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  1. Ockain

    Good News Bad News

    Ya man. I ordered BL with full console and it’s on window sticker
  2. Ockain

    Order times

    I ordered aviator BL in May and on 9/1 received update saying in production( showed “n/a”), deliver estimate “n/a” and received window sticker. 9/14 it updated again saying production now 9/12/21 and delivery estimate of 10/11
  3. Actually I believe the “Blend” number at the top of the sticker shows your build date….see F150 link here. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/window-stickers-explained.517/
  4. I got the same change
  5. Ockain

    VIN Tracking

    https://shop.lincoln.com/vehicle-order-tracking?vin=oHgUfecB0rzkH80GtSgoTjCBI31QWPgnXDK%2FW8BQHyI%3D&don=xPKiwjjGqhzKZWPs3yzk1A%3D%3D?cks=18337813450&emailid=CX_GOTD_Aviator_Build_Planned_Creative2B#/ there’s the link. Maybe ask your dealer for your order number and if they have your VIN. Then you can check for updates
  6. Ockain

    VIN Tracking

    I just received an email scheduling my Aviator for production week of August 9th and in it they provided both my VIN along with a link that tracks it as shown at the bottom of this pic. these are the pics of the following the link provided
  7. Just received an email today stating my Aviator is scheduled for production the week of August 9th 👍