform for what, 15 years? That’s pretty bad.
  11. Agree and the only thing most are liking it for is to have a better idea of the body look. Now in mid-December, there still isn’t much new of what it looks like since this.
  12. Curious if and how people are liking them? They stats are awesome. Waiting to see if Ford will sneak this motor into the Mustang.
  13. My 2010 F150 FX4 had the e-locker but wasn’t able to use in 2wd. Is this now usable this way in the Ranger?
  14. He alluded to possibly selling on a few interviews. I believe once he went public he had already planned to sell knowing what the value is. My opinion though; not fact.
  15. Nutty 5.0

    New Mach-1...no, not the Mach-E

    Hoping they give the Mach 1 a little more power than the Bulllit with a 10r80 option. A shaker is a must! Maybe factory Whipple option? Yeah that’s less likely. 🙂