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    Ford Salary

    Obviously you guys were not in a assembly plant top and mid performers were regularly upgraded. 1969 book Peter principal rise to level of incompancy... 2 year plan generally speaking from grade 7 to LL6 2 year plan or gone from Ford...

    Dependent eligibility verification

    Subrogation.... makes world go around its business... not paying without defining responsibility just like your car insurer wanting that police report... Devils in the details

    Dependent eligibility verification

    Go to my Ford benefits and check if u have mail I think their default option is electronic notification you may have to tell them you want snail mail... take care
  4. Enjoy your KIA... take care
  5. WOW! Obviously you were not one of salary golden childs that took a retirement option and then came back as a contractor making twice your pre-retirement $$... but it's low life UAW People bleeding the bank... You think any of the many harassment suits like Mr. Fowler's had any impact on Cost structure... his 16 M harassment suit.... no sure it was UAW... not 6.0 diesel claims, or CAP failed launches... yep UAW thats it