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  1. Yes, Both went back to in production. Seems wierd
  2. I went to built last night/this morning. Now I'm showing in production again.
  3. Hypo

    The shipping mess is annoying AF!!

    Thanks, now I know it's not uncommon
  4. Hypo

    The shipping mess is annoying AF!!

    Hope this is not interpreted as bitching. Just wondering if being "in production" for over a week is normal? Just don't know at what point I should start questioning things. Thanks ahead for sensible responses.
  5. That's strange since mine has been in production for 6 days. Wondering if it's just not getting updated?
  6. I didn't see this option when building my XL.
  7. If they happen to offer more options in the XL trim in the next generation, I can always get a new truck. Cool thing about buying cheap is you can pay in cash and never be upside down in payoff.
  8. Ok, I'm good then. I don't need a 4WD, so none of that would've mattered to me. It makes sense tho, just don't agree with how companies make you order higher to get 1 or 2 options you desire. Kinda like the way I would gladly pay them for sync4 in the XL I ordered, they think I'll give in and upgrade to alot of stuff I don't want just to get it.
  9. Hypo

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    You wanna sell them? I'd love to work out a deal for a set of NEW Tremor tire/wheels.
  10. I've joined a few forums since ordering my truck back in August. I ordered mine knowing I was gonna replace alot of stuff with after market and built a "basic" truck with strong bones. Only thing I needed from the factory was the truck, power train of choice ( Godzilla/3.55LS ), dual batteries, 397 amp alt, upgrade front suspension, markers, ...... But I've seen alot of posts of people ordering blacked out Tremor packages and replacing tire/rim and other things day 1. Wouldn't be more cost efficient to order a lower lvl and add? I personally have a price of $43K for the truck and that leaves me with alot of money left to play with. Just didn't know if I was missing something and messed up ordering like I did.
  11. I ordered 7.3L, 3.55 limited slip
  12. Well it got moved to this week