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  1. Update 5/11 - Best update yet, received notification that the Navigator was shipped on 5/8 from the Kentucky plant and enroute to Arizona via rail. Hope to be in possession by end of the month or early next month
  2. Anxious to see interior pictures for the invitation theme as well since that is what I ordered
  3. In other news, I see that the Base MSRP has moved twice again. My now live sticker shows MSRP for Black Label $104,590 vs Lincoln online builder $105,990 vs MSRP for order placed back in October '21 ($102,980)
  4. Yes, I have had one assigned since 1/15 with an original build date of 3/14, that was recently updated to 4/29 today.
  5. Update 4/26 - Received an update on build date being pushed by one day to 4/29. ~ 6 week delay from original build estimate of 3/14
  6. I tried to add it to mine and they told me it was too late, yet my build date was not for another 6 weeks (May 14th) at the time
  7. Update 4/19 - Received an updated notification on (4/19) that the build date has been pulled in to the week of 4/28 a little over a 2 week pull in. Currently a little over a 6 week delay from original estimate of 3/14 build date
  8. Update 4/5 - Received an email notification today (4/5) and the build date has been pushed out to the week of 5/16 so about a 6 week delay. For a current delay of ~9 weeks from original build date
  9. Hello, I was wondering if you would be willing to check the status of my 22 Navigator Black Label. VIN# 5LMJJ2TTXNEL01686 Thank you in advance for your help
  10. So your build date was pulled in by ~ 3 weeks? That is great news
  11. Ordered 11/22 and already delivered a month ago ? what model/trim did you order? Reserve? It appears that those were the ones to roll off the line first
  12. Because they are independently owned franchises/dealership, similar to other franchises when corporate runs a promotion it will have a disclaimer "at participating locations" the employee pricing for GM is even worse as most Cadillac dealers are not only not honoring the employee pricing, they are also adding $10K+ to MSRP ?
  13. So anyone else seeing this? Or the $535 potential price increase is too small to matter ?
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