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  1. Blackdiamond925

    Ordered a 2% F350??

    You probably don't want to hear about my $3,000 winch then. It's my third winch. The mechanic who installed the first one (a friend and I installed the second) told me he never used his winch after 30 years. I use them all the time. My mechanic is just smarter than me. I took my F350 through snowy Nevada last month and used 4WD mostly to get unstuck from parking lots and explore BLM roads. I could have just not.
  2. Blackdiamond925

    Anyone else order the console safe?

    Got mine in October with the safe. Man does it take up a lot of room.
  3. Blackdiamond925

    Thoughts after 30 days

    I've got 600 miles on mine and nearly a month. 2022 F350 with the 7.3. I have no problem with it, although the tonneau cover leaks at the moment. I haven't mentioned it to the dealership yet, as they just installed the winch that was part of the order. The winch was installed at the dealership, after some confusion. They ended up not charging me for installation, although I had to order and install a compatible license plate holder. My dealership is fantastic, especially after coming from a Jeep (which I still have). The winch changes the feel of the truck quite a bit. It's my third winch, and each time it takes me by surprise how the handling is effected. The winch hook also tends to deform and pop out the plastic trim in the front, so I'll be adding a flatlink from Factor 55. I love the power, how it shifts, and don't feel I've really put my foot into it fully. Gas mileage is shockingly bad, but my solution is driving it less. I ordered Bilstein 4600 shocks, as the ride quality is less than great. I'll buy Morimoto LED headlights in a couple months, since the halogens are pretty sad. I've added running boards, a BedRug, and I've got the parts for a ham radio project in a box. Great truck so far.
  4. Blackdiamond925

    Center Console

    I have a Dometic fridge in my Jeep and getting the power situation figured out has been a project. I wouldn't want it always on. I've got the safe, which I got for travels south of the border. I don't regret it, but man does it take up a lot of space.
  5. Blackdiamond925

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Love those seats. I had the impression the truck had a bunch of annoying dings and other nags, like my Lexus, but I found all the settings I think I need to change in the instrument cluster and console. I bought an OBDII cable for Forscan, but I'm in no hurry to change things. I really like how this is set up stock.
  6. Blackdiamond925

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    2022 F350 Lariat in Iconic Silver and Dark Grey. 7.3 with 4.30 gearing. This is day 5 and a little over 100 miles. Ordered Mid April. 1FT7W3BN5NEC65434
  7. Blackdiamond925

    How Big is This Lug Nut Problem?

    I've only had the truck a few days. If you take off the wheel caps, does it look bad? Does replacing the lug nuts mean the wheels look terrible without the caps, leading to replacing them with market wheels? It didn't occur to me they even had wheel caps until I took delivery. This might be yet another Ford mod where I just give up (like anything involving Ford parts right now).
  8. Blackdiamond925

    Missing On Delivery

    I assumed labor would be included, but I looked back and found labor isn't included. Strange.
  9. Blackdiamond925

    Missing On Delivery

    I bought the truck. They gave me a form entitled "GET READY INSTRUCTIONS," listing the missing items to come in later. Apparently they use this for missing parts or even damages.
  10. Blackdiamond925

    Missing On Delivery

    My F350 has finally arrived and is ready to pick up. A couple problems though. The factory winch hasn't arrived, nor has the TPMS trailer kit, which is supposed to ship separately. I'm told the winch ships from a third party, so they don't actually know where it is or when it will arrive. Both options are on the window sticker, so I'm essentially going to to need to buy the vehicle with some sort of rider stating we're waiting on these two things. The good news is they're only charging a couple hours of labor for the winch. Sound a bit weird?
  11. Blackdiamond925

    Do you see an EV Super Duty in our future?

    Less than 2% of vehicles sold in the US are electric now, so it's early. Eventually all vehicles will be electric, and it will be interesting to see if there's a carve out for ICE heavy trucks while the technology catches up. Having only a 300 mile range in my 7.3 liter while towing is not a huge number to beat. It will also be interesting to see how quickly the fuel infrastructure collapses. I imagine finding fuel might be as difficult as finding a charging station in 20 years.
  12. Blackdiamond925

    Consequence of 37" tires.

    We like to call it the "classic" look. Big tires look cool though, that's for sure, plus that ground clearance. I just don't want to be in Oaxaca looking for a 37" KO2.
  13. Blackdiamond925

    Consequence of 37" tires.

    Coming from the Jeep world, larger tires prematurely wears suspension parts and increases the chance of a failure offroad. Sticking with standard sized tires is an easy way to cut down on costs and increase reliability. It's also hard to find larger sized tires, if you travel outside the US with your truck.
  14. Blackdiamond925

    Post Delivery

    I have a long list, but I'm not doing anything until I'm comfortable the truck doesn't have problems. Not sure how patient I'll be.
  15. Blackdiamond925

    How Big is This Lug Nut Problem?

    This is what I've found, assuming this is the correct size for a 2022 F350 (M14 x 2.0 chrome seat). https://shop.mcgard.com/products/automotive/all-products/chrome-cone-seat-wheel-installation-kit-for-8-lug-vehicles-m14-x-2-0-thread-size-set-of-28-lug-nuts-4-wheel-locks-1-key-and-key-storage-pouch $178 Ford tax.