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  1. CBears

    Should I Drop Spray-in Bedliner?

    I thought I wanted the spray in liner direct from Ford. Held out as long as I could but then had them cancel it. Still not scheduled but hopeful. I had Line-x before and really liked it so will do that again. What I was most afraid of was not getting scheduled before the MY22 close. I didn't want to start over again.
  2. OOps, sorry, it hasn't been 2 weeks yet. Please disregard. I really appreciate this service! Bump for update please.
  3. CBears

    Any tuning for the 7.3?

    Following this topic. I always bought tuning kits for my Harleys, hadn't really considered doing the same thing to my truck. Interesting!
  4. CBears

    After market spray in bed liner

    Hahaha, I bet we could add up the cost for every shoe in our house and not reach $300. 😀 I'm betting my liner will be black.
  5. I don't have the stomach to play the market and I also think another crash is coming. Nothing to base this on but a feeling..... Around here rates are back up to 3% and over, at least where I normally go and I'm not sure where someone with my aversion to risk would make more than that in short term, low risk investments. Going to put down as much as I can, borrow as little as possible, and pay it off as soon as possible.
  6. This is what I want to know also. The credit union I usually go to is over 3% right now. Rates seem to be on the rise. Where are you getting 2 and below right now?
  7. CBears

    After market spray in bed liner

    Stopped by my local Line-x dealer yesterday. Going with the Premium liner and the LPX hard tonneau cover. AWESOME thing is they also sell RanchHand grill guards, great looking protective seat covers for my back seats and coolers that are built just like Yetis for half the price. 75qt=$259. I’m going to be able to do all my add ons with one trip.
  8. CBears

    After market spray in bed liner

    That does look VERY nice! I’m betting I’d not be able to up sell the wife though.
  9. CBears

    After market spray in bed liner

    Premium Line-x. Shiny and problem free.
  10. CBears

    Tonneau Covers

    I really liked the LPX hard trifold from Line-x I had on my last truck. Now that I’ve cancelled the ford version, I’ll be putting one on my new truck also.
  11. CBears

    Good running boards?

    Was there some notice that running boards were holding up truck builds? I've got the extended ones on my build.
  12. CBears

    Random 3 beeps on Highway

    Hope I don't look silly here because I have no idea what I'm talking about but, that being said, I wonder if your dealer could hook it up to their computer and see if there is anything in the computer logs? I'm pretty sure my mechanic could see things that happened with my old truck.
  13. CBears

    Line-X Color Match Bedliner

    I just deleted mine last week also so was looking on the Linex website just this morning. I was also wondering about the color match. I'm not sure I'd pay almost double for it though. D232799, gotta say that that does look pretty cool!!! In my 2012 I got the version of Linex that was shinier than normal. I don't remember what the actual product I bought was. I really liked it a lot but it was just black. When you say "regular" are you quoting the price for the standard linex product? Any idea how much the price differs for the ultra and the platinum? I know I could just call them and ask but I'm lazy. 😀
  14. I like the looks of that one also. I’m pretty sure I want to keep the stock bumper though. Thank you for the reply!