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  1. Is there a possible delay in Mustang production because FlatRock is handling that issue?
  2. That's not a Defender. They should have stopped producing that car instead of building such a soft thing under that rough name. But now I know, why they rename the Freelander to Discovery Sport because here we have the new Freelander.
  3. Steve McQueen's legendary movie car will roll across Mecum’s Kissimmee auction block next January Bullitt is for sale: The 1968 Ford Mustang from ‘Bullitt’ heads to auction Should be bought by Ford and placed into their museum . Just my 2 cent
  4. DieterG

    2020 Ford Mustang Build Dates / JOB1

    Any new news?
  5. Here we go: U0100-28 and U0100-08 https://www.obd-codes.com/u0100 U0146 https://www.obd-codes.com/u0146 B1418 "Passenger Power Window Motor Circuit Failure" https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/obd-body-b-codes.php
  6. Oops, I did it again yesterday evening. Same situation, same speed. Now we have had error codes U0100-28 U0100-08 B1418 U0146 Ford Cologne told my dealer, that there will be an update for this problem in week 25.
  7. Ford canceled COTUS, Ford changed shipping from trackable wwl for Europe to not trackable "K-Line", Ford has not included foreign VIN's to the new "Ford Vehicle Order Tracking"- system. Ford did everything, that we over here in Europe are not able to find out the status of our orders without asking our dealer. Right now we have two classes of buyers, American and foreign. I am not sure if this is a good advertising strategy. So please, include the VIN's of all vehicles into the system, regardless of where the vehicles were ordered. Thank you. Kindest regards, Dieter
  8. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1112091249153134598 Donald J. Trump: Next step is to close the Border! It is not really enjoyable to read the news nowadays. What will happen to the steering wheels, if this really gonna happen? It is not so easy to switch to another supplier within days.
  9. DieterG

    So much in this picture hurts

    This is, what we also see over here in Germany. Window Sticker for ex. 01-18, ETIS 02-13. All that I see over here and hit by steering wheels problem are booked on 02-13.
  10. This should be just another problem, I think, it is sitting on hold because of missing steering wheel.
  11. DieterG

    Greetings from Germany

    My name is Dieter, I'm living in Germany 30 miles eastern from Cologne, 64 years of age Im owning a 2018 Mustang GT Convertible, race-red with OEM stripes. Member of mustang6.de, biggest Mustang 6 community in Europe with > 10.000 members. I'm stepping in here to get informations from 1rst hand, because we have many problems, tracking our members orders over here in Germany since they shot down COTUS for us.
  12. Brought it to my dealer and got it unchanged back. Ford Cologne told him that it is a known issue and it happened to three other ponies befor (as I know from our forum). They also told him, that it is a problem of communication between control units and that there will come an update within the next future. They said, that this error never occurred a second time. They were instructed to clear the fault memory and return the vehicle to me. So we will see, what will happen. As long as I do not get the reverse gear switched on at 200 km / h, I will be able handle it. Anyway: Wondering, how many others all over the world had this issue!
  13. Exactly. I was on left lane of a three lane German Autobahn. and I had to pass the other two lanes to reach the hard shoulder. And I was lucky, that there was not so much traffic because it happened on Sunday. But not the car stopped, "only" the engine went off. The car kept rolling.
  14. 2018 GT Convertible, AT, MR, 21.000 km (13.000 miles) As said in title I was on the highway on sunday, driving on left lane to pass slower cars with speed around 190 km/h (118 mph) when the engine went off without any warning. (And no, I didn't touch "Start/Stop" and touching "Start/Stop" while the car is driving will not shut down the engine.) I was able to reach the hard shoulder and stopped the car. Starting the engine again was impossible. I opened the door, closed it again and locked the car. Waited two minutes and unlocked the car. Engine started without any problems. Full power, everything as allways. No errors in error memory. Mine is the fourth 2018er GT AT reported in German mustang6.de forum with that problem. Anyone else here?