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  1. if its just the wifi hotspot, I highly doubt youll miss it. if it effects fordpass for remote start/unlock/lock youll miss that or at least I would. I cant speak for everyone but i use fordpass often.
  2. Sorry I didn’t read any of your post, do you work for Ford ? Can you help me? My truck is stuck in transit or Chip hold.
  3. what’s going to happen is the same thing that happened when @ice-capades used to post the weekly commodity restraints. He’s gonna get tired of trying to help and I don’t blame him.
  4. bumper is the same from 2017-2022 should be easy to find.
  5. The hotspot isn’t a loss in my opinion. My current phone plan allows me to share my phone as a hot spot. My kids are happy. Beyond the wifi hot spot trial I’ve never activated it, or used it.
  6. I live in the Louisville area, our entire state fairgrounds is jam packed with super duty’s. If you’ve been in production for awhile your truck is probably sitting there waiting on a chip or whatever.
  7. I plan to put an order in for one and sell the 22
  8. Looks like the reveal is coming soon. Pictures are starting to show up with the truck dropping its camo. cant believe no one has started a thread about this yet. yes i know people are waiting for 22s, but new stuff is always exciting. these pictures are borrowed from other forums and not mine.
  9. Id rather have them and not like them vs stomaching cutting holes in my brand new truck cause I didnt get them on my original order.
  10. I could be wrong and maybe i read false information, but nuclear power is about as clean as it gets! its also MUCH safer than it used to be. theres enough outlying land to put a nuclear plant on in the US and we can send power a very long long way. We missed the boat we shoulda been building these along with wind and solar.
  11. we screwed up by not building new nuclear power stations along with wind and solar. Nuclear is our best bet and we arent pursuing it !!
  12. have your dealer lock it in. its been talked about many times. if you have ordered a truck the dealer can lock the CPO in.
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