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  1. critter

    Concerned about order

    Yeah. I have built and priced this truck out so so many times. However. The only thing is. The 2022 builder isn’t live on the web So I’ve only done it as 2021. Oh Well. Just thought maybe I’d catch someone with the same experience. Or could tell me those papers I posted a picture of may not be the end all. I’ll bug the dealer a little more this week
  2. critter

    Concerned about order

    No need to get saucy about it fella. However. The Lariat Black Appearance package is most definitely not new for this model year It is new in think for being able to add it on XLT now though. That’s my guess why it says new for ‘22 man. First day on this forum and i can feel the. Love. thanks for that
  3. critter

    Concerned about order

    The tremor package should over ride the wheels and tires for that. There’s a million of these black package tremors running around. Even the KR and Platty get the 18” low gloss wheels I am mostly concerned because I’m swapping wheels and tires as soon as it shows up and the tremor wheels set with tires is way more valuable to sell off
  4. critter

    Concerned about order

    Should be 18” tremor specific wheels And. Which I didn’t post the other photo. But the approach and departure angles are wrong. Maybe these sheets he emailed me when I ordered don’t really hold much water. Who knows ?? thanks!
  5. I have this posted over on the tremor pages too. But hoping someone here has insight I started this convo on someone else's thread accidentally hijacking it....heres the deal. I have my 22 lariat ultimate/black/Tremor ordered my issue. maybe is that my build sheet specs out term and all that. BUT in the specs about the truck it is calling for 20" wheels and not 35" tires...but the tremor is in there also...My dealer is checking himself. but hoping for some insight here...They are almost exclusively a fleet dealer. so these high end options are new to them. I will post what I have from him please help ive spoke to the dealer (almost exclusively a fleet place) he says his Ford truck line he can call assured him my trucks going to receive the 20” wheels and it shouldn’t Also the departure and approach angles listed in the specs is wrong
  6. critter

    22’ tremor on the way

    Hello. From Missouri I have a ‘we Tremor ordered Coming from a long list of Gms and Ram HDs