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  1. That would be good news. I'll have to follow-up with my dealer and see what the status is then. Thank you!
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew when the production for F650 & F750 production was going to begin. I see ice-capades had it listed as 1/3/23, but I wasn't sure if that had been pushed back or not. Thank you!
  3. I have to agree, I never see WS trucks anywhere in Southern NY except for the occasional Class 8 truck. What I am seeing in NYS is the DOT HELP trucks are increasingly more and more Ram 2500+ when they used to be Ford 250+. When you look at the pictures of the 750 compared to the old International, you can really see where the problems are with the 750 competing in the Class 5 / 6/ 7 market. I have a 650 on order despite these flaws, it's the first one in my final mile fleet, so hopefully, it works out. The cab on the 650 & 750 is so much narrower than any of the other major offerings from Freightliner, International, KW,/Peterbilt, and Hino (except for the Mack MD which is wider, but not much since it's based off the Granite which isn't designed as a 3 person vehicle to begin with) because it is based on the super duty so it makes it tough to get 3 people in a truck all at once which is why you see so many Extended Cab variants which costs more money and make the truck longer. For tree trimming services, that usually send multiple vehicles out on a job, this isn't a problem since you can do 2 people per vehicle. For delivery vehicles, the extra length added to get 3 people in it isn't the best thing. Then you get to the visibility which is pretty atrocious especially compared to the Freightliner M2's. Just the windshield alone on the old International (which is still smaller than the Freightliner) is so much bigger than in the 750. Even the Mack MD series has better visibility than the 650/750. I haven't seen a Powerstroke version of the 650/750, but when looking at the clearance from the top of the 7.3 to the hood, Ford could easily reduce the height of the hood and make it sloped a bit more similar to the KW T280/ or Peterbilt 536 so you can see a little bit better. As is, it's difficult to see across the hood and you sure as shit don't really know where your passenger side fender ends. Even making the hood shorter would probably help improve the turning radius which is a reason why the Mack MD looks a bit funny. The bumper to back of cab ratio is the shortest in the class 5 / 6/ 7 market I believe and has one of the best turning radius. When I went to go drive one, the truck was wedged between a truck in front of it parked perpendicular and one parked parallel to me on the left. I was a bit surprised that I was able to make it out of the spot in one shot because the turning radius was so good. I would say the turning radius on the 650/750 is either on par or slightly worse than the Freightliner we currently have. Ford makes a good product and the fleet managers I talk to at UPS, Ready Refresh, Hersey Ice Cream, the tree trimming companies etc. really seem to like the trucks. If Ford can get a real cab on those trucks, I would be shocked if they wouldn't increase their market share. Especially when you consider the technological offerings that they have that others don't.
  4. I hope that Ford signing on with the EPA and CA it means that they will start producing EV 650 & 750's for the near future. As it currently stands, Freightliner is the only real serious contender I believe in the class 5, 6, & 7 markets with ther EM2 and a range of approximately 200 miles. International and Peterbilt/KW also have trucks similar, but I don't recall them already out and testing. The only problem is with the eM2 being $400,000 per unit.
  5. I don't think that should come as a big surprise considering the F-150 is the best-selling pickup in America and is instantly recognizable out of all the pickups listed save for the Hummer. I think Ford has a real winner with their EV lineup, save for maybe the E-Transit.
  6. I ordered a GT500 in March (I know in the grand scheme of things it is such an incredibly short time frame since ordering) and I was wondering if there is something that my dealer can do to get a regional rep to get the order changed to priority code 01 or 02? My order is currently in Unscheduled Material Hold, but it is just a base GT500 with no options outside of the Heritage Edition Package which Flat Rock is building now so it doesn't need anything special to be built. My only concern is to get a build week so that there is less of a chance of Ford canceling my order. I see that on the toolbox report Flat Rock isn't adding more production this week as the factory was closed and only recently reopened. On some of the forums, there is a spreadsheet where people are uploading their order details and it seems as if a few people who placed orders after I did have received a build week. My hope is that by moving to priority code 01 or 02, when Flat Rock issues more production schedules, my car would be one of the first ones to get a build week.
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