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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. ShelbyKR

    Price Protection

    Was told by my dealership that the price protection money will be refunded to me when the dealership receives it from Ford Motor Co. Is this normal protocol?
  2. Never gave any specifics. From what I know it's just shocks and springs.
  3. When I look the vehicle up on the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking it shows a 6/11/21 order date. Was once told by the dealership that a Lariat Tremor was a difficult build. I find that hard to believe also. This forum is the only thing that keeps me from sticking the owner of the dealership's head in the urinal.
  4. Placed and order with this dealership on 6/11/21. Did not receive a confirmation email ( they didn't enter it correctly ). Thought I was it good hands and let them take care of business . 12/1/21 Rolls around I started asking questions and reading more on this forum. Went from sales manager to owner of dealership. Most of December work thru all the commodity issues that affected my order. January 25 2022 finally get a build date of February 14. 2/9/22 receive an email that my order has been rescheduled to February 21 and another on 2/12/22 that it has been pushed back to 1/28/22. What I am trying to understand is how some of us on the forum can place a order a late as January and have the same build date as me and have a vin number. I presented this question to my dealership and his response was you can't believe everything you read on the internet and we have had only 6 new vehicles all year. That response I find quite offensive because I find this forum a wealth of knowledge of information that I would not have otherwise. If the dealership has only gotten 6 new vehicles in my opinion in the last year I would have to say what is he doing wrong. Part of me wants to cancel my order and go elsewhere. The other half of me thinks I come this far just wait it out. Very unhappy with this experience !
  5. ShelbyKR

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Ordered 6/11/21 Notified 1/25/22 Build date 2/14/22 Notified 2/9/22 Build bumped to 2/21/22 Notified 2/11/22 at 7:45pm and 8:00 pm Build bumped to 2/28/22 Is there anyone else that has been waiting longer than 8 months to see there truck go in to production?
  6. ShelbyKR

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Had a build week of 2/14/22 for my 250 Lariat Tremor. It was looking good until I got an email last night moving my build week to 2/21/22
  7. ShelbyKR

    The dreaded email from my salesman...

    If the 3rd party vendor can't handle it I guess Ford needs to get another vendor. Chrysler plant in my area I have done work at. If you were responsible for holding up production for any reason they would fine you.
  8. The 460 was produced for 30 years. Very durable motor with 3" main bearings. Running a 600hp version with aluminum SCJ heads designed by Jon Kaase in my 68 Mustang. Ford hasn't made a pushrod motor in over 20 years why would you go back to that technology when you have have good success with overhead cams.
  9. ShelbyKR

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Tell Ford to send me a 3K rebate also!!
  10. ShelbyKR

    7 months of Waiting I have a #Vin

    Tried to just drop the liner and keep the BAP. They were not able to do that.
  11. ShelbyKR

    Loyal Ford Customer

    The only two commodity issues I had was the Spray in bed liner and Roll up tonneau cover. Dropped from my order before Xmas, just received today a Feb 14 build date.
  12. ShelbyKR

    7 months of Waiting I have a #Vin

    I had to drop Black Appearance Package because it included the spray in bed liner. Added the Lariat Sport Appearance Package. Dropped the Roll Up Tonneau Cover. I will have the liner and tonneau cover done locally.
  13. After 7 months of waiting and the whole month of December going back and forth with dealer changing my order I am finally in the schedule to be built Feb 14. Vin# 1FT8W2BT9NED70989 Order Code: H611 Sales Code: F41409 F250 Tremor 6.7 Diesel Atlas Blue
  14. ShelbyKR

    Loyal Ford Customer

    Did not order adaptive steering
  15. ShelbyKR

    Dealership Inventory

    The color of the window sticker tells if it was a dealer stock or special order? Does the window sticker tell what date the vehicle was delivered?