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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. bigzaj

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    Cyberdman, can you please check for any updates? Order: 1231 Vin: 5LMJJ2TT9NEL02702
  2. Order: 1231 Vin: 5LMJJ2TT9NEL02702 Thank you!
  3. bigzaj

    2022 Navigator Order

    Why does the dealer have the option to accept or not accept X-plan when it is a ford program?
  4. bigzaj

    2022 ordering question

    Not sure about the Co-Pilot but the invitation is slightly different than prior years, it is black, it has different stitching and a design etched in the leather. I was confused on this because the order sheet from the dealer just called it black onyx. I'm hopeful it looks a little more refined than the standard black leather.
  5. I think I read / heard that there was a limitation with the "existing platform" as to why they could not offer the air suspension. I've been in new Escalade and X7, from a driver experience I think the cockpit in both is better. Primarily because of the features (map, camera, etc.) available in the LCD gauge cluster. The Navigator is definitely behind here, can't see the map or really do a whole lot of customization here. However the Nav wins in my opinion for the other seats in terms of space / comfort compared to those. I went Navigator for (1) engine and (2) comfort for all passengers vs just driver toys.
  6. Any real world expectation on what towing like this should do to range?
  7. bigzaj

    OTA Updates

    The Over the Air update feature / function is new and getting rolled out across vehicles, but does Ford / Lincoln have any track record of rolling out new features on existing vehicle platforms (ie. Tesla) or is this likely only to be a bug fix tool?
  8. bigzaj

    Production to Delivery

    Right, but if it rolls off the assembly line today is it 8 weeks out to a dealership?
  9. But there are specific features they removed to cut down on chips from 2021 to 2022, that is different than historical feature removal.
  10. Have any dealers been hit with any consequence for ADM yet, I was hopeful when I saw the news out about potential impact for dealers but haven't seen anything actually happen yet.
  11. bigzaj

    Platinum Mods 2022

    It's always tough to find resources, I've always found it's best to first figure out exactly what you want then start vetting vendors. I would not seek out vendors looking for ideas, I'd spend the time, look at pics, even pay someone $25 for photoshop mockups first. FB groups are good for local vendors.
  12. bigzaj

    F150 Lightning Orders

    Everything I've read is that 2022 production is fully "sold" but it wasn't clear if there was any dealer inventory in that
  13. Does anyone know how long these are running from production date to delivery date in the current world? I've only seen a handful actually arrive at dealers and that was just by doing nationwide searches on Car Gurus.
  14. bigzaj

    Next Redesign?

    I don't think they are going to try and walk away from large SUVs like the industry expected 10 years ago when oil ran up. I think it's going to be lower model count, focus on luxury, focus on buying experience (a la boutique vs dealer) with the next cycle probably to include hybrid / fully electric options.