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  1. This is sad news. We have allways benefited from your informations. But times are changing. We have lost Cyberdman and his service, now we loose your service. I don't believe, that this is good for the community and at least not good for Ford. I'm not sure they know what they're losing.
  2. Hello Julia, wellcome. Holding my fingers crossed that everything is running smooth and fast with your mustang Dieter (from Gummersbach close to Cologne)
  3. Wellcome Lukas. Shure that it has been build yesterday? Would be a big surprise with all that "RESEGMENTATION" a.t.m. Holding my fingers crossed Dieter (from Gummersbach, close to Cologne)
  4. Does anyone know wheather production is running again or if it's still standing still?
  5. Some of our judges over here in Germany have no idea what they are judging and what their judgments do. It is a shame to agree with such trolls.
  6. If anyone jumps in here to go on with that thread: Update please, thank you, who ever you are VIN: 1FA6P8R05N5551418
  7. You were always friendly and helpful and your rules were clear and simple. It will be difficult for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps. All the best and the best of health, you will be missed here. Best regards dieter
  8. 220220321 take the first away and you have the day of production In my example 2022/03/21
  9. I emailed Ford Performance with the question. It's important for us in Germany because we have yellow turn signals and we could use these new parts plug and play with US imports.
  10. Thanks, you are great. I really appreciate your support.
  11. Does anyone know if the turn signals are amber or red?
  12. Hallo cyberdman, please do me a favour and have a look at this Mustang. From a member of our German community: VIN: 1FA6P8R05N5551418 Many thanks in advance Dieter
  13. Many thanks. I will have a good talk to my dealer.
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