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  1. MyGreatEscape

    2022 Hybrid SE making clicking noises

    It is definitely normal for the hybrid to make noises long after the vehicle has been shut off. But because you had a code for high pressure, you should get that checked out. Having owned a hybrid for 15 years, I almost don't notice it anymore. The owner's manual does make reference to sounds you may hear from a hybrid once the car shut off, and that these are normal. Good luck with the warning light, in that it doesn't return.
  2. MyGreatEscape

    New Ranger order Not scheduled

    Geez. Every time I mention the fact that I ordered a vehicle, I am suddenly blessed with an email from Ford pushing my build week yet another week. The plant schedule shows all weeks of June are for scheduled production. I can only hope that I land on one of those weeks. Quite disappointing.
  3. MyGreatEscape

    New Ranger order Not scheduled

    It probably depends on the vehicle. I ordered my Escape on 4/1/22 and have a VIN and scheduled production the week of 5/31. I also have a small dealership that placed the order. I'm praying I don't get bumped another week. My production week went from 5/16 to 5/23 in the same day. The following week, they bumped it to week of 5/31. Good luck on your truck.
  4. Greetings. What is the community reputation rating? I noticed today I have a 1. Is it the same as a reaction, or is it a flag? If a flag, is this good or bad?
  5. MyGreatEscape

    2022 escape hybrid

    Thank you for responding. I drove a 2008 Escape Hybrid until last year when it died of electrical problems that no shop could resolve. I bought a 2021 Escape SEL model non-hybrid last year. It has eight speeds, which drives me nuts. I drive through residential neighborhoods a lot, and at 25 mph, it sounds and feels like the car is shaking until it slips into the next gear which forces me to speed up. I miss my old hybrid. Thus, my order for the 2022 model of the Escape Hybrid. Hopefully the noise won't be an issue. My '08 Escape probably did not have a lot of sound insulation but it beat the road noise in the '07 model from what I had heard. The current vehicle is very quiet, and I have gotten comments on how quiet it is inside. Hopefully I won't lose too much of that when the new car comes in. I will be glad to follow up, when I am in my new car... If, and when, it is finally built 🙂
  6. MyGreatEscape

    What is a "bump"?

    I understand the bump terminology now. But it doesn't explain why I have to go to the end, or the last page, within a topic to see the latest replies. Unless I am doing something wrong. So if there are 20 pages within a topic, the most recent will be on page 20. Is that correct?
  7. I've been reading through this forum looking for answers but I am confused about one thing. I ordered my Escape Hybrid through my local dealer. It is a smaller dealership. I received an email from Ford confirming my order and then three subsequent emails from Ford regarding my production week, which keeps getting pushed to the next following week in each email. I also have a VIN number. Does this mean the dealer verification process has occurred? I put down a deposit, but I do not remember providing my driver's license. It seems Ford sees my order as legitimate, since they are continuing to communicate with me directly. Sorry if the subject has been beaten to death. It's a lot to take in.
  8. MyGreatEscape

    2022 escape hybrid

    I know it's been awhile since you posted. But did your mechanic or dealership figure out what was the issue? I have a 2022 hybrid Escape on order right now. Just curious about any issues that are being noted. Hopefully, the problem is resolved.
  9. MyGreatEscape

    New Member

    Greetings. I'm here because I had to order the vehicle I was meant to drive. I stumbled on this site while researching. I owned a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid until last year, when it died. Dead... Dead... Irreparable. Never mind, I still wanted a new Ford Escape. I bought the 2021 Escape SEL model, non-hybrid and have not been happy since. I miss my hybrid. I miss the all-wheel drive. I miss the great Audiophile sound system. Thus, I finally put in an order for a 2022 hybrid so I can feel at home once again. It's all I can think about now. It doesn't matter if I lose money with a quick flip. I just want to be back in a hybrid again. Thank you for having this forum.
  10. MyGreatEscape


    Testing picture. Testing speech to text. This is fun.