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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. rickbolan

    Bronco ordering - 2024?

    My nephew is looking to order a Bronco, and the dealership he typically works with says they will not be able to place an order for him until 2nd quarter 2024. While I get that the '23 order bank is likely already full and he'll have to order a '24, that seems a bit off. Is the order backlog on Broncos really that bad, or is the dealership blowing smoke? Any insiders here know approximately when we're likely to see the '24 order bank open?
  2. rickbolan

    Diamond Red Tricoat

    The new colors just now appeared on the Lincoln Product Portfolio website, and the new red is now called "Diamond Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat". This does not look AT ALL like the Diamond Red Tri-Coat color that was featured in the Youtube video from the LA Auto Show. The one in the video is REALY red, whereas the picture from the product portfolio site looks more candy apple-like. I wonder which one is the real deal, and if they modified it and hence changed the name. Anyone out there have any inside scoop?
  3. Trying to be proactive as my '21 Aviator comes off lease in November. Does anyone have any info on when the '23 Build & Price will be brought up on the Lincoln site? Also, there are 2 new colors for '23, Diamond Red Tri-Coat(C9) and Jewel Sandstone Premium Colorant (AG). Both sound intriguing, but I'd like to see what they look like. Has anyone seen these yet, and is there a place where I can get a look?
  4. rickbolan

    2023 Navigator?

    It's actually not about differences between MY's. I leased a 2016 MKX in October of '16, and wound up with a much higher lease payment because the residual value at the end of the lease period was considerably less. In Ford Credit's eyes the car was a year old when I drove it off the lot, and 3 years old at the end of the 2-year lease. In 2018 I turned that car in for a 2019 Nautilus and my lease payment was $100 less. I fear the same scenario if I take delivery of a '22 Navigator in December.
  5. rickbolan

    2023 Navigator?

    So my Aviator comes off lease this December, and I was thinking about ordering a Navigator this time. As the 2022 was obviously late intro, does anyone have any idea whether '22 will be a short model year, with '23 ordering starting late in '22?
  6. Love my '21 Aviator, except... The time it takes for all the software, maps, external devices, etc. to "load" after starting the vehicle seems really "over the top" slow. Sometimes it takes 30-45 seconds for everything to complete, and half the time it doesn't complete in time for it to recognize my ipod on the USB port, so I'm constantly having to switch back to it once it's finally recognized. Today, we were on a trip, and I stopped for gas with the navigation system running. When I restarted after filling up, I made the mistake of attempting to disable auto start/stop (which I despise) before it completed reloading the system, maps and resuming navigation. This apparently triggered a bug in the software which rendered the touch screen totally unresponsive. So the next time we stopped, I shut off the car, then restarted it, and still no response from the touch screen. Finally, I shut off the car, took the key fob and my cell phone and walked away from the car a sufficient distance to get out of range, then returned, restarted the car, and the touch screen started working again. I had a '19 Nautilus which also was slow to load the software at startup, but nothing like this. Any Ford engineering folks on this forum who could speak to this? It sure acts like either an underpowered CPU or an I/O bottleneck of some sort.
  7. rickbolan

    Ford Connected Charge Station

    HRG, Thanks for slapping some common sense into me.... 😂 That's the plan I'm going to follow, especially after chatting with a customer service manager at Ford. It turns out the FCCS isn't actually "back ordered" but they actually issued a stop ship order on them after reports that some of them were reporting random faults and were shutting down. No estimates on ETA for a resolution, but until then your approach is the best one.
  8. rickbolan

    Ford Connected Charge Station

    So my new Mach-E is projected to arrive at my dealership by the end of this week. Being the true-blue Ford guy that I am, I intended to buy the Ford Connected Charge Station for installation in my garage. Much to my chagrin, I find out that the units are on "back order" and there is no projection whatsoever on when they might be available. The Ford website won't even allow you to place the order, and instead instructs you to consult with your dealer. The dealer suggested I go to Best Buy. Not sure who dropped the ball, but I thought that was pretty poor. So now I'm looking for alternatives. I'm looking at the ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger. Has anyone out there in EV land used this one? It's the most highly rated one on Amazon, for what it's worth.
  9. rickbolan

    2021 Aviator New Colors

    Thank you! I appreciate it. Didn't think to compare the color codes, but will remember that one. Thanks again!
  10. rickbolan

    2021 Aviator New Colors

    Has anyone seen the new colors for the 2021? I'm particularly interested in Ocean Drive Blue, which is the replacement blue color for the new model year. I'm coming up empty searching for it, and my dealer has nothing on it thus far.