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  1. mink

    Black Interior

    Order guide first page looks like you could get Baja Interior
  2. Could I please get an update, Thanks vin# 1FT7W2BNXMEC99457 Order#1240
  3. Thanks ice-capades, I find it fun and interesting to learn how other industries operate and the protocols they put in place.
  4. So ice-capades where do the trucks go in this 5 days zero defect run? That's has to be a lot of trucks. Dealer stock?
  5. So does that mean all fleet orders are the first to be built? Or do they just start scheduling them first and build some fleet and some retail at the sane time? Are fleet orders built first to make sure there are know problems? Just trying to learn the process. Thanks
  6. So for clarification just so I can quit thinking about it for awhile. I received order conformation email 3/19/21 (2022 F250), When would the very earliest time wise that I would have a vin# issued and a build date? Retail order.
  7. This is what I was going off of. 02/18/2021 - 2021MY Final Fleet Order Date 03/11/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (KTP) 03/25/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (OHAP) 05/30/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (KTP) 06/24/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (OHAP) 03/15/2021 - 2022MY Order Bank Open Date 04/22/2021 - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (KTP) TBD - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (OHAP) 06/01/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (KTP) 07/12/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (OHAP)
  8. I found the answer in a different thread. The VIN number is generated at the time the order is scheduled. If you don't have a VIN number then the order hasn't been scheduled. Don't let a Dealer tell you otherwise unless it's one of the few model exceptions scheduled for production outside North America. I believe EcoSport and Transit Connect but would have to check. In addition, units built for export (Mustang) have their VIN numbers assigned some time after the initial scheduling.
  9. With 2022 super duty's order Scheduling Beginning (KTP) to start 04/22/2021 - 2022MY. When would a vin# be issued/available?
  10. Doesn't CA have problems with not enough electricity now. Wonder what's going to happen when all the rigs are plugged into the power grid. Maybe a coal fire plant could help out with that.😉
  11. I did exactly the same thing as you.
  12. Digz, IDK I'm sure some guy's on here can answer that for you.
  13. Yeah I thought so. I'm wondering if this is something new that Ford is doing.
  14. I received this email from Ford today, I guess my order is in the system now.😀 Your 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum Order. Inbox Ford Motor Company <reply@t.email-ford.com> 12:58 PM (2 hours ago) Your order has been confirmed. View Online YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. Dear Randy Congratulations on ordering your all‑new Super Duty F-250 Platinum Crew Cab! Your order has been placed with Ford Motor Company on your behalf by Vision Ford. A SUMMARY OF YOUR ORDER IS OUTLINED BELOW.* 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum Crew Cab 4X4: Pickup SRW 7.3L 2-Valve V8 Gas Engine TorqShift® 10-speed Automatic Transmission Star White Metallic Tri-Coat Black Onyx Unique Platinum 40/Console/40 Multi-Contour Leather Seats 18" Low-Gloss Black Painted Aluminum Wheels Tremor Off-Road Package *Does not show all optional and included packages/features. Your vehicle order is one of the early orders for the 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum, and because we are building this vehicle just for you, we wanted to share a bit more on our production process as it may impact your delivery time. As part of the quality assurance process at Ford Motor Company, customer orders are only built when all quality checks have been met. This process may lead to a longer wait time for your vehicle to be built, but is designed to help ensure your satisfaction. Throughout the production process, we will keep you updated on the status of your order. You will receive email notifications when your vehicle is: Scheduled for Production – all necessary parts are secured, and your order has been placed in the production schedule. Built – your vehicle has been built, and we will let you know of the estimated arrival date at your dealership. Shipped – your vehicle has been shipped, is on its way to your dealership, and we’ll include the latest estimated arrival date.