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  1. DocPewPro

    2020 F250 order

    Thank you
  2. DocPewPro

    2020 F250 order

    May I please get an update on 1FT7W2BN2LED66941 please? Thank you.
  3. DocPewPro

    2020 F250 order

    your awesome thanks cyberd, very cool of you to provide this service for us very much appreciated.
  4. May please get a track on 1FT7W2BN2LED66941 Thank you very much.
  5. DocPewPro

    disabled veterans X plans

    I was able to get my Xplan DAV pin by following the directions above. This was as of March 2020. Pretty painless process.
  6. I’m wondering the same thing. My truck order has shown sent to plant for two weeks now and haven’t seen any updates to it’s status. Hoping it is done or will be done this week. From what I have read it is normally a week after getting the window sticker that it is completed but with the reduced staffing I can only guess that time period is no longer accurate.
  7. DocPewPro

    Hello from Nevada

    Awaiting on my Tremor superduty and the release of the Bronco. Might have two Fords by years end.
  8. Thank you for your help. Not able to call the dealer currently due to my current location but I have emails into them to get an update.
  9. Thanks ice. I have the window sticker. It first became available 6/10 but don’t have a way to track the vehicles status up to this point.
  10. I’m sure production has slowed down with the reduced shifts. Just haven’t seen any updates on my build since receiving my window sticker
  11. DocPewPro

    Larger screens in the superduty

    Awesome, thanks for the link I’ll be checking some options out in the near future.
  12. That’s probably good then since I ordered a MY20 and would hate to have major changes already and miss out.
  13. Has there been any leaks to what changes will be made to the MY21s?
  14. I’m guessing this will become available in the MY22. I’m hoping they make something larger maybe 12” especially if it will retro into a MY20 dash.
  15. What’s the average time from receiving a window sticker and production completion?