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  1. @4thTimer memory seats and pedals are definitely a lifesaver. She swears up and down she's not going to drive this one, out of fear of wrecking it..lol. @FirstFord22 I didnt even want to try to explain that to her about the 37s, just left it at 4 inches. Haven't dropped change like this for something I didn't have in my posession yet..oops. I missed the post originally that @ovalbertposted about a screen protector. Thats something I never thought of that would be a great idea, especially with kids. Who else has some ideas I haven't thought of to spend my money? ?
  2. This right here is how I picture it going in my mind and why my thinking was that way. ?
  3. Sounds about like mine. She was concerned about getting a 3 year old in and getting a newborn once June comes in. Told her its only 4 inches (?) we'll survive. By time truck shows up probably have a 5 and 2 year old..lol.
  4. Solid choice. Easy to go up in the future if you decide you want more out of it. You can burn all that extra money on even more accessories. ?
  5. I figured it wouldn't cover that but just assumed it may cause some sort of work around on everything else. Good info. Thanks.
  6. @MT350 hopefully it turns out as good as im hoping. A lot of builds Ive seen here and around town have set the bar kind of high. I feel the pain of investing a lot of time into something and not wanting to deviate from it later on. I definitely plan on Forscan, just need to get a reader. I've made a few changes to my order since I put it in. Started with the 6.2 and decided why not just bump to the 7.3. Not for any practical reason, just finally in a position to do something for myself and I'm going to do it how I want to the best of my ability. Now I just need to give myself the best opportunity to get the truck here.
  7. I opted for the leaf spring kit instead of the block. I'm not going to attemp to tackle the install. I have a local shop that is a BDS dealer doing the install but I'll pass on that info on. I've watched a few videos on Forescan and read a good many threads on it. Plan on trying to get into all that when the truck gets here. At least start off disabling some chimes and what not. No eta yet. Just ordered at the end of December. Think I'm going to drop the black apperance for the sport apperance after going back and forth on it the last few days.
  8. That's good to know. Never run a lift but just figured it would negate at least parts of it.
  9. I dig the set up. What lift are you running? I have a 4" BDS at the shop that just needs a truck to be put on. I think I have my wheel finally picked out. Just trying to decide between the Ridge Graps and the Open Country MTs to go with, will be 37x13.50s. Toyos give little more of look I want but do I want the trade off of the noise is the question. The graps still have a great look since it's a hybrid. Im new to all this so I'm not sure about the BCM reconfiguration, have to find someone to help me out with that I guess.
  10. Ive never had anything niceenough to warrant an extended warranty. Not all that caught up about them because of that. Thought about it for this new one but now I'm going to lift 4" and run 37s so I reckon I'm going to negate my warranty up front. So guess there's no reason to extended it. ?
  11. If you head over to the Vehicle Locator by Ford Employees thread under the Ford Motor Company Employee Discussion Forum header and provide the fine gentlemen with your order number, sales code and some specs on your vehicle he can look into it. Read the pinned Tracking Rules thread at the top though before doing anything. He spends a lot of time running that thread trying to help folks out.
  12. I started out fairly confident but have been losing that confidence lately. Especially with a third straight week coming with no super duty on the weekly production list. I've got to much $$ in accessories and what not sitting in my building to not give myself the best shot at getting built.
  13. I said I was going to wait a while longer on dropping the BAP for the SAP but I'm starting to lean the other way again. Called my dealership yesterday afternoon to see what it would be to change the BAP to the SAP, I was thinking I may save a few bucks. I was told I would lose my price protection and would end paying around 1k more to go to SAP and add the LEDs to it. They said I should give it a little longer (didn't want me to get less for more) and something about they had a meeting sometime in March (cant remember what they said it was)..... and they would check back with me then. I told them I don't mind waiting as long as I know I'll end up with a 22, which I know they can't guarantee that. Getting to where I just want to do what I can to give myself the best opportunity. Plus there's no guarantee there won't be another price increase if I decide to change over to the SAP in another month or two. SMH ?‍♂️
  14. I came across one similar to my build specs online at a dealership a state over and called about it. Turns out it was someone's build. Said they were just waiting financing for it and was a 0.00001% it wouldnt go though. So you're probably correct.
  15. How many here would like to be receiving the dreaded, move back, emails instead of have no production week at all? My coworker complains because he has received two of said emails after only having to wait 3 weeks from putting in his order to getting a production week email. Could always be worse and have no hope at all.
  16. Good deal. I'll have to see if I can find some one truck around. These or possibly the next step up might be good. Not looking for to much.
  17. I've seen the star white in person on a king ranch expedition and man does it look good. Can't speak on the 250s though.
  18. ??. Same two tire options for me as well. I saw a Dodge the other day that had running boards that had a power step fold out of them. They were pretty slick if you had a decent lift or a short wife. No idea how they perform though. Similar to these, or could possibly be them.
  19. I appreciate. Going to hold out a while longer before making the change I believe.
  20. I'm curious about the flares as well as I'll be running 12 wides with 13.50s. Any ideas how much extra protection they may provide? I don't want anything crazy, just a little bit would be fine. Also any idea what the install entails? Have a few other things I wanted to get painted so these could be done then. You're right about that. I've been looking at wheels for a while and had it narrowed down to two. Beginning of the week I saw a new one that I like being released. So now I think I'm headed down that path. Now to just decide on the tires. Already have lift sitting at local shop. Wife said I have a problem. My three year old thinks my truck is going to show up orange, he may be slightly disappointed. ?
  21. I agree. I went with carbonized gray but thought about changing to antimatter. Believe I'm going go stay put though. I think I saw where you posted that. My coworker put his in mid Jan and go a production email first week of Feb, so 3 weeks. I never seem to have much luck and probably need to help my odds out the best I can.
  22. Well thats good news. How far back was that?When I tried it took me to one's with the BAP, maybe I mistyped something. I'll do some more searching later. Was hoping I could get some better shots than what I may stumble across on Google. Edit... Also, any idea what the tailgate guard and black bed attachment bolts are that are listed under the BAP?
  23. Yea I asked a local dealer when I purchased my lift that said the same. That'll have to be a future project I guess.
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