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  1. No doubt however my travel trailer is about 7K fully loaded and even through the mountains the 7.3 does great. If you are pulling heavy diesel for sure.
  2. That makes sense. I drove 600 miles across the Midwest not towing a few months ago and got about 15. If I keep my foot out of it and stay around 60 I can approach 17. I do REALLY LOVE the 4.10 when it’s time to tow though. The 7.3 is a GREAT motor and I really love the 10-speed also.
  3. What sort of mpg are you getting?
  4. I went the 4.10 route because I mostly tow. It does affect gas mileage but tows really well.
  5. OMG Not Me!!! I'm done waiting on new truck. Took me over 8 months to get my 22. I agree that it is fun to see new things but I plan to be buried in my 22. ?
  6. Thanks. I was really happy with it.
  7. She was delivered to me on 4/12. I've gotten all the add-ons installed and am almost to 1,000 miles. Got the insurance, property tax and tags all paid yesterday. Our first outing with the trailer is this weekend. Not going very far but looking forward to the maiden voyage. So far I really love this truck! Took me 8 months and two days to get her. I now see she was worth the wait.
  8. Mine tried to do this also. Luckily I had a signed offer by the same sales manager. I don't care what kind of deal they have with Ford, I had a signed deal with them and they ended up honoring it. Of course, I probably still got hosed on the extended warranty but that is for another post. ?
  9. About the same as others here. I've got the 7.3, Crew, Short bed, 4.30 gears, right at 1,000 on the clock. My first towing will be this weekend hopefully. It's been WINDY AS HECK here and I've been seeing 12.7 or so with mixed driving. Was hoping for a bit better but with the size and wind etc., still pretty happy. My 12 Eco only got a couple better. I'm also hoping that while towing I get better than the Eco did at 6-7.
  10. Got Ranch Hand Legend grill guard, premium bed liner, LXP tonneau cover (looks just like back flip), Tiger Tough back seat covers, B&W hitch yesterday. Write another big check but LOVE the results.
  11. Man that sucks so bad!!! So glad no one was hurt though.
  12. Gotta say, that is a nice looking truck. Normally I'm not a fan of GMs but that one looks really good. Enjoy!
  13. Holy cow! Looks WAY COOLER with the new tires, wheels and boards!! Great looking truck!
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