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  1. Yup, this right here. Some things are more important than a new truck.
  2. I have a 22 F250 7.3 Lariat being built so I'm trying to get some things together for when it finally gets get here. This will be the first truck I lift and put on aftermarket wheels. 4" BDS lift with 22x12s and 37x13.50s. While building some wheel and tire packages online to see some pricing I was hit with the option of balancing beads, which I'm not familiar with. Does anyone have experience with them vs the standard wheel weights? I didn't think about it before but with the deeper lip on the 12 wides, wouldn't regular wheel weights take away from the look of the wheel or are they normally balanced a different way? Forgive my ignorance. I'll take any insight anyone can provide. Thanks.
  3. Gharri30

    Balancing Beads vs Wheel Weights

    Guess that's why I've never seen anything regarding them. Never run anything over a 33 on stock wheel. Guess I'll need to take that into consideration now.
  4. Gharri30

    Stainlessworks 7.3 exhaust (install/review/pics)

    Are you still liking Redline? I have a build in the works that'll hopefully show up in a few months. So while I wait I'm trying to get some things together for when she gets here. Not many options exhaust wise out there for the 7.3 that Ive seen. I stumbled on the stainless works and wondered how it was and sounded compared to their videos. I also contacted Borla because I saw they added an option for the 6.2 and was told they were close to releasing something for the 7.3. I currently own an 07 Titan and have a Banks Monster on it. Great sound at start up, mellows out but has a nice deep roar when you get into it. Hoping one of these options produces something along those lines.
  5. Hey all, Finally decided it was time for a new truck. Put an order in on 12/27/21 for a 2022 F250 7.3 Lariat CCSB in carbonized gray with ultimate and black appearance package, along with a few other items. This will be the first Ford I have ever owned and can't wait to get my hands on it, eventually. I already have a 4" BDS lift ready for her. I see a few names that look familiar already as I joined FTE a little while back. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions and need plenty of opinions on things.