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  1. Gregg Tonkin

    Pro Backup Assist Cable

    My 2021 Lariat came with a Pro Backup Assist Cable in a plastic bag laying in the back seat. Even though I am never planning on pulling a 5th wheel or a RV, is it worth my while to install this cable on my truck? Part Number LC3T-14G621-AD.
  2. Very good point, actually never looked at it that way. Thanks for posting!
  3. Gregg Tonkin

    Dealer Number

    Thankyou SO much!!
  4. Gregg Tonkin

    Dealer Number

    Thanks in advance!! It is Gilbert and Baugh Albertville, Alabama
  5. Gregg Tonkin

    Dealer Number

    Does anyone know who to get a specific dealer number without calling them and asking? The old saying, "Google is your friend" does not seem to apply in this case as their advise is outdated.
  6. The other thing to remember is there really is Intel is the only major chipmaker in the US with 15% of the market and admits that it is 2-3 years behind in technology. If the US is going to get out of this mess, it will have to rely on foreign chipmakers, not a good situation. The chipmaker is Taiwan, TSMC is especially troubling by throwing China who claims that country is especially troubling.
  7. I didn't say it did, just responding to the prior post.
  8. I suspect you are correct. He admitted that they used their excessive profits for Stock Buybacks instead of R&D. He also stated Intels products were 2-3 years behind their competition in terms of technology. After watching that 60 minute program featuring Intel, I don't put much stock in what he has to say.
  9. Gregg Tonkin

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    We know the chips are being prioritized for the production line first and foremost. As far as the incomplete lot parked trucks, it is anyone’s guess. Considering it is a 3rd party contractor installing them, it is probably the easiest ones to get to.
  10. Gregg Tonkin

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    Same here, mine is built and has been since March, had an ETA of 4/15, now 10/31. The official line is any chips that come in are being used for the vehicles already made but obviously they are used to keep the production lines running and the ones sitting out on the obscure parking lots are last priority. Not sure if I even want it now after Ford letting it sit for 7 months. I love my 2018 XLT but I think I would always have reservations about the Lariat I have on order.
  11. Hopefully Ford will learn a lesson in JIT is not always the best approach. I really hope, but I doubt it, Ford will learn something about customer and dealer communications. Right now they are starting at "Ground Zero" so not much has to be done to create significant improvement.
  12. Gregg Tonkin

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    Wonder if Ford Exec's ever even glance at these comments much less answer them?
  13. Gregg Tonkin

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    I think "some dealers" fit in that category, many don't. You can't paint Zebras all in the same stripe!
  14. Gregg Tonkin

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Our Ford dealer, I have no idea how he can stay in business with a total of SEVEN 2021's!
  15. Gregg Tonkin

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    Agree 100%, if I was a dealer representing Ford I would be embarrassed over the lack of communication between the dealers and Ford. I believe in Jim Farley's presentation to the stock holders he committed to "treat customers like family". It must be terrible to try to explain to a customer who ordered in 2020 that they have no idea when that customer might see his vehicle when someone in April just received theirs exactly the same build but possibly a different color. Everyone understands the chip issue but the lack of communication and seemingly not having a plan to move forward puts the dealers in an awful position.