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  1. So I have a priority of 14, with one truck ahead of me at my dealer. He has allocation, but no trucks were selected on 6/10 or 6/17. I e-mailed him Friday morning and asked if anything had moved. his reply was "Not yet, but it looks like the one before you is going to be scheduled soon." How would he know a vehicle would be scheduled soon, and how would he know if mine is going to be scheduled soon? Would vehicle visibility give him some sort of previewed status? Or does this have anything to do with Ford easing allocation to get all the retail orders in? When can we start seeing an impact in the changing of allocation rules? Thanks you Mr Capades for your assistance with all of this.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My priority code is #14. I ordered a fairly basic 2WD XLT super duty on 7 April. There were 2 trucks ahead of me. Since MY2022 scheduling began 6/3 only one of the trucks ahead of me has been scheduled. Dealer says they were surprised last 2 weeks (6/10 and 6/17) when no trucks were scheduled even though they have allocation. Further I understand from reading here allocations have been lifted/expanded for all retail orders. And I also see trucks much more feature rich than mine, ordered 6 weeks later, are getting scheduled and VINs I can only scratch my head and wonder in frustration what's up with that?
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered a rather basic 2wd XLT on 7 April and I am still waiting for a VIN and build date. Starting to feel like I'm back in Jr. High Phys Ed, waiting to be the last one chosen for what ever team sport we were doing that day.
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    External Radio Antenna

    The author of the article is correct. I used to work in a factory that made transmitters for broadcast radio stations. Our smaller 5KW and down units sold very well. I found out that 2/3 of all radio stations in the US are mom and pop owned low wattage "sundowner" stations that have local news and county/western music. You'll need a whip antenna beyond the city limits to hear them.
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    C’mon, Man

    I guess every dealer is different. Perhaps yours is holding off on charging your card until "something" happens...maybe even delivery. My dealer took my debt card and pulled the $1000 deposit out of my account on the spot. Got the confirmation email that evening. This is an A/Z plan on 7 April for a MY22, for what that's worth. My deposit shows on the deal work sheet. If your order isn't confirmed by now I'd be asking questions of the salesman.
  6. My understanding is once you have a VIN # and a build date the priority code is irrelevant. The priority code is how the dealer tells Ford what sequence to take their orders in. Once the order is scheduled, the dealers priority code has served its purpose, so to speak, and has no other value.
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    2022 Factory Puck Sysytem

    Ford isn't going to change the puck system from 21 to 22 MY. As for the F350 hitch bracket recall that only effected 1700 trucks. Owners got notices. Apparently the bracket on the left side was improperly heated during the forming process and is prone to cracking. There is nothing wrong with the puck system from an engineering stand point and no changes are being made. Relax.
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    Rebate on 2022 orders

    I'm wondering if any rebates can be stacked with A/Z plans?
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    2022MY Scheduling

    I would be concerned. While I didn't get a VIN or a date, they did show me as still "clean unscheduled" so my order was visible.
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    2022MY Scheduling

    I called the Ford Marketing number about 15 minutes ago. I got through to a real person very quickly. My order date was 07 April 21 and I got the order confirmation email that afternoon. My priority code is 14, there are 2 trucks ahead of me at my dealer. Todays call did not get me a VIN or a schedule date. The agent took my info and said I would get an email from his computers as soon as VIN and schedule were available. He suggested it could be as much as 20 days but hinted as if it would be much sooner but he is instructed to say "20 days" You guys that are getting VINs let us know your order dates and codes. Give us all some hope and a clue. 1. Be very nice and friendly to these people. They are there to help. 2. I trust I will get an email from him. I will stay off the phone to allow others to get through. I will likely not call again.
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    Brand of tires on F350

    Right now the all season 18 inch 2WD tires are usually Continentals. My 2wd 2022 F-250 will likely come with those. I read online people like the ride and overall quality but complain of lack of traction on surfaces such as wet grass. I'm a big Michelin fan. Perhaps there will be a shortage of Continentals and Michelin will step in? I guess I'll find out...
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    2021 order status

    Or stuck at the racetrack since that too, is considered "off site"
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    2021 order status

    Not knowing for sure, but it looks like your (and some other guys) truck is built and could be shipped soon. Did you order something like a bed liner that gets installed by a contractor and not Ford? It could be out having that done. In any case, it looks like the truck is on the way.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    And that ^^^^^^^ too.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Always wondered what constitutes a "defect"?? Is a wire harness not plugged into the MAF sensor a defect, or is a defect so severe the unit cannot be salvaged? Also wondered how long they usually take to get 5 days defect free. 2 weeks? Longer?